What Happened To Dude Wipes After Shark Tank?

Sean, Ryan, Jeff, and a fourth partner, Brian Wilkin, came up with the idea for guys wipes while in college.

Dude Wipes was created when four friends combined regular toilet paper with baby wipes to provide more comfort.

Dude Wipes began as baby wipes that women used, but by the time they graduated college, no product specifically targeted men.

Dude Wipes developed the product after they decided they would be able to comfort and make things easily accessible for men.

Dubbed Dude Wipes, their initial product line sold out completely in 2012. Wipes for men are a lot larger than normal wipes. They’re non-toxic. They are also entirely biodegradable.

These dandy wipes are made of 100% plant-based ingredients and packed with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera.

In the beginning, Dude Wipes went from strength to strength, and in the first year, they even featured on MTV and other top-notch publications.

In a few years, Dude Wipes expanded its product line and even sponsored UFC fighter, Tyron Woodley.

When they appeared in the movie Shark Tank, they demanded $300,000 for a 10% stake in their company.

Dude Wipes have been featured on shows such as “Good Morning America” and ” The Chicago Tribune.”

What Are Dude Wipes?

Dude wipes are disposable men’s pre-moistened wipes. They are marketed as an alternative to wet wipes and are more durable and spacious than wet wipes.

Dude Wipes Shark Tank Update

The wipes come in different scents and contain 99 percent water, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Additionally, Dude wipes are created from plant-based components.

Company NameDude Wipes
EntrepreneurJeff Klimkowski, Brian Wilkin, and Sean Riley
ProductHygiene Products For Men – Wet Wipes
Investment Asking For$300,000 For 10% equity in Dude Wipes
Final Deal$300,000 For 25% equity in Dude Wipes
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 7 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Dude Wipes?

Sean Riley, Ryan Meegan, Brian Wilkin, and Jeff Klimkowski are the four founders of Dude Products. Meegan, Riley, and Wilkin are the sole employees full-time.

Riley holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology, Meegan a master’s degree in marketing, Klimkowski a bachelor’s degree in accounting, and Wilkin a master’s degree in finance. 

Riley and Meegan previously worked in sales, while Wilkin and Klimkowski previously worked in finance.

Dude Wipes Before Shark Tank

New college graduates Sean, Brian, Ryan, and Jeff, decided to switch from toilet paper to baby wipes in 2011 and create Dude Wipes.

They realized how important it was for males to have their wipes, not just for the bathroom but also at work and in other public areas.

They decided to create single-use travel wipes. They then researched and looked for their product’s manufacturing and production methods. 

Dude Wipes first packets were created and distributed out of the guy’s Chicago home in 2012.

The Shark Tank welcomes three men representing Dude Products. Shawn Riley and his two friends, Mike Deagan and Jeff Limbowski, have made their way from Chicago to the Shark Tank.

The following year, Dude Wipes appeared on MTV and in two magazines. They were awarded the Visionary Award at the Consumer Products Conference in the same year.

The lads added a larger pack of bathroom wipes to their product line in 2014. Later that year, they sponsored Tyron Woodley, a fighter in the UFC.

However, they can refer to them as “The Dudes” for the Sharks. The business is looking for a $300,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in Dude Wipes.

Shawn asks a question – do you still wipe your behind in an old-fashioned way?

That would make you a chump, and your ass probably dislikes you for it (his words, not mine, I swear)! But what can a dude do?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Dude Wipes?

Sean, Ryan, and Jeff appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $300,000 in exchange for 10% of Dude Wipes.

Sharks like the product and want to offer it to him, except for Lori, who didn’t like their valuation and backed him. They will accept Kevin’s offer if he agrees.

Robert offered Kevin $300,000 for 25%, and Kevin also wanted to join Robert.

Robert and Kevin offered $300,000 for a 25% stake in Dude Wipes. The founders of Dude Wipes countered with $300,000 for a 20% stake and requested Kevin and Robert to split the deal.

Kevin offered to give him $300,000, but they offered him $300,000 separately, and Robert backed himself.

Dude Wipes was going to accept Kevin’s offer, but Mark jumped in and offered $300,000 for a 25% stake in Dude Wipes.

The founders of Dude Wipes were happy to accept the deal from Mark Cuban and left the Shark Tank stage with a happy face.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban agreed to invest $300,000 for a 25% stake in Dude Wipes.

What Happened To Dude Wipes After Shark Tank?

Dude Wipes are killing it on Amazon, with nearly 160 reviews and an outstanding 4.5-star rating.

You can now purchase Dude Wipes on Amazon as well as in stores. There is now a $5.79 fee for a 48 pack, representing a price reduction by the three dudes.

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Additionally, the Dudes have added Dude Gear and Dude Shower Wipes to their line of Dude Products.

Dude Wipes Shark Tank Update

Dude Products’ website displays its tagline clearly: “If you use toilet paper, you’re a chump, and your ass hates you.”

Rob Dyrdek, a skateboarder, and endorser of Dude Products, has donated a percentage of proceeds from Dude Products to the United States Military, the real Dudes of America.

Dude Wipes Shark Tank Update

Dude Wipes expanded its customer base significantly because of its association with various athletes and sports teams and investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

Dude Wipes signed a deal with Target in 2016. Target launched the product in 500 of its stores in the United States.

They have even signed an agreement with Walgreens, which allows them to be sold in 4,300 Walgreens stores in the United States.

Dude Wipes announced that within two years of signing a deal with Mark Cuban, they had gone from selling $250,000 worth of products to selling 3.2 million.

Dude Wipes has expanded its product lineup, and in the years that followed it now includes toilet spray bombs, body wipes, and even Dude-branded clothing.

The product was introduced to stores gradually in 2018. It is now sold in more than 12,000 stores, including Walmart, Meijer, Kroger, and Safeway.

Dude Wipes Toilet paper starter kits cost $15.99, and other wipes range from $6.99 to $17.99.

The product Dude Wipes Dude Powder is also reasonably priced, just $10.99. People who want to try and buy Dude Wipes can do so at any of the physical stores listed above.

Dude Wipes has a dedicated store on its website, and you can purchase all of its products by going to its Amazon page.

Dude Wipes lifetime sales amount to $120 million. They have a warehouse measuring 200,000 square feet. 

Dude Wipes are sold nationwide in more than 15,000 locations around the United States.

Dude Wipes claims to have re-invented toilet paper and believes they are fully committed to the project.

Dude Wipes are the second best-selling wipe in the United States, but they want to become the number one wipe globally.

Is Dude Wipes Still In Business?

Dude Wipes remains in business with annual revenue of $60 million as of 2022.

They have expanded their product line beyond their iconic sanitary wipes to include powders, branded gear, and face and body wipes.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and conducts most of its business online; however, customers can purchase through Amazon.

Dude Wipes reported a huge spike in sales in early 2020 when COVID-enforced lockdowns led to panic buying for alternate toilet paper.

Jeff Klimkowski, Brian Wilkin, and Sean Riley, four friends and co-founders, still play a large role in the operations of Dude Wipes to date.

What Happened To QFlex After Shark Tank?

The company’s primary competition would be Cottonelle flushable wipes, as the company has a substantial market presence in the United States, being sold in all major retailers, including Walmart.

Dude Wipes may be sold at a more affordable price point because of their availability on supermarket shelves.

What Is the Net Worth of Dude Wipes?

The valuation of Dude Wipes was $3 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Dude Wipes is $60 million as of 2022.

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