The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

The Natural Grip, a CrossFit training glove, was pitched by Ashley Drake, who happens to be an Entrepreneur and Army Corps of Engineers Captain on episode 608 of Shark Tank.

The Natural Grip is demonstrated in action by CrossFit athlete Danielle Sidell, who Drake accompanies.

The Natural Grip is not a glove but an athletic protective garment that enables athletes to grip pull-up bars or weights more securely without causing injury to their hands.

Every grip is custom-made based on the size of your ring finger to ensure a perfect fit.

The Natural Grip is 100% cotton tape with a natural adhesive that is extremely strong and made from zinc oxide.

The grips are supposed to be attached to your hands at the wrist so that your fingers won’t slip.

You can match your hands to the rest of your workout gear with the range of colors available in the grips.

You can currently find the Natural Grip on Amazon and the company’s website.

Drake is almost certainly looking for a Shark’s assistance in expanding distribution and funding production for huge orders.

Will the Sharks regain their composure and invest?

What Is The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip is a re-usable tape grip and hand glove designed specifically for weightlifting and CrossFit. The majority of gloves available on the market are leather in three sizes (S, M, L).

The Natural Grip is available in 14 different sizes, various colors, and patterns, and it is non-slip.

The Natural Grip protects your hands while allowing a solid grip on your barbell while you’re working out.

They last between 3 and 6 months, are hypoallergenic and devoid of latex, and come in various colors.

The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

The Natural Glove gloves are made from high-tensile zinc oxide cotton tape, making them less bulky than leather models.

The Natural Grip’s reusability is one of its strongest features. It is recommended to be stored in the freezer to keep its natural hold for as long as possible. Replace your tape if it becomes damaged and continue training.

The Natural Grip tape allows you to create any type of grip while maintaining a satisfactory level of tackiness.

Company NameThe Natural Grip
EntrepreneurAshley Drake
ProductExercise Handgrips Customized For Crossfit Gyms
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 20% equity in The Natural Grip
Final Deal$100,000 for 25% equity in The Natural Grip
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode Season 6 Episode 8
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of The Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip was founded by Ashley Drake, a Louisville, Kentucky resident, in June 2013. Drake appeared alongside CrossFit competitor Danielle Sidell, who utilizes the device.

The Natural Grip is a protective wrap that enables athletes to gain a tighter grip on pull-up bars and weights without causing injury.

The grips are made to order based on your ring finger size to guarantee a perfect fit.

The Natural Grip is made from high-quality 100 percent cotton tape with zinc oxide and an exceptionally strong adhesive.

For preventing slipping of the grips, they recommend taping them at the wrist after they are on your hands.

Your hands can be coordinated with other items in your training wardrobe with color-coordinated grips.

You can purchase The Natural Grip proprietary product from their official website.

Sports professionals and individuals who use the glove daily in their workouts have given it positive feedback.

It also serves as a great tool to teach your children to catch and toss due to its similar characteristics to training equipment.

Children can use the Natural Grip to improve their hand-eye coordination and athletic ability. You can now purchase the Natural Grip directly from the company or Amazon.

The Natural Grip Before Shark Tank

The founder of Natural Grip, Ashley Drake, has just entered Shark Tank. She immediately declares to the Sharks that they need to regain their grasp – The Natural Grip!

Ashley shows the Sharks an example: do you want blood and grime on your hands after training?

It solves this problem since there are other hand protection goods on the market, but they are made out of fabric, leather, or nylon, all of which perform poorly as they slip off your hands, are bulky, and impair your gym performance.

This is not the case with the Natural Grip, as it is tailored and hand-made.

You need to measure the size of your ring finger to determine the size of the tape grips, and they are the only product with that claim to fame.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Natural Grip?

The Shark Tank segment began with Ashley discussing the business at her home.

During their first encounter, she tells Danielle Sidell that the Sharks need to “get a grip.”

Ashley was asking for an investment of $100,000 for a 20% stake in The Natural Grip. 

Later, she instructs Danielle on cleaning and jerking 165 pounds and demonstrates some bar muscle-ups for the Sharks.

While Ashley distributes sample grips (she offers Kevin black grips in response to his soul color), Robert tries out the grips and does a few pull-ups.

She discloses that she made $178K in sales last year. Robert challenges her to distinguish her grips from those of others.

In her patent, she patented reusable tape grips that adapt to the size of the ring finger. It costs $4.32 to manufacture each grip, and it sells for $17 on the retail market – a very good profit margin!

Lori is dissatisfied with the business and leaves. Ashley is seeking funding to expand manufacturing. Kevin then exits.

Ashley aspires to build her business to $4 million per year. Mark disagrees with Robert’s belief that she should focus more on the Crossfit community.

Robert and Daymond announce that they will wait for Mark to leave, and then there is a commercial break.

There is a deadlock after the interval between the three remaining Sharks. Mark admires what she is doing, but he cannot see what comes next, so he exits.

Robert believes she has a high degree of trustworthiness and offers $100K in exchange for 30%.

Daymond offers $100K in exchange for 40%. Robert counters $125,000 for a 25% stake.

Daymond offers $100K for 33% and asserts that he is better at manufacturing and can “put Reebok on the box.” Ashley accepts Robert’s offer!

As a result, Robert and Ashley struck a deal for $125K at a 25% discount.

What Happened To The Natural Grip After Shark Tank?

Robert was eventually able to work with Reebok, as the initial Google search resulted in a link to the Reebok Unisex Natural Grips for CrossFit buying page.

The Natural Grip appears to remain geared toward the CrossFit market; however, the brand has grown popular and is now found in Dick’s Sporting Goods and smaller boutiques in specific fitness facilities throughout the US.

Bubble Soccer Shark Tank Update

The Natural Grips brand will also be featured at the Summer Olympic Games, so watch out for competitors carrying the brand.

The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

The Natural Grip was featured on Beyond the Tank episode 108.

Robert attributes Ashley’s stagnant sales since starting the business with Ashley to a lack of marketing, even though Ashley left the army to run the business full-time.

The Natural Grip Shark Tank Update

The Natural Grip ceased operations in December 2018. Ashley is currently employed at UPS as an Industrial Engineering Supervisor.

Is The Natural Grip Still In Business?

CrossFit Powered by Reebok and The WOD Superstores has carried The Natural Grip since it appeared on Shark Tank.

The Natural Grip provided limited edition hand care kits to over 1,000 athletes at the CrossFit Games in recent years.

The Last Lid Shark Tank Update

A $75 set includes a pair of The Natural Grips, a shaver, a rasp, 10 replacement blades, three rolls of goat’s tape, a pumice stone, and fast repair.

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