What Happened To BagBowl After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank Episode 404 featured brothers Kevin and Brian Fleming pitching BagBowl, a plastic sleeve that turns any bag into a bowl.

BagBowl can be easily turned into a serving bowl, and there are two ways to use it. It is an innovative, crazy, useful, and creative idea to use one product in two different ways within a few seconds.

Anyone can use this, and it is easy to make. You do not need to carry another bowl if you already have one with which you can eat food.

You can use the same bag for another food item. It is easy to recycle and use again. It is a fantastic product that is also very environmentally friendly.

BagBowl transforms any plastic bag into a serving bowl you can use when you are out and about. Adds fun and decorative look to any type of bag, from sandwich bags to two-gallon zip lock bags. It is an ideal place for picnics, potlucks, and tailgate parties.

If not being used, bagbowl fold flat for easy storage. They’re made from BPA and phthalate-free polypropylene, the same plastic used to make milk jugs. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is patented, and they have established manufacturing arrangements. The Flemings plan to sell this product to snack and chip manufacturers and manufacturers of storage bags.

What Is BagBowl?

BagBowl is a collapsible bag that can be transformed into a bowl with a few seconds of handwork.

The idea of using the same product in two ways is completely original, innovative, and insanely helpful.

It is easily convertible, which means that anyone can perform it. You do not need to carry a bowl if you have already packed something to eat in the Bag of BagBowl, as you may use the same container. It is recyclable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly product.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

BagBowl converts any standard plastic bag into the ideal portable serving dish. It supports various bags, including sandwich bags, two-gallon zip locks, and more. It’s an excellent choice for picnics, potlucks, and tailgate parties.

BagBowl collapses flat for storage when not in use. They are made of BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene (like milk jugs) and can be placed in the microwave or dishwasher.

Company NameBagBowl
EntrepreneurKevin Fleming and Brian Fleming
ProductZipper bags for storage
Investment Asking For$40,000 For 33% equity in BagBowl
Final Deal$40,000 For 33% equity in BagBowl
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 4 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BagBowl?

Kevin and Brian Fleming founded BagBowl. Kevin designed it to transport a dog and have an extra bowl for him to poop in.

He turned a bag into a bowl to avoid a mess and the headache that comes with it.

Additionally, it helps conserve space by allowing one to arrive and the other to depart.

Brian is a real estate developer, whereas Kevin previously manufactured various items as part of his job. 

BagBowl and both founders believe that the product is positioned to grow and be sustainable in the market.

BagBowl Before Shark Tank

InstaBol, which the Flemings released before Shark Tank, has been renamed BagBowl, a far more catchy name.

BagBowl, a line of foldable, plastic storage zip bags that convert into bowls, was designed by brothers Kevin and Brian Fleming from Kansas City, Missouri.

They altered their marketing and website, but the search engines quickly responded.

BagBowl is a fascinating concept, but will it pique the Sharks’ interest long enough for them to consider investing?

BagBowl was introduced to Shark Tank in 2012, where Lori Greiner bought a 33% stake in exchange for $40,000 from them.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BagBowl?

Brian and Kevin appeared on Shark Tank requesting an investment of $40,000 in exchange for a 33% stake in BagBowl.

Brian and Kevin Fleming walked out to the Shark Tank in matching shirts. Brian Fleming, who was dressed as the man who was handsome, entered the room, where Kevin Fleming, who was smart, entered.

They said they developed a method for making the bag into a bowl that can serve food and drinks.

Brian and Kevin said that the company they were running was called Bag Bowl and they were repeating it loudly.

Brian Fleming announced his invention of the bag bowl. Robert sang it back, but Brian said it was more fun to sing the lyrics together.

Brian and Kevin were very excited to bring the product to market when they spoke with the Sharks in a tone that was awkward.

Brian told me that they would like to raise $40,000 in order to obtain a 3% stake in their company.

Brian and Kevin F. They gave each other a prototype of their product and Robert asked if they could test it.

They said that they would test the product for a week to see if it worked. They stated that they’d developed a way to make any bag that could fit inside of a bag.

They can make bags that fit on top of any bag that can fit inside of a bag. Brian and Kevin stood around each other, talking happily. Mark was very amused.

Brian stated that you could slide the bag over the exoskeleton and it will be like having a large solid bowl.

It would be convenient for people to travel to work, to a party, or to a restaurant and simply grab a bag.

It would be convenient for people to pack their lunches in a convenient way that could easily be transported.

If anyone has leftover food, they can place it in a bag that fits in the bottom of a refrigerator or a cupboard. If you forget to use the bag, just throw it in the trash or recycle it.

