What Happened To BoobyPack After Shark Tank?

The BoobyPack is presented to the Sharks in Shark Tank episode 622, where Christina Conrad describes it as a “fanny pack for your rack.”

The BoobyPack sports bra features a unique design with waterproof zippered pockets for storing cell phones, credit cards, and cash.

Christina created the BoobyPack for raves and festivals where they want a safe place to store valuables. She is an avid fan of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genre.

The product is currently under patent protection and is manufactured in New York City.

When it comes to marketing her product, Conrad first focused on the EDM crowd, but she has since broadened her target audience to include ladies who work out or otherwise lead an active lifestyle.

She raised money for the BoobyPack project through a Kickstarter campaign in January of 2013.

She raised over twice her $15,000 fundraising goal, raising $32,725 instead.

You can purchase the BoobyPack in various colors and styles, including tank tops. You can also purchase the BoobyPack directly from the company’s website.

You can pick your style and color and even personalize it (for an additional fee). You’ll also get a limited-edition Shark Tank top if you order now. The cost is something between $54 and $60 per piece.

Conrad is likely to require capital to fund inventory and assistance with retail distribution. Will the Sharks sell their holdings in The BoobyPack and walk away from their investment?

What Is BoobyPack?

BoobyPack is a waterproof sports bra with an additional pocket for personal items on the side.

Your smartphone, cash, and credit cards can be stored safely in the waterproof, zippered pockets of the BoobyPack sports bra.

Christina Conrad designed this sports bra in 2009 to allow ladies to enjoy running, hiking, or attending a concert without carrying a purse that contained their keys, money, or phone.

The successful Kickstarter campaign Conrad launched in 2013 raised more than twice the amount she originally hoped to raise.

BoobyPack Shark Tank Update

If you want to keep your valuables close to your body when you exercise, the BoobyPack sports bra is your best choice.

The BoobyPack was designed by Christina, who loves EDM (Electronic Dance Music) so that valuables can be safely kept while attending parties. The product is manufactured in New York City and has a pending patent.

Later that year, Katie Couric featured BoobyPack on her show, “Katie,” and awarded the company a $10k prize for female entrepreneurship.

Company NameBoobyPack
EntrepreneurChristina Conrad
Product / BusinessSports bra with side zippered pockets
Investment Asking For$80,000 for 20% equity in BoobyPack
Final Deal$80,000 for 25% equity in BoobyPack
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Episode Season 6 Episode 19
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BoobyPack?

Christina Conrad is the founder of BoobyPack, a sports bra with two side zippered compartments.

She describes this Boobypack as a “fanny pack for your rack.” She says it came about unusually.

The BoobyPack was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign in January 2013. She achieved the $15,000 goal by raising more than $22,725.

A BoobyPack tank top is available, and a variety of BoobyPack designs. You can purchase the BoobyPack directly from the company’s website.

Order today, and you’ll get a limited-edition Shark Tank Top in your choice of style and color. It can also be customized (for an additional cost). It is expected that a Boobypack will cost between $54 and $60 per piece.

BoobyPack Before Shark Tank

BoobyPack was developed and manufactured by Christina Conrad, a female entrepreneur.

She describes her design as a ‘fanny pack for your rack’ based on inspiration from an unusual place.

She discovered no secure place to store her belongings when she went to concerts or raves since she is a big fan of electronic dance music.

In the process, she conceived the concept of the BoobyPack. The BoobyPack sports bra has waterproof zippered pockets for your cell phone, cash, and credit cards.

Christina originally planned to sell the BoobyPack exclusively to fans of electronic dance music events fans, including herself.

However, she soon realized that the product is also very useful for women who want to participate in sporting activities or live an active lifestyle, and she decided to expand her market.

BoobyPack sports bras are perfect for securing your valuables while out and about.

The BoobyPack was initially funded through a Kickstarter campaign by Christina. The campaign raised more than $32,725 for the cause, exceeding the $15,000 goal.

BoobyPack expanded its product line due to its money, including adding tank tops to the collection.

Christina realized that in addition to selling the BoobyPack on the internet, she’d need to acquire some additional funding and learn more about running a business.

She decided to submit her concept to the shark tank. Will the sharks take a bite and join the BoobyPack on their journey?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BoobyPack?

Christina appeared on Shark Tank seeking an investment of $80,000 in exchange for 20% equity in the BoobyPack.

She asks which Shark she would like to be her “breast friend” after having a mannequin display the pockets.

She distributes samples of her work. She produces a single piece of the BoobyPack for $7 apiece, and she sells them for $55.

She speaks about her Kickstarter accomplishment and claims to have made more than $160,000 in sales.

She plans to continue selling online for the time being but eventually hopes to take her business to the next level.

Mark is interested in learning about her client acquisition costs, approximately $7 per customer.

She wishes to increase the amount of SEO marketing she does and advertising.

She explains that when her father left, he left some money for her and that this is how she can thrive without having to work.

The product is what Mark believes, not the corporation. As a result, he is no longer part of the team.

Mr. Wonderful is offering $80,000 in exchange for a $10 per unit royalty for the rest of his life. Christina declines to participate.

Barbara declares that she believes she will be OK on her own, then walks out the door.

Lori follows her mother’s example because of the same reason.

Robert believes she is unyielding and offers $80,000 in exchange for a 30 percent stake in the BoobyPack.

Mr. Wonderful then reduces his offer to $80K in exchange for the $10 per unit royalty, which is forfeited once he has recouped four times his initial investment, after which he retains 5 percent.

Christina inquires about Robert’s willingness to accept a 25 percent discount, and Barbara responds, “I’ll take that bargain!”

Final Deal: Barbara Corcoran agreed to invest $80,000 for a 25% equity in the BoobyPack.

What Happened To BoobyPack After Shark Tank?

Christina has witnessed the BoobyPack’s meteoric rise to prominence since debuting on Shark Tank and striking a deal with Barbara.

She received an initial internet order for $2000 worth of items within minutes of the Shark Tank episode airing.

Following the show’s appearance, sales have increased since the product has received positive media attention.

It has been fortunate that most website traffic has resulted in actual sales.

What Happened To Space Travelers After Shark Tank?

Furthermore, now that the BoobyPack has established itself as a popular product, many women have come up with innovative applications, creating new market opportunities for the products themselves.

Women are increasingly turning to it to allow them to carry their belongings while out and about with their young children to be more convenient.

Also, some people with diabetes have said that the pockets are the perfect size for insulin pumps, which is a big plus.

The BoobyPack has proven to be one of the most important success stories to emerge from shark tanks in the last few years.

There is little doubt that, with Barbara’s assistance, Christina will be able to continue to prosper and realize her dream of developing a multimillion-dollar company empire.

Christina shut down the BoobyPack business in 2017 and worked as a freelance writer as of April 2022.

BoobyPack Shark Tank Update

After hearing her pitch, the Sharks got interested in Conrad’s idea, and Barbara Corcoran invested.

BoobyPack had been successful at first, but Conrad decided to close the company in November 2004.

BoobyPack Shark Tank Update

Christina is currently residing in England with her husband, where she has been employed as a freelance writer as of April 2022.

Is BoobyPack Still In Business?

The BoobyPack announced in November 2016 that they would be closing their doors after four years in business.

They held a closing business sale on Zulily in December before announcing their decision to close the business.

What Happened To UROClub After Shark Tank?

“I can’t express how much your encouragement and support have meant to us, and especially to me,” Conrad said on the Booby Pack’s Facebook page. The Boobypack is no longer available for purchase on the internet.

The BoobyPack is out of business as of April 2022, and their product is no longer available.

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