What Happened To Controlled Chaos After Shark Tank?

Alanna York and Maureen Emerson pitch Curly Hair Cream, a styling method, and Controlled Chaos in Shark Tank episode 715.

‘Controlled Chaos’ is Alanna York’s standalone hair care line within the Use Me Products line.

She has been manufacturing hair care products for years since she runs a hair salon in Portland, Maine. A curly-haired-specific styling crème is her signature item.

The salon where York sells hair care products has been around for several years. 

She developed all-natural, vegan hair care products for hairdressers for five years before simplifying the marketing message and branding to appeal to curly hair.

Even a week before the show aired, she didn’t have a social media presence or a website!

A Shark will likely help them acquire inventory and gain market penetration as they launch their brand on the Shark Tank platform.

York has worked in the hair care industry for a long time, but would a Shark consider her experience sufficient to invest?

What Is Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is a brand of hair care products developed in the United States to tame unruly and curly hair. It is a component of the eco-friendly brand Use Me Products.

It is formulated with violet and lavender extracts, which calms and smooths curls, revitalizes coils, controls frizz, and also evens pore size, giving you great shine without leaving your hair oily crunchy, or sticky.

Controlled Chaos Shark Tank Update

A small dab of substance goes a long way, ensuring that a bottle lasts for numerous applications. Controlled Chaos Curl Creme is vegan, free of parabens and sulfates, and packaged in bottles made from BPA-free materials.

Several US farms provide organic, responsibly sourced ingredients for the product. Controlled Chaos and all other Use Me products are never tested on animals.

Controlled Chaos is a collection of curly hair care products. Controlled Chaos is the brainchild of Alanna York, owner of a hair shop.

Company NameControlled Chaos
EntrepreneurAlanna York And Maureen Emerson
ProductAn intensive curl defining cream for curly, frizzy, and wavy hair
Investment Asking For$50,000 For 20% equity in Controlled Chaos
Final Deal$60,000 For 50% equity in Controlled Chaos
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 7 Episode 13
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Controlled Chaos?

Controlled Chaos is the brainchild of Alanna York, the owner of a hair salon. Together with business partner Erica Gray, they appeared on Shark Tank in 2016.

They sell and distribute their natural, vegan hair care products from their salon Head Games, in Portland, Maine. 

A few salons allow consumers to refill their bottles at refill stations to sell their products.

Controlled Chaos Before Shark Tank

Controlled Chaos’s driving force was Alanna York, who founded her beauty boutique at the tender age of 26.

Alanna was a perfectionist who would have been satisfied with the venture’s financial success alone. She was bullied and mocked in school for years due to her large head of curly hair.

She became discouraged by the lack of products that would assist ladies with similar hair maintain a great-looking head of curls as she gained experience working in her expanding salon in Maine.

In the United States, the cosmetics sector is massive; overall market sales are expected to exceed $62 billion in 2016, with hair care accounting for 20% of the total.

Alanna recognized the need for a solution to curly hair based on her personal experience and failure to find one that worked well with her customers’ curls.

The Controlled Chaos project was founded throughout the research phase. Alanna founded the company with her partner, Erica Gray, and the two invested more than $400,000.

They introduced a line of products for the Chicago International Beauty Show in 2012 under the name ‘Use Me!’ but the launch did not go smoothly.

The company’s wide range of produced and marketed products resulted in a lack of focus and inventory concerns.

Alanna’s business fell on hard times, and she attempted to appear on Shark Tank twice but failed both times.

Its sales had decreased to less than $300,000 in three years, primarily due to inventory concerns, by the middle of 2015.

Alanna presented one final grudging entry to Shark Tank to reward her perseverance. The following year, she presented her pitch to Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Controlled Chaos?

Maureen and Alanna enter the Shark Tank show seeking an investment of $50,000 for a 20% stake in Controlled Chaos. 

They begin by asking: While everyone knows about a lousy hair day, has anyone ever heard of a lousy hair life?

They have been teased about their wild curly hair their entire lives. Controlled Chaos prevents hair from getting crusty like certain curl products.

Curls are not a curse; they demonstrate this by having the Sharks run their hands through hair that has been treated with both types of curly gel.

