Cycloramic Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank 502 episode on January 31 featured Bruno Francois’ Cycloramic, a panoramic photo app.

The app’s software seams multiple shots from a smartphone to produce stunning, professional-quality, high-resolution panoramic images. The app also records videos.

Its hands-free operation is its most convenient feature. The software will spin your iPhone so that you can capture stunning images just by setting your phone on its edge.

It includes a rather impressive editing software package and a variety of tools. The process of creating panorama photographs involves stitching together several images into one.

Cycloramic allows editing of each stitched image separately. Cyclorama appears to be doing something instead of just adding an add-on to its service with many photography-related applications (and apps in general) in season 5.

They likely want the Sharks to help with publicity and provide them with startup capital.

What Is Cycloramic?

The Cycloramic is a smartphone application that allows you to rotate your Apple iPhone or Windows Phone 360 degrees automatically. You can take panoramic pictures using the Cycloramic app on your phone.

The application uses a predetermined (undisclosed) frequency to activate the phone’s vibrator, leading to the phone spinning around its vertical axis and measuring the rotation angle using the gyroscope, compass, and accelerometer while taking panoramic photos.

Cycloramic Shark Tank Update

You can capture hands-free, 360-degree, 3D recreation photographs in augmented reality using a smartphone, whether you’re a private seller or a dealership.

Cycloramic evolved into Car360, which uses gyroscopes and vibrations to create a panoramic visual effect.

Company NameCycloramic (Car360)
EntrepreneurBruno Francois
ProductPhoto Panoramic App
Investment Asking For$90,000 for 5% equity in Cycloramic
Final Deal$500,000 for 15% equity in Cycloramic
SharkMark Cuban and Lori Greiner
Episode Season 5 Episode 16
Business StatusAcquired, In Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Cycloramic?

Bruno Francois, an Atlanta-based born-again entrepreneur, founded the Cycloramic aka Car360 app. He earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering and a Master of Science in computer science.

He served as president of a family-owned firm selling building materials before quitting his job to focus exclusively on his inventions.

Bruno brought new concepts to the app, such as the Car360, after several successful investments, partnerships, and millions of downloads for Cycloramic.

When Car360 was demonstrated in 2017, Carvana’s CEO made an outright offer of $22 million to acquire the product and the company. Bruno has been named to the board of directors of Carvana as an executive director.

Bruno was inspired to develop his software after watching other applications go viral over the years.

From Angry Birds to Foursquare, he was inspired by every application, and he thought he could create something similar.

He left his job in 2011 at the age of 40 to focus on building anything, evaporating all of his money in the process.

It was his philosophy to dispel the myth that everything has an app, which, according to him, was not always true.

The Cycloramic was Bruno’s solution to taking 360-degree images with the iPhone while his funds ran out near 2012.

He emailed a brief film and summary to approximately 20 reporters and influencers in the technology industry, and Steve Wozniak was eventually impressed. 

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs published a 360-degree video of himself taken by the app on social media less than a week after it was released on the app store, leading to an increase in app store downloads.

Bruno decided to seek cash investors to assist him in marketing and developing the app further.

Cycloramic Before Shark Tank

Bruno Francois developed the Cycloramaic concept after noticing his phone moving around flat on a table. Bruno Francois wondered if he could make money from this occurrence.

He managed to spin his phone while perched on its flat edge by altering the phone’s vibration patterns. Eventually, this led to completely hands-free panoramic photography and filming.

It was an engaging, intuitive, and endearing concept. This app utilized pre-existing characteristics of smartphones to offer a new experience.

It turned out that simply using the product generated a viral effect. It would be difficult to imagine how a smartphone could dance.

They would watch in wonder, then purchase the app when they got home. A week after the app’s launch, Cycloramic has received over 100,000 downloads.

The development company Egos Ventures and Cycloramic both achieved great praise and numerous awards in 2012 and 2013.

Bruno received a personal email from Steve Wozniak, known as “The Woz” of Apple fame, in which he described the program as “surprising, whimsical, and practical all at once.”

Bruno’s major concerns were insecurity and lack of contacts. Cycloramic was capable of many uses, but many more business models could be implemented.

It would not remain a one-dollar download in perpetuity. Should he pursue the sale of the application to a large social media platform?

What is the best way to license it to hardware manufacturers for bundling? A shark’s guiding hand is what he needs to succeed.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Cycloramic?

Bruno Francois appeared on the Tank seeking an investment of $90,000 in exchange for a 5% equity in Cycloramic, aka Car360.

Cycloramic spins the iPhone and takes a 3D panoramic photo using the internal gyro and vibration.

If the phone is positioned upright on a flat edge, it will spin automatically, capturing images at regular intervals to create the image. Francois owns the patent for the software.

The app was available on the iTunes store for $.99 at the airing time. Bruno forecast $1 million in revenue for the coming year, based on $660,000 in sales and $175,000 in revenue.

