Oracle Competitors and Alternatives Analysis

Oracle Corporation is an American multinational technology company. Oracle Corporation is a  software and cloud computing company founded in 1977 and headquartered in California, United States.

Oracle’s primary focus areas are cloud-engineered systems, database software and technology, and enterprise software solutions. 

Oracle also produces database development tools and CRM, ERP, and supply chain management software.

Oracle Competitors

With Oracle, you can get database solutions, cloud-based engineering, and enterprise-level solutions, including the company’s own database management system.

The company also provides Oracle Cloud services via its data centers. Oracle Corporation’s global network operates its data centers. 

Oracle leads the market with cutting-edge services such as platform as a service, data as a service, software as a service, and infrastructure as a service.

Developers can use these services to design, develop, deploy, and integrate cloud-based applications.

Oracle is one of the top cloud computing service providers. Let’s discuss the top Oracle competitors in this article.

Top Oracle Competitors


Company NameSalesforce Inc
FoundersMarc Benioff, Parker Harris
Year Founded1999
HeadquarterSan Francisco, CA

Salesforce is a cloud computing and software firm headquartered in California, United States. It was founded in 1999. The company’s most well-known products are customer relationship management (CRM) tools and a cloud platform.

Oracle Competitors

Oracle makes most of its money from CRM products, offering social networking applications through acquisitions and internal development.

The company’s primary products and services are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Community Cloud.

The company has approximately one million customers around the world. CRM service provider Salesforce emphasizes research and development, emphasizing the value of cloud computing.

The company conducts business through subsidiaries and focuses primarily on Europe, the U.S., Japan, and the Asia Pacific. Oracle competes directly with Salesforce for the top spot in CRM.

Amazon Web Services

FoundersJeff Bezos
Year FoundedJuly 5, 1994
HeadquarterSeattle, Washington, United States

The multinational corporation owns Amazon Web Services. Andy Jassy founded AWS in 2006 as a cloud computing service for businesses, governments, and individuals.

Oracle Competitors

The Amazon Web Services marketplace offers several services that meet enhanced processing power, database storage, and content distribution. The company encourages scalable, adaptable, and reliable applications as part of its mission.


Company NameOracle Corporation
FoundersLarry Ellison and Bob Miner, Ed Oates
Year Founded1977
HeadquarterRedwood City, California

SAP is also a significant competitor of Oracle. German technology company SAP was founded in 1972 and is located in Germany. 

SAP is an acronym for Systems, Applications, and Products. SAP operates in more than 180 countries and serves about 335,000 clients. It employs approximately 91,000 people.

Oracle Competitors

It is the world’s largest ERP company and primarily targets businesses looking for end-to-end  ERP solutions. 

The company is the market leader in corporate applications and the most prominent software manufacturer in the world. SAP integrates processes from different business areas.

SAP has a module for every domain. An SAP module assists organizations with their everyday operations and the generation of reports. 

SAP is the market leader in terms of ERP services and solutions. SAP offers a wide range of unique products and a solid commitment to research and development.

Oracle has an extensive market position, which qualifies it as a major Oracle competitor.


Company NameMicrosoft Corporation
FoundersBill Gates
Year Founded1975
HeadquarterRedmond, Washington

The Microsoft Access service is Microsoft, a multinational technology company founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

The Microsoft Access database management system (DBMS) was initially released in 1992.

Microsoft is another major Oracle competitor, founded in 1975 and based in Washington, D.C.

Its primary lines of business include the development, manufacture, licensing, and support of computer systems, electronics, and other products.

Oracle Competitors

Microsoft Office now includes Access, and it is also available separately. Individuals and businesses can use the system to create and customize their database systems.

The company licenses and supports a wide range of software products and services. One of the reasons why Microsoft Windows OS is used extensively around the world is its user-friendliness. 

There are numerous subsidiaries of Microsoft, a Fortune 100 multinational corporation. The company is a leader in software, hardware, and services.

Research and development are integral parts of its business strategy. As an Oracle competitor, it has outstanding products.


Company NameNetezza
FoundersJit Saxena
Year Founded1999
HeadquarterMarlborough, MA

Netezza was founded in 1999 by IBM Company and had its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, the U.S.

