What Happened To AngelLift After Shark Tank?

Kelly Bruce and Aaron Bruce seek a lift for their AngelLift prosthetic “anti-aging lifting strips.” 

The product began as a gadget that connects to teeth and is installed by a dentist.

AngelLift is currently available in a surgical-grade plastic strip inserted between the lips and gums.

The strip works without an injection or surgery to smooth smile lines and wrinkles around the lips.

AngelLift is a safe, natural way of achieving a “facial lift” at a fraction of the cost and risk of surgery when combined with Fusion’s low pH collagen solution.

The AngelLift system was developed in 2003, but similar items have been available in Europe for over two decades.

Clinical studies show that the gadget works, and a Canadian study published in 2007 found that 84 percent of those who used it made improvements to their facial appearance.

AngelLift is poised to be a part of that multibillion-dollar industry, possibly with the help of a shark.

What Is AngelLift?

AngelLift is a non-surgical anti-aging procedure that utilizes oral strips to restore volume lost by receding gum lines.

The unique aspect of these strips is that they can be removed and replaced, unlike previous ones requiring professional insertion.

AngelLift Shark Tank Update

The system includes AngelLift’s low pH collagen solution, which contributes to the system’s anti-aging properties.

Company NameAngel Lift
EntrepreneurAaron Bruce
ProductStrips that reduce wrinkles and lift the face
Investment Asking For$500,000 For 10% stake in AngelLift
Final Deal$500,000 For 15% stake in AngelLift
SharkLori Greiner
Episode Season 5 Episode 27
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of AngelLift?

The founder of AngelLift is Aaron Bruce, who has a degree from Washington University and holds numerous patents.

Currently, Bruce is the CEO and founder of posse.io, one of the most respected platforms for influencer marketing.

How Does AngelLift Work?

An AngelLift Dermastrip is an over-the-counter face lifting product worn every day for ten to thirty minutes over the teeth.

AngelLift created Dermastrips for lifting wrinkles and sagging skin, a non-invasive, non-chemical technology for redefining the effect.

You can activate the skin on your face by inserting AngelLift Dermastrips beneath the lip for a short time.

AngelLift Shark Tank Update

Diemastrips work by raising the skin and forcing wrinkles out from the inside, restoring the natural pressure on the face that has been lost as we age.

The strip compensates for the pressure loss as our gum lines recede with age, and using it for only a few minutes per day can quickly result in remarkable improvements in skin tightness and wrinkle reduction.

AngelLift is an excellent Botox alternative that can naturally reduce the appearance of wrinkles while saving you money and medical visits.

AngelLift Before Shark Tank

Angel Lift Dermastrips is an over-the-counter and portable solution that reverses the effects of receding gums by giving you a natural facelift.

It involves using oral strips to replace volume lost due to receding gum lines, which is a non-invasive anti-aging treatment.

What Happened To Villy Custom After Shark Tank?

AngelLift was first offered as a prescription-only implant device in 2003 and then expanded to the over-the-counter market in 2011.

The AngelLift was inspired by similar, prescription-only implants available in Europe for over 25 years.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of AngelLift?

Kelly and Aaron pitch their company AngelLift at Shark Tank seeking an investment of $100,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in their business. They explain their concept and make their pitch.

Penelope compares her arm before and after the procedure. Initially, these areas appear floppy and wobbly, but with the help of a dermal strip, they become smooth and firm.

Kevin remarks that Barbara has been using masking tape for years.

They’ve been in business for five months and have gross revenues of $75,000. A five-pack costs $19.95.

The company offers other patented products and derma strips but only pitches the Sharks on the derma strips.

The company also offers lip vermillion strips and toning and cleansing cosmetics.

Mark is too perplexed by the other products to continue; he exits.

Kevin claims they are losing money; he leaves too.

Robert believes their pitch was perplexing; he exits.

Lori makes a 15% offer of $500,000 in AngelLift, but the money will be used exclusively to fund QVC purchase orders.

What Happened To PC Classes Online After Shark Tank?

Furthermore, the purchase is contingent upon demonstrating sales of $3 million for their other items and a demonstration of patents. They agree.

Final Deal: Lori Grenier agrees to invest $500,000 in AngelLift for a %15 stake in the business.

What Happened To AngelLift After Shark Tank?

Lori’s never closed her deal with AngelLift, and the founders declined to go on QVC. AngelLift sold products worth $3 million after the Shark Tank show aired.

AngelLift also created an Amazon store. The company is still operating in 2021, generating $5 million a year.

Is AngelLift Still In Business?

AngelLift sells exclusively via their website, not on Amazon, and the company is still in operation as of December 2021.

What Happened To Angel Shave Club After Shark Tank?

Lori Greiner has not commented on the AngelLift deal’s status, which leads me to conclude that it did not occur.

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