Lori Greiner adores both the innovation and the product. She makes a 10% offer of $200,000, double what Bruno seeks.

Bruno indicates that he has filed a provisional patent application for a revolving base.

He asks Greiner if he will hear more proposals from him. Greiner wants a response right away.

Mark Cuban asks for additional information before making his offer, inquiring how the vibration can be used in other ways.

Daymond John offers Bruno a $250,000 bid for 10% of the company.

Kevin O’Leary advises Bruno to examine the amount of equity he is willing to give up.

According to him, Bruno should “push the app as far as it can go” and incorporate complementary technology into a corporation.

He offers $90,000 in return for a 15% royalty on this app only.

In collaboration with Lori Greiner, Steve Tisch enters the fray, offering $250,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. The Tank is undergoing a feeding frenzy!

Mark Cuban offers $1 million for 30% of the company in exchange for a stake in the company.

Daymond increases his offer from $250k to $300k. Kevin O’Leary counters with an offer of $200,000 for 10% stock. However, he forfeits 5% of his stock when repaid investment.

Greiner and Tisch lower their equity offering to 5% upon repayment of the investment, to $250,000 for 10%. Daymond counters with an offer for $350,000 for a 12% stake.

Bruno inquires as to whether Mark Cuban might consider partnering with Lori Greiner. Cuban states that he is “not opposed to that” and inquires about the proportion they would have to split.

Tisch’s collaboration ended with her saying, “50/50,” thus terminating her collaboration with him. Tisch solicits the participation of Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John in a venture with him.

Bruno refuses to exchange that much equity for $5,000,000. He counters with a demand for $500,000 in exchange for 15%.

Bruno accepts the deal provided by Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner and leaves the Shark Tank happily.

What Happened To Cycloramic After Shark Tank?

Cycloramic reaped considerable benefits from the “Shark Tank Effect.” Bruno’s app was downloaded 100,000 times within an hour of his deal.

It has, however, also made significant advancements on its own. Cycloramic was well received in the months following its premiere. It was promoted internationally via app store promotions.

Cycloramic became the most downloaded app during Shark Tank’s weeklong engagement due to this and the show’s popularity.

Cycloramic’s downloads increased roughly eight and a half million from the filming date to the week following the episode’s premiere.

Cycloramic has been expanding its reach to additional phones in recent years. Currently, it supports certain iPhone models as well as Windows phones.

It is difficult to determine current download statistics because they are available in multiple versions of different iPhone models.

Cycloramic Shark Tank Update

There is no indication that all smartphones will have a universal basis. Egos Ventures, the company behind Cycloramic, has created similar programs since Cycloramic’s meteoric rise to prominence.

The first one, Selfie 360, turns a standard selfie into an animated gif.

However, since Shark Tank’s launch, things have slowed down a bit. It has been nearly two years since significant developments took place.

Cycloramic expanded to the iPhone 6 but had hardware issues with subsequent versions.

Mark probably hoped to sell the business to a large social media platform like Instagram or Vine, but there has been no indication of a sale as of April 2016.

The poor performance of Cycloramic since 2014 may be due to evolving technology.

What Happened To Napwell After Shark Tank?

The device struggles to keep up with smartphone hardware and serves a purpose similar to drones and GoPro cameras.

Numerous emerging technologies enable users to interact with the world in new and novel ways.

Consumers have likely become accustomed to placing their phones on a nice, polished surface and waiting twenty seconds for them to take a panorama photo.

They’re looking to record high-adrenaline events like concerts and festivals.

Nonetheless, Cycloramic’s creativity is astounding. There will be no end to Bruno Francois’s app, even as it enters its twilight years.

Cycloramic Shark Tank Update

Bruno remained calm throughout the negotiations, allowing the Sharks to determine what was best for him.

In an offstage interview, he admits his main goal the entire time was to entice two or more Sharks to make bids, and he is quite pleased with the outcome.

The combination of Lori Greiner’s marketing expertise with Mark Cuban’s knowledge of computer software and mobile applications makes them strong partners.

The number of downloads for the app soared in the week following the performance, reaching 8 million in total.

Bruno designed a panorama selfie app to follow his first selfie app.

Cuban and Greiner are flashing their sharky grins to the bank with their constantly expanding array of software and technologies.

After the app’s popularity peaked, Bruno created Selfie 360, converting panoramic images into animated gifs.

What Happened To Total Merchant Resources After Shark Tank?

He then switched to Car 360, which simplified creating interactive 360-degree photos for car sales websites.

After meeting Carvana CEO Ernie Garcia at a conference, Cycloramic was bought by Carvana in April 2018 for $22 million.

Is Cycloramic Still In Business?

Cycloramic’s social media profiles have received little attention since Shark Tank. Cycloramic announced in April 2016 that it could be controlled via an Apple Watch.

A generic article on getting more from your phone was the most recent post on Facebook in June 2015, while two years ago, a photo was posted on Instagram.

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