Its products and services include high-performance data warehouse appliances and analytics applications.

Hundreds of organizations use its applications, from business intelligence to data warehousing to predictive analytics to business continuity planning. 

Oracle Competitors

The company provides many products, including a Data Warehouse Appliance, an Integrated Data Warehouse, hardware, software, and professional services. 

Netezza achieved revolutionary data warehousing and analytics results by developing cutting-edge appliance, hardware, and software solution.

Netezza provides best-in-class performance and enables workload migration to public or private clouds, making it a major Oracle competitor.


Company NameTeradata
FoundersSteve McMillan
Year Founded1979
HeadquarterSan Diego, CA

Teradata is a product of the research done at the California Institute of Technology (CalTech). Today, Teradata offers consulting, business analytics, and cloud computing services.

One of Oracle’s main competitors is Teradata Corporation. The company was founded in 1979 and is based in California.

It develops and sells software for database analytics. The company’s primary offerings are business analytics, consulting, and cloud products.

Oracle Competitors

The company operates in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The company’s data center research and development are conducted in California. It offers best-in-class business intelligence solutions that are customized for a variety of industries.

Teradata is known for its broad portfolio of storage and analytics products. It has strong ties to service providers and vendors and a global footprint.


Company NameDell EMC
FoundersRichard Egan, Roger Marino
Year Founded1979
HeadquarterRound Rock, TX

The EMC Corporation, founded in 1979 and headquartered in Massachusetts, is a well-known computer storage company. 

Dell EMC takes its name from EMC, the world’s largest data storage platform provider.

The EMC is named after its three founding members, Egan, Marino, and Curly. This subsidiary of Dell now belongs to Dell.

Oracle Competitors

EMC’s primary customers are financial institutions, manufacturing, healthcare and leisure, the public sector, energy, and retail businesses. 

The world’s largest independent storage company is EMC. EMC offers a robust global GTM capacity.

VMWare Solutions became a major player in its production integration after it acquired a majority stake.

The company employs about 50,000 people. Data Protection Suites from EMC are priced based on their capacity. 

EMC’s deduplication solution’s main strength is that all data is backed up and moved to different storage levels. Oracle is one of EMC’s top competitors because of its superior technologies.


Company NameIBM
FoundersCharles Ranlett Flint
Year Founded1911
HeadquarterArmonk, NY

IBM is a leading global technology company headquartered in New York, founded in 1911. IBM stands for International Business Machines Corporation. Currently, it operates in about 170 countries. 

The technology giant IBM offers a wide range of services, including consulting, delivery, implementation, enterprise software, and financial solutions.

Oracle Competitors

Big Blue is an information technology corporation that is headquartered in California. IBM  released its first commercially available database, the IBM Db2, in 1983.

DB2 is a data management software product family that enables enterprises to manage structured and unstructured data on-premises and in the cloud.

IBM’s brand value is around $31.786 billion. IBM’s business model is dual-faceted: first, providing clients with business insight and then providing IT solutions to optimize their efficiency, creativity, productivity, and competitiveness. Second, generating long-term value for shareholders. 

IBM is constantly modernizing its business to meet changing technology demands. The company spends around a third of its research and development budget on data analytics and cognitive computing.

IBM places a high value on research and development to meet technology needs, making it a major competitor to Oracle.

Top IBM Competitors


Company NameSnowflake Inc
FoundersBenoit Dageville; Thierry Cruanes; Marcin Żukowski
Year FoundedJuly 23, 2012
HeadquarterBozeman, MT
Oracle Competitors

Three data warehousing experts founded Snowflake in 2012 as a cloud-based data warehousing firm: Benoit Dageville, Thierry Cranes, and Marcin Zukowski.

A cloud database warehouse from Snowflake enables one-of-a-kind approaches to data warehousing.


Company NameNetApp, Inc.
FoundersJames Lau, David Hitz, Michael Malcolm
Year Founded1992
HeadquarterSunnyvale, CA

NetApp is a well-known US-based hybrid cloud services and data management company founded in 1992. 

The company’s hybrid cloud data services are designed to help businesses manage applications and data across clouds and on-premises environments.

