Top Blue Apron Competitors & Alternatives

Blue Apron is a meal kit subscription business. It is based in the United States and provides clients with fresh ingredients and step-by-step preparation instructions. 

Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak founded Blue Apron, an online meal kit, and delivery service, from their Manhattan apartment in 2012. 

The company’s mission was to provide access to innovative ingredients to allow anyone to cook a high-quality meal.

Since it was founded less than seven years ago, it has provided more than 8 million meals per month. There are 1,647 employees, and the company earned $667.6 million in revenue last year. 

Blue Apron has worked closely with farmers and artisans to deliver high-quality meals through a coordinated, integrated system.

Blue Apron Competitors and Alternatives

Company NameFounded YearWebsite URL
Hello Fresh2011Visit Website
Home Chef2013Visit Website
Plated2012Visit Website
Snap Kitchen2010Visit Website
Marley Spoon2014Visit Website
PeachDish2013Visit Website
Green Chef2014Visit Website
Trifecta2015Visit Website
Gobble2010Visit Website
Medifast1980Visit Website
Sun Basket2014Visit Website
Veestro2012Visit Website
Blue Apron Competitors List

Blue Apron grew significantly from its inception until 2017. Still, during the final year, its revenues decreased, and it had fewer full-time employees, which had dropped from nearly 3,000 full-time employees in 2015 to 1,674 in the third quarter of 2018.

Like Every Business, there are multiple Blue Apron Competitors providing similar services in the consumer industry. In this article, we will be looking at some of the top Blue Apron competitors and Alternatives.

There have been numerous Blue Competitors launched since its inception back in 2012. 

Below is a list of potential Blue Apron competitors in the future.

1. Hello Fresh

Blue Apron is well-known in the United States, while HelloFresh is a global brand. The well-known names of these two companies often cause consumers to have difficulty choosing between them.

Hello Fresh was founded in Berlin in 2011 and has since expanded to other parts of the world with its innovative meal kit options. 

The company employs around 600 people and has a market capitalization of 1.3 billion euros. 

It presently has branches in the United States of America, Australia, and throughout Europe.

The plans, variety, and price are all comparable. 

Most importantly, both options include wine. Thus, if you’re an oenophile, neither option will disappoint you. 

There are a few notable features of HelloFresh that are noteworthy for those with more demanding needs:

There is a lot of packaging in most meal kits; this is perhaps the biggest drawback for most users. 

The majority of HelloFresh’s packages, unlike Blue Apron, are 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable.

You will find recipes such as Saucy Beef Ragu with Olive Tapenade on HelloFresh that are straightforward and suitable for novices. 

They simplify cooking by providing 20-minute recipes that include cooking time and rate each recipe according to its cooking difficulty.

When you explore new things, you discover what you enjoy and dislike. With their save meals function, HelloFresh lets you recall which meals were a home run and which you’d prefer to skip.

One roadblock to our passion for HelloFresh is their shipping policy. The cost of their services before shipping is lower than Blue Apron, but this small inconvenience may be enough to dissuade you from choosing one of the meal kit services.

Both of these meal kit providers are the largest and most likely the most dependable options. If you live outside the United States, the choice is straightforward. 

HelloFresh distributes to Canada, Australia, and Europe in addition to the United States. 

2. Home Chef

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service based in Chicago. It was started in June 2013 by Pat Vihtelic. Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles serve as distribution hubs for the company.

The meal kit subscription services provided by this company focus on easy, quick recipes for inexperienced cooks. 

They have a wide variety of selections for dietary requirements and dinners for two, four, or six people.

They offer two meal options: 1) two meals every week, and 2) customers can choose between 2, 4, or 6 servings per meal. 

Blue Apron Competitors

They offer both reusable and recyclable packaging. This packaging assures the safety of food even when transported across vast distances.

Home Chef does not provide meal plans but instead offers a selection of 18 weekly alternatives (vs. 10 to 15 with Blue Apron). 

You can also get a 5-minute lunch, smoothies, seasonal fruit baskets, and a five-course dinner here.

Those celebrating special occasions may also splurge on luxury meals such as lamb with red pepper and jelly. 

You can also substitute proteins to suit all appetites in the majority of dishes.

Blue Apron and Plated, two other highly customizable meal kit services, charge more per meal than Home Chef.

The only difference between Blue Apron and this company is that Blue Apron always ships for free, while this website charges a $10 shipping fee. There are only a few supermarket meal kits available, however.

Thus, you don’t have to commit to an entire week’s worth of meals or pay delivery fees to test it out. 

It also features a marketplace for buying kitchenware online with its similarity to Blue Apron.

