What Happened To eCreamery After Shark Tank?

Ice cream shop eCreamery is owned by Becky App and Abby Jordan in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Furthermore, they also ship custom-flavored ice cream in the U.S.A. with personal names as a present.

eCreamery offers individuals the opportunity to create, pack, label, and ship customized ice cream gifts directly to their friends who are obsessed with ice cream.

eCreamery describes their ice cream as “the end of vanilla gifting.” They generate 40% of their revenue from brick-and-mortar stores, and the remainder is from online sales of their customized ice cream gifts.

Shark Bait, The Cubanero, Delicious Dividends, and InvestMINT Mix – these are the four flavors Jordan and App delivered to the Sharks. App and Jordan anticipate the Sharks will dig into their ice cream creations.

What Is eCreamery?

eCreamery enables consumers to customize the flavors of ice cream with colorful labels and send them as gifts through their online shop. The shop also sells gelato and sorbet.

The eCreamery is traditional online ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and cookie shop in Omaha, Nebraska.

eCreamery Shark Tank Update

The company offers standard flavors, but they also have a unique, customizable option for personal delight, special events, and company giving.

They also provide a variety of cookies, including ice cream sandwiches, to compliment any flavor of ice cream or gelato.

Company NameeCreamery
EntrepreneurAbby Jordan And Becky App
ProductCustom Gourmet Ice Cream
Investment Asking For$250,000 For 33% equity in eCreamery
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 2
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of eCreamery?

eCreamery’s co-founders Abby Jordan and Becky App previously worked at Borsheim’s, a luxury jewelry company.

When Abby joined Net shops in 2000, her first position was as a store manager in the Marketing and Corporate Gift department, where she managed the online corporate gift fulfillment program.

Becky worked as a Senior Marketing Specialist for the company for four years, developing advertising strategies and marketing.

As part of a limited-time offer, you can currently enjoy churro cheesecake and lemon cookie crunch at eCreamery.

eCreamery Before Shark Tank

Abby and Becky found their shared interests in e-commerce and food at Borsheims, which inspired them.

They thought they could mix luxury presents and a treat without charging an arm and a leg, so with the help of Dundee Venture Capital, they converted an old drug store into an ice cream shop.

They transform something everyone loves into a personalized gift-giving experience that includes creating your flavor, naming it, and packaging it. That was their selling point for Hasebroock.

After much effort was put into marketing and visibility on their website, people noticed.

ECreamery was a licensed ice cream parlor in Omaha, Nebraska, before appearing on Shark Tank. They began launching the business’s website and made all ice cream in-house.

Their business was already controlled by an investor who owned a significant portion. Does this pose a problem for the Sharks?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of eCreamery?

Becky and Abby appeared on the Shark Tank seeking investment of $250k in exchange for a 33 percent stake in eCreamery.

It is no surprise that the Sharks ate up the samples provided by the eCreamery ladies, as any savvy food business would.

The eCreamery has already grossed a little more than $2 million since it opened in 2007. 

It is expected that they will earn $750,000 in 2012, which equates to about $60,000 in profits.

Their main objective is to increase their manufacturing and freezer capacity to keep up with the growing demand for their product. 

They are seeking an investment from the Sharks to make this happen.

Robert is interested in the concept, but he is not a fan of another investor who invested $600,000 and now controls 70% of eCreamery.

Kevin is impressed with the concept and offers $125,000 for a 25% stake in the company, but another Shark must be involved. Damond is gone;

Barbara and Robert are also gone. Despite liking the concept, Mark is also out, believing that other ice cream shops will copy the idea and deliver locally for less money, so he’s out as well.

Kevin will not invest in the absence of another Shark and thus exits as well. Thus, the duo leaves Shark Tank without getting any deal from the Sharks. 

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and eCreamery.

What Happened To eCreamery After Shark Tank?

eCreamery got a boost from the Shark Tank even though the Sharks passed on the business and website.

Their publicity from the show resulted in increased sales, and they were able to hire more staff and purchase additional freezers.

They have gained a lot of attention, including Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett.

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They visited the ice cream parlor in the summer of 2014. The Price Is Right also featured a prize of ice cream from eCreamery.

eCreamery Shark Tank Update

Jordan and App increased their freezer space in anticipation of increased site traffic resulting from a Shark Tank appearance.

In addition, their stockpile increased to more than 6,000 pints from the standard 800 pints. eCreamery did extremely well following their appearance on Shark Tank.

Jordan and App were dead tired for two weeks following their appearance on the show. e Creamery also enjoyed a prosperous holiday season in 2012.

eCreamery has done such a good job with sales since they appeared on Shark Tank that an update segment on episode 421 highlights their achievement!

eCreamery Shark Tank Update

The update discusses how sales increased since they appeared on the show. Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett indulged in ice cream at the shop in 2014.

The women expanded their catering services by adding an ice cream truck. Both the in-store and online businesses continued to grow.

Carson’s Cookie Fix, based in Omaha, merged with the company in October 2019 to provide a wider variety of desserts.

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eCreamery is still available on Amazon in February  2022 and generates $2 million in annual revenue.

Is eCreamery Still In Business?

eCreamery made headlines when Sir Paul McCartney and Warren Buffett visited the brick-and-mortar eCreamery store and bought a cup.

eCreamery’s bespoke pints continue to be delivered across the country. eCreamery currently offers Free Shipping on orders over $14.99 in celebration of spring.

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