What Happened To Extreme Vehicle Protection After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank episode 722 features Matthew Harris and Kenny Lerner trying to close a deal for Extreme Vehicle Protection, a line of bags designed to protect vehicles.

Harris and Lerner claim that their device can prevent vehicles from flooding up to three feet of water.

Furthermore, they offer protection for everything from patio furniture to snowblowers.

Extreme Vehicle Protection bags are essentially industrial-strength baggies that you drive your vehicle into.

The bag protects automobiles from high winds and rising floods when closed.

The business itself is quite new (2015), but little information is available.

Prices for the car bags range between $249 and $349, depending on the size of the vehicle, and can be ordered exclusively from the company’s website.

The company is seeking wholesale accounts at the moment. There is a good chance Harris and Lerner are looking for a shark to assist them with their distribution negotiations.

Are Sharks likely to invest in this venture?

What Is Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Extreme Vehicle Protection is a carefully formulated solution that shields your vehicle from inclement weather.

Extreme Vehicle Protection is designed to resist floodwaters rising to 36 inches. 

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

Extreme Vehicle Protection’s original intention was to protect automobiles, but over time it has expanded to include golf carts, furniture, lawnmowers, and even yachts.

Company NameExtreme Vehicle Protection
EntrepreneurKenny Lerner And Matthew Harris
ProductGiant plastic bag to protect cars against extreme weather
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 20% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection
Final Deal$50,000 For 33% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection
SharkDaymond John
Episode Season 7 Episode 28
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Kenny Lerner and Matthew Harris founded Extreme Vehicle Protection.

Matthew formerly worked at a graphics design studio that also created car wraps.

Kenney was already a successful entrepreneur when he partnered with him. The two of them remain in charge of Extreme Vehicle Protection.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Before Shark Tank

Extreme Vehicle Protection was founded as a result of a dream. Mathew’s father dreamed of a car that was enclosed.

Matthew Harris’ father had a strange dream in 2013. It was about technology shielding cars and trucks from the elements during severe storms.

Matthew described the image to his friend Kenny, ecstatic about the possibilities.

The result was the founding of Extreme Vehicle Protection. Matthew and Kenny began fabricating car cover prototypes with varying degrees of success.

Vehicle owners and insurance companies would save money because Hurricanes cannot be avoided.

The dream occurred shortly after Hurricane Sandy, which Matthew witnessed firsthand.

The pair began work on the project, with Matthew’s Hyundai serving as a test subject.

The product they developed eventually survived adverse weather conditions such as floods.

The pair obtained necessary patents to prevent EVP from being utilized by other businesses.

Despite the innovative, practical aspects of the product, selling it to the public appeared to be a challenge.

Matthew and Kenny began visiting businesses to determine whether they could purchase EVP.

One particular corporation, which had suffered a $200 million loss due to Hurricane Sandy, was hesitant to invest, stating that EVP was untested.

The couple remained resilient, and because of Kenny’s astute business acumen, they secured a spot on Shark Tank.

They tested various materials to find one that could withstand flooding and severe storms, which took around seven months. 

We’ll see if the half-year of work on the Shark Tank paid off.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Extreme Vehicle Protection?

Matthew and Kenny approach the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $50,000 for 20% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection.

The valuation may attract the Sharks, but a deal will require a strong business strategy and previous sales.

Robert drives their showcase car into the EVP after the duo describes the EVP concept.

Kevin O’Leary explained that it is essentially a Ziploc bag for your car.

Robert Herjavec, a motor enthusiast, claims to own a product with a similar purpose.

Robert’s product requires electricity and more than one person to set up, say the entrepreneurs.

The Sharks are interested in learning about sales. Kenny notes that the company has already sold 150 EVPs through car shows, body shops, and other channels.

These guys are experiencing slow sales, which could pose a serious problem for them.

Mark Cuban believes EVP is an “excellent business” but lacks expansion potential. He has departed.

Robert Herjavec believes that people do not “think of their cars” during times of natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes.

The last thing anyone would think about in an emergency is saving their cars. He admires the idea and the business, but he has withdrawn.

Lori Greiner describes herself as “not a car fanatic” and dislikes the packaging. She has escaped.

Kevin O’Leary proposes a royalty arrangement. He is willing to provide $50,000 to assist the duo in developing inventory and sales and is seeking a perpetual fee of $30 per unit.

The sales platform he provides includes social media as well as his team.

Daymond John counters. The offer consists of acquiring a third of the company and a similar sales platform for $50,000.

The duo expresses doubts about Kevin’s deal’s limitations. He considers before proposing a solution — his royalty arrangement would terminate after the product achieves 1,000 units.

Daymond John says they need a “genuine partner,” someone who has “skin in the game.”

The pair accept Daymond’s proposition. Kevin O’Leary is thanking Kenny for his offer, but Kenny says he will go with Brooklyn instead.

Final Deal: Daymond John agrees to invest $50,000 for 33.3% equity in Extreme Vehicle Protection. 

What Happened To Extreme Vehicle Protection After Shark Tank?

Since signing a partnership with Daymond John, extreme Vehicle Protection has increased the types of products it protects.

You can buy items such as furniture or outdoor equipment like barbecues on their website for a long time.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

Extreme Vehicle Protection also offers four different sizes of vehicle covers for motorcycles, SUVs, and trucks.

Their social media platforms have been filled with “car condoms” images covering boats and automobiles after recent hurricanes, dubbed by Kevin O’Leary.

Additionally, they have registered the EVP name as a trademark. There are signs that this project is gaining momentum.

Extreme Vehicle Protection Shark Tank Update

The EVP team has benefited from the Shark Tank impact through increased exposure on social media.

The brand was featured on Buzzfeed as one of the “greatest Shark Tank goods,” igniting a fresh wave of interest.

Most media outlets have given the product favorable reviews since the bags are 100 percent recyclable.

Stay tuned to find out if EVP proves to be a wise investment for Daymond John. We see that he has landed a lucrative business.

The company has introduced numerous products since 2021, including windshield hail protection covers, equipment storage, and furniture storage.

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