Kevin F & Brian said that it was nice to not have to worry about cleaning up after himself anymore, and Mark confirmed that it was nice to no longer have to worry about that. They were fixated on their product, to the great amusement of Mark Cuban.

Kevin F. Brian said it would be great for picnics or potlucks. Brian agreed, indicating that it would be useful for getting pasta sauce from the stove into a small bag.

The company said it would eliminate mismatching lids for heavier plastic items.

She also stated that chip companies could create a method using their own technology to turn plastic bags into bowls.

Brian said that one day they could create a product that contained a portion of dog food.

Brian stated that he thought the bag bowl would be useful in modern household. Brian and Kevin stated that they wanted to change the way the world eats food.

They joined hands and asked the Sharks to assist them in getting their product to market.

Brian said that some investors would help them become the first person to actually manufacture a successful product.

Brian explained to each person that they could see the finished product at their offices. Brian told them that it collapsed completely when it was not in use.

Lori asked if the bowl could be removed from the bag, and Kevin F. asked. I asked him if he could tell them that the product was reusable.

It was said that the bag bowl was a clever idea. The bag bowl contained a special sonic weld that allowed you to fully sterilize your dishes while you were still warm.

Mark inquired as to how much money they had invested. It turned out that they had invested $40,000 of their own money. They announced that they plan to sell their technology to larger companies.

They couldn’t afford to build their own factory, so they decided to rent out their entire orchard.

Kevin asked if they were trying to strike a niche market since he already had a nice bowl in his kitchen. I disagree with Brian’s statement that these characters are relatively new. He already had one in his house.

Kevin said chip companies would not pay more than $0.20 to produce a product similar to the one they are developing, even if they had to charge more for it.

He told me many people already have a regular bowl and that they do not need this product except to take it to a football game.

Brian says that Kevin may not be aware of what is coming with the packaging. Many current packages are trying to be something that people can eat from.

Kevin stated that they would be liable for the cost of their products, if the manufacturer agreed to work with them.

Brian stated that they have already spoken with large plastic manufacturers, and have indicated that it would be as cheap as $0.02 to add a bag to a plastic bowl.

Kevin stated that on that scale he thinks that it costs only $0.02 to change the shape of the bowl. Kevin said that two cents is a lot, on a scale of one dollar to five dollars.

Brian stated that they were looking to create a great business due to the use of plastic bags every day. Lori asked what would prevent other companies from copying their designs.

Kevin F stated they have a patent on the bag bowl design and that the inventors have patented the idea.

Lori asked if the patent was already issued for the product, and Kevin F. said, No. Then replied that the application was pending. He stated that this was still pending.

Lori says that they already have a patent for the product, it was already issued a while ago. That does not mean that the patent will ever become an issue.

Lori asked them what their unique invention was. They said it was just a circle of plastic. Kevin said that the most inventive ideas come from simple things like simple postit notes.

Kevin commented that the patent was intended to help plastic bags fold smoothly.

Lori stated that she thought the idea was clever, but she did not see it as their own invention.

Lori asked whether they were currently selling the product. Kevin informed me that they would rent the product to other companies who were also interested.

Brian told me that they brought the Bag Bowl to a large trade show and that everyone there was impressed with the product.

Brian said that he was one of 30 entrepreneurs that won an award for designing a custom bag bowl. The other feedback that they received from customers was overwhelming and tremendous.

Brian said they were able to start taking orders for their products. Daymond questioned them whether they were accepting orders for their products.

Brian told me that they did take orders for the product, but it was not that easy. Lori asked how many orders they were able to get.

Kevin F said they sold out of the product that they had, but they did not receive any more orders for the product.

Brian said that they were telling the truth, and it was not true that they did not sell any of their products.

Robert was amused when Brain mentioned that they were a young startup that did not have money.

Brian F said that the group was still pretending to state that they have no sales. Kevin F said that they were simply pretending to have no sales.

Robert stated that they had already told the truth. He said they were honest. Brian informed them that they were a pre-revenue startup and that they were laughing very loudly at this.

Kevin indicated then that they were waiting for people to actually want to purchase their product.

Kevin F tried to explain that they were like a brand new piece of snow that nobody had skied on.

Mark said that they were very smart, but what they wanted to do was force someone else to do all the hard work for them. He called them want-trepreneurs.

Brain attempted to address him as Cubes, to try to explain himself, but Mark was not interested. Mark was out because he was often called Cubes.

Robert was amused, and decided that he would call him Cubes from now on.

Kevin F stated that he needed the assistance of a professional to get his startup off the ground.

Daymond told them that they did not have any sales or patents, and that the Sharks should call them on their behalf to try and get deals.

Kevin F said that they did not want the Sharks to say something that would make them feel bad, and it would be very good for the partnership to say that. Daymond agreed with Kevin F and went to the store.

