BuggyBeds Shark Tank Update

When producers of the show approached Veronica Perlongo and Maria Curcio in season 4 about appearing on The Shark Tank, the creators of BuggyBeds first questioned the idea of appearing on the show.

After becoming one of the show’s most prominent success stories and making history, they do not look back with any regrets now.

After becoming aware of the epidemic bed bug problem that was spreading through households worldwide, the two businesspeople came up with the idea for BuggyBeds.

When bed bugs enter a home, it is only time before they establish themselves as a full-blown infestation. Bed bugs have a high rate of reproduction.

There were no devices available on the market that were designed to detect bed bugs before their population grew out of control, one of the most critical challenges involved in eradicating bed insect infestations.

The unique detection device known as BuggyBeds will sound an alarm if it finds evidence of bed bugs in your mattress or box spring.

Because the tracking device is concealed inside your mattress in its four corners, you won’t even be aware that it’s present.

If you check the systems regularly, you will be able to determine whether or not there are bed bugs before they can establish themselves as a full-fledged infestation.

At first, Veronica and Maria did not want to take advantage of being on Shark Tank.

Nevertheless, in the end, they concluded that it was worthwhile to investigate the possibility of being presented with a business opportunity that would enable them to leverage the resources, capabilities, and connections of the advisory panel to take BuggyBeds to the next level.

What Is BuggyBeds?

BuggyBeds is a bedbug early detection system that alerts you to the presence of bedbugs.

Bedbugs are ubiquitous and have caused widespread concern and suffering throughout the world. 

Infestations of bedbugs have surged 500% in recent years, resulting in a global epidemic.

A modest twin bed can harbor thousands, if not hundreds, of bedbugs, resulting in red, bloated, itching bumps. A female is capable of laying up to 500 eggs!

BuggyBeds Shark Tank Update

There may be bedbugs in your home that you are unaware of. BuggyBeds is a glue trap with an early detection system for bedbugs that attracts, catches, and kills them.

You can place these non-toxic, pesticide-free traps between your mattress and box spring or beneath your couch cushions to ensure that you don’t harbor these nasty guests.

You can BuggyBeds at home or in a hotel – place it in the hotel bed to see if you need to move rooms. 

Company NameBuggyBeds
EntrepreneurVeronica Perongo & Maria Curcio
ProductLures and traps bedbugs early with this glue trap
Investment Asking For$125,000 for 7% equity BuggyBeds 
Final Deal$250,000 for 25% equity BuggyBeds
SharkKevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Barbara Corcoran, And Robert Herjavec
Episode Season 4 Episode 1
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BuggyBeds?

Maria Curcio & Veronica Periongo are the founders of BuggyBeds.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, BuggyBeds had already been on the market for six months.

They come in with sales of $150,000 and have already struck a deal with Burlington Coat Factory and Home Depot before they even meet you.

In addition to this, they have turned down an offer of five million dollars for the patents and trademarks together. And the best news of all is that they made a profit of $100,000 on those transactions.

Bedbug infestations can quickly spiral out of control since a single female bedbug can deposit up to 500 eggs during her lifetime.

The non-toxic substance that Maria Curcio and Veronica Periongo developed as an early detection system for bed bugs was created by the two women.

In addition to the standard traps that can be used in your house, they have also developed travel packs that can be used in hotel rooms.

The design of the BuggyBeds product has been granted a patent in thirty-four countries, the company name and logo have been trademarked in forty-two countries, and an application for a utility patent is underway in fifty countries around the world.

Maria and Veronica have decided to bring the production process in-house because doing so is relatively simple and results in significant cost savings.

The wholesale price of BuggyBeds ranges from $6.99 to $8.99, whereas the unit cost to produce one is only $1.35. In addition to that, they sell bundles of products and other product lines.

They conducted a test market in twenty-nine stores, and BuggyBeds were purchased completely within ten days.

A manager at a Walmart near you examined it and suggested placing it on an end cap in front of the registers.

BuggyBeds Before Shark Tank

Veronica Perlongo and Maria Curcio founded BuggyBeds fifteen years ago; they have been partners in business for fifteen years.

Veronica and Maria founded BuggyBeds after discovering how widespread bed bugs have become throughout the United States.

Bed bugs will only take a matter of time to infest a person’s home once they’ve gained access, and these incidents are increasing rapidly.

