What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

Whether you are at a house party or a Barbeque night with the closed ones, you will notice the Red Disposable cup around every house party. 

We all have used and enjoyed the red disposable cup for our house parties and gatherings. As per some reports, people worldwide use more than 2 billion red disposable cups during house parties.

So, what is this red disposable cup? Why is it so popular, and who invented it?

The red disposable cup is well known among people, like the 180 cups, an innovative disposable cup used at house parties by people of all ages. 

You can use 180 cups with any drink of your choice; hence, it is called the real party cup. The best part about 180 cups is that you do not need additional cups or glasses for beers and tequila, as this single 180 cup can be used for both.

180 cup is a multipurpose drink accessory you can use for real house parties. Another interesting fact about the 180 cup is that it is quite sturdy and durable. Hence it doesn’t break or get squeezed easily. 

The drink inside 180 cup will be stable even if you squeeze, hit, or crush it. You might be surprised, but 180 cup can also be used as a pen and other accessories holder beyond drinking and serving. 

Also, the 180 cup is perfect for holding ketchup or BBQ sauce if you are away from drinking during BBQ nights. So, if you and your friend circle do not enjoy alcohol gathering, 180 cup can still be a good companion. 

180 Cup is such a fantastic accessory that will make your house party and friends gathering entertaining with its adaptability and durability while being in use. 

Now, if you think 180 Cup might be a costly affair, you might be surprised as 180 cup is quite affordable and budget-friendly for your house parties. 

What is the 180 Cup?

180 Cup is an innovative and most interesting disposable party cup, making any house party and barbeque night hassle-free. 

180 Cup can be described as the regular disposable cup you might have encountered during various house and office parties. However, 180 cup is just more than a regular party cup.

You can use 180 Cup as both beer cup or glasses to drink hard drinks. Hence, it is called the two-in-one cup. 

The innovative 180 cup was invented by Solomon, who also calls it “The New Red Cup,” which has become the go-to product for house parties around the country.

The introduction of 180 cups has shifted traditional glasses and beer mugs to 180 cups in every party. 

Company Name180 Cup
FounderSolomon Fallas
ProductA plastic cup that can be used as both a cup and a shot glass
Investment Seeking$300,000 For a 15% stake in 180 Cup
Final Deal$300,000 For a 25% stake in 180 Cup
SharkDaymond John
Episode Episode 7 Season 5
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of 180 Cup?

Solomon Fallas is the founder and inventor of the popular 180 Cup. He got the idea to create 180 Cup when he had to wait for a longer duration for the drinks due to the shortage of traditional glasses.

Also, the traditional beer glasses were used for a single purpose and were boring. Hence, he created the multipurpose 180 Cup that can be used for multiple purposes.

You can flip the 180 cup upside down, and it will become a “Shot Glass,” which is sculpted into the underside of the 180 Cup.

180 Cup Before Shark Tank

180 Cup was not so popular before Solomon’s appearance on Shark Tank. The product struggled to gain any fame and barely had any profitable sales.

Solomon’s aim behind creating the 180 Cup was to replace the red cup at house parties and barbeque nights. 

Solomon created a world-class innovative product, but he struggled to get the 180 cup to stores. 

The methods used by Solomon to promote 180 Cup were traditional and barely gave any traction to the product.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of 180 Cup?

Solomon reached out to Shark Tank to promote his 180 Cup business and get some investment to improve the sales and marketing of his business. He entered the shark tank show seeking an investment of $300K for a 15% equity in his business of 180 Cup. 

He reaches the stage of the Shark Tank show and presents his story about how he got an idea to create the 180 Cup and then asks the Sharks, “Who wants to take the shot with me?” 

Sharks ask him about the sales volume and the revenue he has generated by selling 180 Cup. Solomon responds that he generated over $385K in the past 6 months by selling over 5 million units of 180 Cup.

He claims that 180 Cup is available at over 500 stores in the United States. The Sharks then question him, how does he promote his 180 Cup and generate sales?

Solomon answers that he promotes his 180 Cup by hiring college students on a commission basis and selling the product to the college town stores.

Also, he promotes his 180 Cup on youth-oriented social media websites and Craigslist.

Next, Solomon provides the sample of 180 Cup to the sharks and informs them that the cost of 180 Cup is similar to the standard red cup used at parties. 

After hearing Solomon for a while, Daymond John offers him $300K for a 20% stake in 180 Cup and expects a response immediately.

Solomon says that he provides licensing of 180 Cup to the colleges, sports teams, and beverage companies and uses other promotion methods to increase sales. After this, Solomon hesitates to accept Daymond John’s offer.