NetApp’s primary strength is its ability to provide practical solutions to its many services.

Oracle Competitors

Business customers requiring massive data storage systems are NetApp’s primary customers. Software that manages storage resources and storage area networks (SANs) is provided by NetApp. 

The company offers cost-efficient storage solutions that maximize resource efficiency and is known for its strong brand. 

Research and development are crucial in allowing the company to offer cutting-edge storage services.

The supply chain management system is outstanding as well. NetApp competes with Oracle by acquiring innovative and efficient products.


Company NameMongoDB
FoundersKevin P. Ryan, Dwight Merriman, Eliot Horowitz
Year Founded2007
HeadquarterNew York City, NY

MongoDB was founded in 2009 as a NoSQL, document-based database by MongoDB Inc.

It is designed for modern cloud-based applications and simplifies relational databases through JSON and powerful query languages.

Oracle Competitors

MongoDB’s customers include Facebook, Coin base, Electronic Arts, and Google.


Company NameHewlett-Packard (HP)
HeadquarterPalo Alto, California
FoundersBill Hewlett and David Packard
Year Founded1939

HP (Hewlett-Packard) is an information technology company based in California, United States. The company was founded in 1939.

HP provides a wide range of hardware and software solutions to customers and related services.

The company specializes in printers, desktops, laptops, Xerox machines, and other products. 

Oracle Competitors and Alternatives Analysis 1

HP dominates the printer market. It is ranked 50th among the world’s top brands. The corporation has a brand equity position of about 19.3 billion dollars.

In addition, HP invests heavily in research and development to ensure its products are at the cutting edge of technology.

Top LuluLemon Competitors and Alternatives

Its research focuses on sophisticated technologies such as natural language recognition, sensing, audio/video analytics, and novel information displays. 

HP has released numerous products throughout the years, and as a result, it is a major Oracle competitor.


Company NameMarkLogic
HeadquarterSan Carlos, CA
FoundersChristopher Lindblad
Year Founded2001

Christopher Lindblad and Gary Bloom founded MarkLogic, a database provider, in 2001.

The company provides enterprise-class NoSQL database solutions and collaborates with leading corporations, including Sony, J.P. Morgan, Johnson & Johnson, and the U.S. Department of State. 

Oracle Competitors and Alternatives Analysis 2

The company serves over 1000 customers and has offices in Europe, Asia, and Australia.


Company NameQubole, Inc.
HeadquarterSan Carlos, CA
FoundersAshish Thusoo and Joydeep Sen
Year Founded2011

Two former members of Facebook’s data services team, Ashish Thusoo, and Joydeep Sen Sharma, founded the Qubole. 

Oracle Competitors and Alternatives Analysis 3

The company created a self-service cloud data platform in 2011 to fill data accessibility gaps. Qubole has over 150 clients, including Oracle, Disney, Adobe, Lyft, and  Zillow.


Company NameNeo4j
HeadquarterSan Mateo
FoundersEmil, Johan, and Peter
Year Founded2007

Emil, Johan, and Peter developed Neo4J following challenges with relational databases.

Neo4j, a graph database launched in 2007, is used by numerous large corporations, including IBM, Microsoft, HP, Adobe, and NASA.

Graph databases such as Neo4j allow developers to build intelligent applications, including artificial intelligence solutions, social networks, fraud detection, and master data management.


Cisco is another US-based technology company. The company was founded in 1984 in San Jose, California. 

The company specializes in networking hardware and software and offers high-tech products and services. 

Oracle Competitors

A total of 75,900 employees and $51.9 billion in revenue shows that the company has flourished across its most critical areas.

The Cisco platform combines enterprise management, cloud computing, and computer hardware, which Oracle also offers. Thus, it is an essential competitor of Oracle in today’s marketplace.

Top Uber Competitors

Oracle and Cisco are both market leaders in their respective fields: Oracle is a database management leader, while Cisco is a networking leader. In addition, Cisco has a stronger financial position in 2019, as evidenced by its overall revenue.

Final Word on Top Oracle Competitors and Alternatives

Oracle has been testing cutting-edge technology with its enterprise and cloud computing software.

It works at a high level of technical proficiency to provide more excellent performance than its competitors.

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