3. Plated

Nick Taranto and Josh Hix founded Plated in 2012, another well-known meal kit subscription service. The company was later acquired by Albertsons. 

They provide a variety of weekly meal plans, including 2, 3, and 4 serving options. They deliver boxes of different ingredients based on the customer’s specifications. They take pleasure in providing organic and chemical-free cuisine.

This well-known meal kit brand has a lot in common with Blue Apron regarding quality, taste, and price. 

This service stands out due to its diverse offerings and easy-to-follow instructions for exotic meals. 

Blue Apron Competitors

Although Blue Apron is less expensive and easier to use, Plated stands out for its variety and ease of ordering.

Plated offers options to satisfy all types of palates, catering to consumers who enjoy diversity. 

You can choose from a menu of twenty recipes every week, including novelties such as roasted cauliflower and collard greens, as well as classics such as black bean burritos with pico de gallo and guacamole. 

Plated is the winner in variety compared to Blue Apron’s eight to ten weekly meal options. 

They offer not only a wide range of food, but they also cater to a wide variety of dietary requirements.

What do you think is the best part? 

If you have a sweet tooth, this kit is for you! You can always find at least two delectable desserts for an additional charge at the restaurant.

Plated is a great product, but it does have some shortcomings. The meals are simple to prepare, but they usually take at least 30 minutes. 

The only downside of Plated is that, unlike Blue Apron, which aims to improve your cooking skills, it does not provide much support for budding chefs.

4. Snap Kitchen

SNAP Kitchen is a food delivery business located in the United States of America. They are known for providing fresh food and healthy eating options. 

Their mission is to make and deliver food boxes brimming with premium products, including proteins, fats, and green vegetables. They also provide lunch and dinner services, as well as special discounts.

Snap Kitchen is a healthy meal delivery service founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas. It operates 40 sites in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia, with more to come. 

Its prepared meals are priced between $ 3.99 and $ 11.99, and it also offers a personalized subscription service that saves clients money. 

Its menu features various meals, snacks, freshly squeezed juices created daily, and nutritionally balanced meal plans.

The company does not disclose financial information, but its staff has doubled, and venture capital has increased by over 60% in the past year. 

The company also generated revenue exceeding $ 4 million annually. The company expects to have sold 5 million dishes over the last two years. The company is expanding at a breakneck pace.

5. Marley Spoon

The mission of Blue Apron is to deliver easy-to-prepare meals. Marley Spoon matches Blue Apron’s goal by making dinner simple. 

The German brand is gaining traction in Australia and the United States, where it offers a meal kit service for those who love to cook. 

Marley Spoon aims to connect producers with chefs by selling in-season meals. The popularity of this option and the delectable flavors make it an appealing choice.

A new recipe is featured every week. You can easily prepare a wide range of products and recipes with their help in minutes. 

They offer vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and other diets along with healthy foods. They offer a very user-friendly, flexible, and simple application.

Marley Spoon is unique in that it guarantees the freshest, most unusual ingredients available. The kit includes steaks from grass-fed cattle, Berkshire pigs, gourmet cheeses, and American-caught shrimp.

Marley Spoon is backed by Martha Stewart, while Blue Apron is a Weight Watchers partner. 

The legend contributes to the creation of artisanal, down-home recipes every week. A cream parmesan spinach salad and one-pan breaded chicken thighs with a lemon-scallion dressing are two options.

This service offers 20 dishes to choose from each week, including options for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets.

6. PeachDish

PeachDish is an online delivery service for meal kits founded in 2013 by Hadi Irvani. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the company serves all 48 states in the continental United States.

PeachDish is an Atlanta-based meal delivery business. They provide a choice of ingredients and customization options. 

Considering the high quality of the meal and the reasonable prices, they offer an excellent alternative. Also, they ensure the freshness and organic quality of their foods.

It provides more than 200,000 meals each year and specializes in southern cuisine, bringing to the table food from the farm, seasonal, and local suppliers; 

It also offers loose ingredients through its website. Its sales figures have not been disclosed, but it grew 400 percent in its first three years.

7. Green Chef

Green Chef is a certified organic firm that focuses on providing its consumers with chemical-free natural ingredients. 

They also offer diet-oriented regimens to assist you in making better and healthier eating choices. Keto, paleo, balanced living, and plant-based are just a few examples.

This new business specializes in packaging and shipping ready-to-cook meals and food to clients who place orders. 

The food industry is becoming more and more competitive, and this business has chosen to invest in packaging to compete. 

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This company is a pioneer in this field, and its packaging is both authentic and imaginative.

They had a profit of 100 million US dollars the previous year, making them hard to compete. 