Controlled Chaos has a gentle feel about it. They have sold $300,000 worth of products to hair salons to date. 

The company had a distribution arrangement in 2007, but their distributor demanded large quantities. Their sales last year reached $85K.

They ceased advertising and selling due to a lack of funds, but Alanna claims to be a business expert; Mark disagrees.

Kevin asks sarcastically how the pitch is going when Alanna announces she has committed more than $300,000. Alanna’s salon has an annual revenue of over $1 million.

Lori asserts that every salon owner desires their line; therefore, why promote a single product? 

If the packaging is modified, Alanna has a contract with a national distributor for a purchase order.

Kevin claims to have curly hair, but it is short; he wonders what they do with the money.

Alanna asserts her belief in her product, to which Mark responds, “I don’t believe in belief; I believe in action.”

Kevin claims that 50% of women have curly hair and that the product is effective, but the results are too chaotic.

A brief pause later, Kevin offers $50K for 50%, but he isn’t interested in other products.

Mark advises them to say yes quickly before someone else changes their mind. Lori offers $51K in exchange for 50%.

Barbara provides $50,000 in exchange for 51% of the firm but only gets 10% of the revenue.

Lori offers $60K for 50% and claims to move a lot of stuff; she will also assist with packaging design.

Robert clears the field — he states that there are three viable proposals; he exits. Alana acknowledges that she has been on QVC for two years and accepts Lori’s offer.

Kevin declares that it will sell as they leave the Tank because “I KNOW HAIR!”

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agrees to invest $60K for 50% equity in Controlled Chaos.

What Happened To Controlled Chaos After Shark Tank?

Controlled Chaos’s future appears to be as beautiful and stable as Alanna’s hair.

She spoke about the company’s success since she appeared on the show earlier in an April 2016 interview.

Controlled Chaos now comes in gluten-free packaging and is now gluten-free.

The website has also been completely redesigned and is much more user-friendly than before. Alanna has overseen the company’s first independent facility, a brand new distribution center. 

Additional personnel has been hired to assist with the increased sales, administration, and marketing resulting from the increased publicity.

Alanna recently revealed that more than 10,000 units of controlled chaos crème had been sold in the two months after her segment aired.

She also mentioned that she was contemplating canceling several other goods in her collection due to their success.

Alanna is looking forward to the future now that Lori Greiner’s experience and guidance have alleviated the financial stress that surrounds her firm.

The company is currently in discussions with distributors in Canada about reopening retail channels that had previously been shut down due to inventory issues.

Her online sales have ‘Skyrocketed,’ and salon owners and curly-haired clients are clamoring to buy her products now that it is available.

Alanna’s goal is to take over World of Curls, and she believes that she will succeed with the fresh cash influx and Lori’s experience.

However, even if that happened, it is unlikely to matter. It takes a lot of control to keep those curls in place, and Controlled Chaos curl creme is built to last.

The pressure Alanna felt during her appearance on Shark Tank and how it affected her afterward has been discussed. Alanna completely forgot about it at the time due to her nervousness.

She believes determination is the key to success and said that a third Shark Tank audition was nearly too much for her after two previous rejections.

She advises other entrepreneurs to begin small, work their way up, and, most importantly, never give up.

Controlled Chaos Shark Tank Update

Lori never completed the agreement she had with Controlled Chaos. Controlled Chaos sold almost 10,000 units of their curl crème in the two months following the original airing. She also sold a lot of other products.

The company now operates its distribution center and has hired several more employees to cope with the increased sales volume.

Controlled Chaos Shark Tank Update

A retail distribution agreement, including agreements with Canadian distributors, is negotiated. There has also been a significant increase in online sales. Alanna’s business appears to be returning to normal.

Currently, she has an Amazon store and is still in business. She earns $3.5 million annually.

Is Controlled Chaos Still In Business?

Controlled Chaos is still in business with annual revenue of $3.5 million. Controlled Chaos transformed Shark Tank, exactly as Greiner predicted on the show. The bottles and website have both been revamped.

York stated that while participating on Shark Tank was “a fairly excruciating procedure,” it “saved my firm and was completely worth it.”

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