What Happened To BagBowl After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank Episode 404 features brothers Kevin and Brian Fleming pitching BagBowl, a plastic sleeve that turns any bag into a bowl.

Kevin first created BagBowl to transport dog food without bringing a dish. He also invented the Ginsey Paw Cleaner, a canine foot bath, and product development is his life’s work.

Brian has experience as a real estate broker and a background in marketing. BagBowl was the result of a collaboration between the brothers. BagBowl was entered into the Walmart Get On The Shelf contest in 2011 but failed.

It is patented, and they have established manufacturing arrangements. The Flemings plan to sell this product to snack and chip manufacturers and manufacturers of storage bags.

What Is BagBowl?

BagBowl is a collapsible bag that can be transformed into a bowl with a few seconds of handwork. The idea of using the same product in two ways is completely original, innovative, and insanely helpful.

It is easily convertible, which means that anyone can perform it. You do not need to carry a bowl if you have already packed something to eat in the Bag of BagBowl, as you may use the same container. It is recyclable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly product.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

BagBowl converts any standard plastic bag into the ideal portable serving dish. It supports a wide range of bags, including sandwich bags, two-gallon zip locks, and more. It’s an excellent choice for picnics, potlucks, and tailgate parties.

BagBowl collapses flat for storage when not in use. They are made of BPA- and phthalate-free polypropylene (like milk jugs) and can be placed in the microwave or dishwasher.

Company NameBagBowl
EntrepreneurKevin Fleming and Brian Fleming
ProductZipper bags for storage
Investment Asking For$40,000 For 33% equity in BagBowl
Final Deal$40,000 For 33% equity in BagBowl
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 4 Episode 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of BagBowl?

Kevin and Brian Fleming founded BagBowl. Kevin designed it to transport a dog and have an extra bowl for him to poop in.

He turned a bag into a bowl to avoid a mess and the headache that comes with it.

Additionally, it helps conserve space by allowing one to arrive and the other to depart.

Brian is a real estate developer, whereas Kevin previously manufactured various items as part of his job. 

BagBowl and both founders believe that the product is positioned to grow and be sustainable in the market.

BagBowl Before Shark Tank

InstaBol, which the Flemings released before Shark Tank, has been renamed BagBowl, a far more catchy name.

BagBowl, a line of foldable, plastic storage zip bags that convert into bowls, was designed by brothers Kevin and Brian Fleming from Kansas City, Missouri.

They altered their marketing and website, but the search engines quickly responded.

BagBowl is a fascinating concept, but will it pique the Sharks’ interest long enough for them to consider investing?

The business was introduced to Shark Tank in 2012, where Lori Greiner bought a 33% stake in exchange for $40,000 from them.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of BagBowl?

Brian and Kevin approached the Shark Tank, searching for a $40k investment in exchange for a 33% stake in BagBowl. 

This amusing pitch features the brothers barking, growling, and acting generally odd as they introduce their goods to the Sharks.

Mark describes Brian and Kevin as “wantrepreneurs.” Brian refers to Mark Cuban as “Cubes” in a classic Shark Tank moment.

They demonstrated how to use it and demonstrate how to convert it into a bowl using live samples. The sharks were taken aback when they saw something new on the platform.

Cuban declares, “Just for being referred to as ‘Cubes,’ I’m out!” Daymond and Kevin swiftly follow Mark’s lead and leave as well.

Kevin and Brian were referred to as ‘Wantrepreneurs’ by Mark, then Brian was referred to as ‘Cubes’ by Mark, and he left for the same reason.

As a result, Robert offers $40k for a 45 percent stake in the company; he is enthusiastic about the concept and believes it will sell.

Lori believes it will sell well on QVC and offers the Flemings $40K in exchange for a 33 percent stake (exactly what they requested).

Brian asks to speak with Kevin, and the Sharks all chastise him for it. Brian and Kevin complete the deal with Lori after Brian regains his composure.

What Happened To BagBowl After Shark Tank?

The BagBowl is currently available on Amazon, but it was unavailable for over two months following the episode’s telecast due to manufacturing issues.

Kevin Fleming, who holds the title of Managing Director of IDEAPULT, is a sales organization that assists US companies in selling their goods in Europe, based on the information on his LinkedIn profile.

What Happened To Basic Outfitters After Shark Tank?

Brian Fleming is a co-owner of Secure Medical Transport, a Kansas City-based firm that provides non-emergency transportation for ambulatory and wheelchair users.

BagBowl also appeared on QVC but is no longer available on the platform.

A new product launched by the Fleming brothers is the Daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup, which has gotten mixed reviews on Amazon. The product has received equal amounts of 5-star reviews.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

The BagBowl was unavailable in 2012 due to production difficulties following the Shark Tank episode. They have ‘Themed’ its availability for 2013.

BagBowl is valued at $88,000 based on its demand on Shark Tank.

BagBowl Shark Tank Update

They entered the market with new products, including the daddio spill stopper training cup and updated BagBowl versions. Their business was active until around 2018.

The brothers sold their businesses in 2018 and returned to their respective careers; Brian returned to real estate while Kevin entered the cloud computing sector.

Is BagBowl Still In Business?

Due to production issues, the BagBowl was unavailable after it aired for over two months. They became available shortly before the 2012 Christmas season. A “themed” BagBowl will be available in 2013.

You can order the item from Amazon, and it will be delivered within a few weeks. Brian and Kevin are working on new items for their company, daddio designs, and have already developed and launched the daddio Spill Stopper Training Cup.

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The brothers closed both businesses in February 2018 and have since moved on to new ventures. Kevin has moved into cloud computing, while Brian has returned to the real estate sector.

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