There is no reason to overlook this organization, and if you’re into luxury packages, this is a great option.

8. Trifecta

Trifecta is one of the newest companies on the list, but they compete with Blue Apron on an equal footing with the others. 

The company also prepares and packages ready-to-eat meals that can be delivered to your home. 

They operate within the United States of America and have made significant investments in developing new, eco-friendly packaging for their products.

Trifecta Nutrition is a healthy and organic food delivery company founded in 2015 in the United States. The company generates $ 10 million in annual revenue and employs 115 people. 

They currently have six different plans to try at home, at work, or on the go (keto, paleo, vegan, and vegetarian). 

Its dishes are prepared and ready to eat upon delivery and are customized to the customer’s dietary requirements.

One reason for this is that many of the companies mentioned have come under fire for their food packaging practices. Their cuisine is extremely nutritious, and much of it is beneficial for weight loss.

The company offers rotating menus prepared by professional chefs such as Mario Limaduran to balance all macronutrients in the diet. 

Additionally, it provides advice and a technologically connected community. It forms alliances with a variety of sports and health care organizations each year.

9. Gobble

Gobble is a lunch box delivery service based in California. They distinguish themselves by designing cutting-edge packaging. 

They not only deliver the basic materials but also make half of the meal. They provide this one-plan-15-minute deal, claiming that customers can prepare a meal in 15 minutes using their boxes of pure ingredients.

10. Medifast

Medifast is a manufacturer and distributor of healthy products and programs created in 1980 in the United States by physician William Vitale. The company soon expanded to include a meal kit delivery service throughout the country. 

The business has been recommended by thousands of doctors, included in Forbes’ list of the 100 most trustworthy companies (2016/2017), and staffed by health professionals and eCommerce and direct sales channel experts with a combined 40 years of experience.

This company was formed in Maryland 25 years ago and has grown tremendously since then. 

They serve consumers in the United States of America and are distinct from the other companies mentioned since they focus on nutrition and dietary meals (full Medifast review). 

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Their primary concern is loss, and the meals they send are intended for that purpose. Additionally, they have numerous weight loss facilities located throughout the country.

Medifast employs 420 people and generated $ 501 million in revenue in 2018. It announced a new operation in Singapore in 2019, intending to serve the Asia Pacific market. Since 2014, it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

This company is not a direct competitor to Blue Apron because it specializes in weight-loss meals. 

However, in the last couple of years, it has taken steps to offer ready-to-cook meals and boxes of fresh produce. That is another reason we believe they can compete with the other companies mentioned.

11. Sun Basket

Sun Basket is a meal kit company specializing in healthy meals launched in 2014 by Adam Zbar and Chef Justine Kelly in San Francisco, California. 

Today, it employs 1700 people throughout its corporate headquarters and three distribution locations to provide service to all 48 states in the United States. 

They offer ten customized meal plans that include paleo, lean & clean, vegan, vegetarian, Mediterranean, and diabetes-friendly options.

Sun Basket is a meal kit delivery service based in San Francisco. It is well-known for its remarkable sustainability initiatives and environmentally conscious choices. 

They provide hormone- and antibiotic-free organic meals. They provide two, three, or four meal selections every week.

Sun Basket’s competitive edge is that it uses organic foods free of antibiotics and hormones, addressing special dietary requirements; Sun Basquet was the first firm in this industry to use 100% recyclable and biodegradable containers. 

These have enabled it to offer 30% more expensive services than its competitors, generating $ 275 million in annual revenue. The company is now worth $ 508 million.

You can order a package from them each month by being added to a mailing list, and you will receive all the things you require for a specified time. 

Consult our sun basket review to learn about their food plans. There are several to pick from, ensuring that your needs are met.

12. Veestro

Veestro is a gourmet food delivery business specializing in plant-based menus delivered ready to eat to customers around the United States. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and employs approximately 40 people.

If you are a nature lover and are worried about the health of your body and the food you eat, this is the company for you. 

They specialize in shipping organic, non-GMO veggies and fruits that have not been treated with chemical pesticides or growth promoters.

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It serves over 2,200 subscribers via its website and generates over $ 2 million in annual income. The business concept comprises a subscription option for the weight reduction menu plan and an à la carte alternative. 

It announced last year the building of a new distribution center in New Castle, Delaware, to serve the East Coast. Additionally, it utilized 100% recyclable packaging.

The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years, especially as vegan dietary practices have gained popularity. 

Additionally, their diet results in significant weight loss, as it is healthful, green, and low in fat and animal protein. 

A fresh new product is the ready-to-eat meals, which have become very popular among consumers because of today’s busy lifestyles. 

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