What Happened To BZBox After Shark Tank?

What is BZBox?

BZBox is a foldable box to help you store clothes and other accessories. BZbox features a plastic interior and fabric finish, making it the most durable, attractive, and easy-to-use storage box. 

BZBox Shark Tank Update

It adds fun and functionality to your space while keeping it organized and clutter-free. This box collapses as you are no longer using it to save space. 

Company NameBZBox
FounderKaeya Majmunder
ProductBZBox Collapsible Storage Box
Investment Seeking$50,000 for 20% equity in Storage Box
Final Deal$50,000 for 40% equity in Storage Box
SharkLori Greiner
EpisodeSeason 5 Episode 29
StatusOut of Business

Who is the Founder of BZBox?

Kaeya Majmunder is the founder of BZBox. She is a sophomore in college and has shifted her focus from becoming a doctor to growing her business.

Ms.Keaya Majundar’s college life was swimmingly until she discovered her best buddy was relocating. 

While she was walking from her room to her car, all the boxed items tumbled out of the box and onto the street. 

She became frustrated when she realized her efforts had been in vain. She taped it from the bottom when she packed it again to prevent the goods from falling.

This was when Kaeya had the concept for BZbox and entered the country’s largest entrepreneurial competition, which she won. 

Her family immediately agreed and set aside what she wanted to accomplish with her life to support her and realize the idea would be a huge success.

BZBox Before Shark Tank

The founder of BZbox (pronounced Busy Box) is Kaeya Majmundar, a sophomore at Emory University. 

She wants a $50,000 investment for a 20% stake in her company in exchange for a $50,000 investment. 

Kaeya got involved with BZBox shortly after her freshman year when her roommate asked her to store a bunch of boxes while she finished her chemistry final. 

Kaeya agreed. When she walked over to pick up the box, everything fell outright through. 

Kaeya had to repack her roommate’s belongings for a long day; she needed a solution, which was when she invented the BZBox.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of BZBox?

Kaeya Majmunder appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in BZBox.

Kaeya began discussing the occurrence with her buddy, which led to the concept of the storage box in front of them. 

She explained how, after numerous prototypes, she developed the BZbox and used this concept to compete in an entrepreneur competition. She ultimately won the competition.

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The sharks were invited to participate in a race, which Robert H accepted. Mark Cuban initiated the race, and the BZbox was built and ready to use within seconds. The sharks were surprised, but many decided to leave.

Kevin’s initial inquiry was about the cost of the BZbox. She stated that it was $1.75 for 10,000 boxes. 

Barbara stole the show when the girl was not referred to as an entrepreneur, and Kaeya could not listen. Kevin was the first to offer the company $50,000 and 50% equity.

Lori then makes a $50,000 offer for 40% ownership of the company. This brought joy to Kaeya’s eyes as she agreed without hesitation.

What Happened To BZBox After Shark Tank?

Lori appears to have utilized Kaeya for additional duties following her debut on Shark Tank. 

Kaeya is currently Kaeyos Inc., which is completely focused on the BZBox. Kaeya has since grown to cover a diverse range of products, most of which are now clothing lines.

The same online retailer that sells the BZBox also sells a range of other things, most notably apparel. Kaeya looks to have worked her way up to a management position under Lori’s tutelage and is living the American dream.

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Following the transaction with the shark tank, Kaeya, the owner of BZbox, encountered a snag in her business. 

She eventually founded the new firm Keayos, which included its product development and marketing departments.

 ZIP TANK was the second product that was featured on Project Runway. It’s an online subscription service for apparel. 

Kaeya, 22, is currently employed by Gwynnie bee, a San Francisco-based technology firm.

Kaeya is also credited for developing the ZipTank, a tank top with a zipper. The tank top will transform into a bag, allowing worn or utilized as a storage bag. Kaeyos, inc appears to be a venture heavily influenced by pop culture.

The product is available through online retailers such as Amazon. She had traveled to Laus in search of a contract to launch her enterprise. 

He was impressed with the product BZBox and requested that she contact him. However, Kaeya altered her course.

Lori Greiner mentors Kaeya Greiner, but BzBox did not need her money. Kaeya has not given up equity. A thousand BzBox boxes were sold over the next 48 hours following the show. 

She has no longer updated her website because the market was too small, and she is working on other ideas.

What is the Net Worth of BZBox?

The valuation of BZBox was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of BZBox is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business.

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Is BZBox Profitable?

Shark’s funding helped it get off to a strong start, but owner Kaeya had other plans. She refused to accept additional orders. Now that she is a member of a TECH startup, she has rebranded her business as ZIP TANK.

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