Daymond John threatens Falls to take back his offer if Solomon doesn’t respond directly, while Mr. Wonderful seems interested in 180 Cup and seeks more product details.

Mark Cuban thinks Solomon is crazy as he does not respond to Daymond John’s offer. Hence he is out of the conversation. Following Daymond, even Lori exits. 

180 Cup

Mark Cuban is interested in the 180 Cup as he finds the college network idea a great way to promote the product. However, Solomon has just been able to penetrate 1% of the market. Hence Lori exits as well.

Though Mark Cuban was interested in the 180 Cup, he believed that the product was too niche-focused, and he also exited.

Following Mark, JP DeJoria also leaves as he believes that the 180 Cup is not something he is interested in.

Daymond John teases Solomon for not accepting his offer after everyone leaves. Hence, Solomon Falls requests Daymond John to reconsider his offerings into the 180 Cup. 

However, Daymond finds the situation to renegotiate the deal and offers Solomon $300K for a 30% stake in 180 Cup. Solomon says he is willing to give a 23% stake in 180 Cup for $300,000.

Finally, Daymond John and Solomon Falls settled on $300K for a 25% stake in 180 Cup.

Final Deal: $300,000 for 25% stake in 180 Cup offer from Daymond John. 

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What Happened To 180 Cup After Shark Tank?

180 Cup generated quite a good amount of sales and achieved unimaginable success post its appearance on Shark Tank. Solomon introduced a college ambassador program to promote the 180 Cup.

The college ambassador program allows an individual to become an ambassador of 180 Cup if they provide 180 Cup information about alcohol and beverages stores and bookstores in their area. 

The investment from Daymond John has helped Solomon to expand the product line of 180 Cup. He has added various other products such as a disposable flask, a beer pong set, and a 180 Cup glass.

The 180 Cup glass differs from the original 180 Cup but is based on the same concept of 180 cups with a standard drink glass from one side and a shot glass from the bottom. 

There is little clear information about Solomon’s many stores to promote his 180 Cup as of 2022.

However, with the growing popularity of the 180 Cup, we can assure you that the 180 Cup has reached great heights after its appearance and investment in Shark Tank.

180 Cup Business Model

Solomon Falls created an innovative and highly valuable product known as 180 Cup, which costs the same as the standard red cup.

Moreover, he also expanded his product line with the investment from Daymond John from Shark Tank.

Solomon sells his 180 Cup and other products in the local departmental stores, liquor stores, and online mediums. 

Hence, 180 Cup can be a great option to replace your old wine or standard drinking glass if you plan to organize a house party, friends gathering, or barbeque night.

Who Is The Investor in 180 Cup?

Daymond John, an investor on Shark Tank with a net worth of $50 million, invested $300,000 for a 25% stake in Shark Tank.

Another investor of 180 Cup is FUBU – For Us, By Us, which has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

How Does 180 Cup Make Money?

180 Cup makes money by selling its most popular 180 Cup, or The Red Cup, and various other products such as disposable flask, a beer pong set, and a 180 Cup glass.

180 Cup

180 Cup is a go-to product if you host a house party or organize a friend’s gathering. You can find them at Walmart stores and various online stores. 

Thank the Shark Tank show for allowing 180 Cup to showcase its product and help the business thrive. 

The sales of 180 Cup surged to $5 million post its appearance on Shark Tank, and Solomon has also expanded the product distribution in 5 countries worldwide after the investment from Daymond John.

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Interesting Aspect of 180 Cup

  • Capacity: 16 oz. Cup, 1.5 oz. Shot glass.
  • Easy-to-grip, disposable, and stackable.
  • Perfect for sporting events, parties, BBQs, and picnics.
  • You will drink it, turn it over, and shoot it with 180 Cup.
  • Pack of 48 180 CUPs that includes a shot glass at the bottom

Is 180 Cup Still In Business?

180 Cup gained a lot of traction and generated sales worth $5 million post its appearance on Shark Tank. Solomon couldn’t agree on the terms of Daymond John’s post-Shark Tank Show.

180 Cup turned down the offer of Daymond John and his business ideas for the expansion of 180 Cup. 180 Cup used to be available for online sales on Lexhead.com; it is not available there.

Solomon and Daymond decided to split up due to multiple disagreements regarding the operation and expansion of the 180 Cup. However, you can still purchase 180 Cup from Amazon, Walmart, and other physical and online stores. 

The sales of 180 Cup have fallen through as multiple competitors are available in the market, and Solomon couldn’t market the product properly.

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