BuggyBeds, on the other hand, offers an opportunity to tackle an international epidemic.

BuggyBeds is a bed bug detection system that works in the background, doing nothing to interrupt your daily life.

A bed bug detecting device will alert you if the bug gets close to it. If it does, it will warn you before a full infestation happens.

BuggyBeds monitors are pre-assembled and easily placed underneath the mattress at the bed’s corners.

You can keep those nasty bed bugs away by regularly checking the BuggyBeds monitor.

The unique aspect of BuggyBeds is that Veronica and Maria weren’t planning on entering the shark tank until approached by the show’s producers.

They initially declined to appear on the show, but after some thought, they recognized how much value sharks could add to what was already a popular product.

The team realized BuggyBeds could potentially take over the world if they could attract one of the sharks and leverage their knowledge and business contacts.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BuggyBeds?

Maria and Veronica appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $125,000 in exchange for a 7% equity in BuggyBeds.

Veronica and Maria accepted a $250,000 offer for 25% of BuggyBeds and left the tank with a deal from each Shark.

Final Deal: All five Sharks agreed to invest $250,000 for a 25% stake in BuggyBeds.

What Happened To BuggyBeds After Shark Tank?

BuggyBeds has seen its brand awareness significantly increase after appearing on Shark Tank and negotiating a deal with all five sharks.

In the United States, sixty Home Depot stores sold BuggyBeds before the show aired.

BuggyBeds are now available at 350 Home Depot locations following the success of Shark Tank.

BuggyBeds were sold at around 75 Burlington Coat Factory locations before the shark tank episode. The product is now available in all Burlington Coat Factory locations.

BuggyBeds is available in over forty countries due to a successful distributor relationship. You can purchase BuggyBeds online through Amazon.com. 

What Happened To eCreamery After Shark Tank?

BuggyBeds are one of the most successful products ever to land a Shark Tank contract, as history is being made.

BuggyBeds Shark Tank Update

Following its appearance on “Shark Tank,” BuggyBeds achieved revenues of $1.2 million in 2016, and the company is still going strong.

Over twenty nations worldwide are currently carrying sales of BuggyBeds, and more sites are being added.

One website asserts that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Orkin report that annual reports of bedbug infestations are increasing by two. This indicates that the bedbug market is continuing to expand.

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” BuggyBeds has seen a significant increase in sales of their goods across multiple platforms, including their website, Amazon, The Home Depot, CVS Pharmacy, and Camping World.

In addition to beds, mosquito detectors, tick traps, flea traps, and lice traps are available for purchase at BuggyBeds.

You can now discover and get rid of bed bugs before they become a $1,000 problem, thanks to a product called BuggyBeds.

If you take the time to read the reviews on each of the several websites, you will see that BuggyBeds does not have a perfect score of five out of five stars, but it routinely ranks in the four-plus star range.

They have a substantial number of reviews on each site, which indicates that they have positive feedback and must put in the effort to achieve such a high rating. This is the most crucial aspect of their online presence.

After their appearance on “Shark Tank,” Maria and Veronica added more goods to their BuggyBeds line.

The company is now selling several additional goods, including flea and tick glue traps for pets, mosquito repellant bands, mattress and pillow protectors, and flea and tick glue traps.

It is recommended by the company that you use BuggyBeds at home, in your child’s crib and drawers, in dorm rooms, in the car, and when you travel. This will provide you with the highest level of detection protection that is now available.

You can purchase BuggyBeds on Amazon, each with its unique features.

BuggyBeds are available in various packs, including four-packs, twelve-packs, travel crib sets, and more.

BuggyBeds Shark Tank Update

What Happened To GeekMyTree After Shark Tank?

BuggyBeds is still in business as of June 2022, with annual revenue of $4 million.

Is BuggyBeds Still In Business?

The BuggyBeds brand benefited greatly from its historic Shark Tank transaction.

BuggyBeds are now available at more than 350 Home Depot locations and every Burlington Coat Factory store in the country due to its televised debut.

You can purchase BuggyBeds online and have them shipped worldwide. BuggyBeds was undoubtedly one of the most successful business initiatives in Shark Tank’s history.

What Is the Net Worth Of BuggyBeds?

The valuation of BuggyBeds was $1.8 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of BuggyBeds is $4 million as of 2022.

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