Kevin said that the most astonishing ideas come from products that either solve a problem or cut costs. His idea was that they would sell a bag that was already made.

Kevin F said they are a good team, and that the product was really a nice touch, and that the partners are very kind. He went out.

Brian and Robert addressed each other, and told them that they had a bright idea. The man stated that he had three children, and the idea was to make reusable juice boxes using empty plastic bottles. He said that he liked the idea because it was easy to make and had no waste.

Kevin stated that they made money by reducing the cost of buying glass bottles.

Robert said that he could see that the idea was great and he thought that it would make selling to people much easier.

He was going to offer them 40,000 dollars in exchange for a good portion of the company.

He said that he could quickly conduct a few transactions to see if the deals would pay off or not.

Robert was carrying a 3-inch hula hoop that was worth $100,000. Daymond asked Robert if it was worth $100,000.

Robert said that it either was a brilliant idea, or it wasn’t. But he would know very quickly if it was right or wrong.

Lori asked if she could go up and take a look at some of the new products, and Brian and Kevin F agreed to go with them.

Daymond asked Lori if she was interested in buying some of the products that they were selling. She said that she didn’t know if they were going to sell them.

Brian wondered why they should not be interested in that. She is attractive, and she enjoys entertaining gentlemen. Kevin said he was sucking up money.

Lori tried the bag bowl and said it was easy to work on. Then, she said, it was easy to work again while waiting for someone to call.

Brian asked the Sharks if they could imagine that a 60 second empty rice container could turn into a bowl and that it would be useful instead of being a terrible nightmare to pour some rice into another container.

Lori said that she was not agreeing with the licensing plan, because if they showed it to other companies, those companies would make their own versions of the product.

Lori didn’t think they would get the patent that they needed. Lori told me that the products could be manufactured and obtained on QVC within a couple of minutes. They could sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products within that time.

Lori offered the Sharks precisely what they wanted, which was $40,000 in exchange for a share of the profits.

The Sharks agreed, and she paid them exactly what they asked for. She requested to have a moment to think about it, which she appreciated because she wanted to decide quickly. Mark stated that the deal that they wanted was granted.

Mark was very angry with his customers, telling them that they received everything that they requested.

Mark stated that he did not understand why the band would have to go offstage to decide what they wanted.

Lori told Daymond to take a moment to think about it. You have to observe the situation. Lori told them that if they walked out of the meeting, she would withdraw her offer.

She said, it’s unbelievable people would think about doing that. Kevin told her he would be very pleased to deal with her.

Lori finally agreed to invest $40,000 For 33% equity in BagBowl.

Final Deal: Lori Greiner agreed to invest

What Happened To BagBowl After Shark Tank?

The BagBowl is available on Amazon, but it was unavailable for over two months following the episode’s telecast due to manufacturing issues.

Kevin Fleming, who holds the title of Managing Director of IDEAPULT, is a sales organization that assists US companies in selling their goods in Europe, based on his LinkedIn profile.

What Happened To Basic Outfitters After Shark Tank?

Brian Fleming is a co-owner of Secure Medical Transport, a Kansas City-based firm that provides non-emergency transportation for ambulatory and wheelchair users.

BagBowl also appeared on QVC but is no longer available on the platform.

A new product launched by the Fleming brothers is the Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup, which has gotten mixed reviews on Amazon. The product has received equal amounts of 5-star reviews.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

BagBowl was not available for two months due to difficulties in production in 2012 after its appearance on Shark Tank. The bag bowl is themed and will be available in 2013.

According to the demand they received from Shark Tank, the value of the BagBowl was around $120,000.

They started off with the daddio spill stopper training cup and later introduced the bag bowl’s updated versions.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

They ran the business until around 2018. They managed the business until 2018, in fact, they ran it until 2020. In 2018, they closed their businesses and began their own careers.

In 2018, the brothers sold the business, retired and moved on with their lives. Brian went to work in real estate, and Kevin joined the cloud computing industry.

Is BagBowl Still In Business?

Due to production issues, the BagBowl was unavailable after it aired for over two months.

They became available shortly before the 2012 Christmas season. A “themed” BagBowl will be available in 2013.

You can order the item from Amazon, which will be delivered within a few weeks. Brian and Kevin are working on new items for their company, daddio designs, and have already developed and launched the daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup.

What Happened To Games2U After Shark Tank?

The brothers closed both businesses in February 2018 and moved on to new ventures.

Kevin has moved into cloud computing, while Brian has returned to the real estate sector.

What Is the Net Worth of BagBowl?

The valuation of BagBowl was $120,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of BagBowl is unknown as of 2022 since the company went out of business.

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