The Fizz Shark Tank Update | The Fizz Net Worth

The Fizz is a product introduced by David Chodosh in Season 1, Episode 6 of Shark Tank. The Fizz is an imaginative take on the classic ice cream float that uses a plastic soda bottle as a dispenser, allowing soda and ice cream to combine seamlessly to create a root beer float-esque treat.

This product is built on a simple yet ingenious principle. A plastic cup is fitted over a soda bottle, and users can fill it with their preferred ice cream. The beverage mixes with the ice cream by squeezing the soda bottle to create the signature float concoction.

Afterward, the cup can be removed, washed in warm water, dried, and readied for future use, making it a convenient and reusable addition to any household. 

The Fizz embodies the spirit of childhood nostalgia while introducing a fun and innovative way of enjoying a classic dessert designed by Chodosh, a professional toymaker.

The Fizz is an excellent choice for anyone seeking a portable, user-friendly, and efficient way to enjoy an ice cream float on the go. It offers the nostalgic taste of a root beer float mixed with the convenience of modern design and ease of use.

For families, The Fizz can provide a unique and entertaining activity during family gatherings or picnics. It offers a new, exciting product for business owners that can drive customer interest and sales, especially in state fairs and ice cream parlors.

Company NameThe Fizz Cup
EntrepreneurDavid Chodosh
ProductA bottle of Root Beer Float
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 25% equity in The Fizz
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
The Fizz Episode Season 1, Episode 6
The Fizz Business StatusIn Business
The Fizz WebsiteThe Fizz Website
The Fizz Cup Net Worth$2 Million

What Is The Fizz?

The Fizz is a root beer float, cleverly designed as a portable plastic cup. Users can easily attach it to any 20 oz soda bottle and effortlessly add ice cream to the cup, creating a quick and convenient way to enjoy a traditional ice cream float.

The Fizz is a cleverly designed portable plastic cup that serves as a root beer float. Its innovative design can be effortlessly attached to any 20 oz soda bottle.

Users can quickly and conveniently add ice cream to the cup, transforming their soda into a delicious traditional ice cream float. Gone are the days of finding a suitable glass or bowl to enjoy this classic treat.

Now, with The Fizz, you can indulge in a root beer float anytime, anywhere, making it the ultimate companion for ice cream float enthusiasts.

The Fizz Shark Tank Update | The Fizz Net Worth

You can create the best float by filling the cup halfway with delicious ice cream, squeezing the bottle, and enjoying it. Take the cup out and thoroughly wash it in warm water after completion. Allow drying before use.

Who Is The Founder Of The Fizz?

The founder of The Fizz is David Chodosh. With a background in toy making and a penchant for fun, creative innovations, Chodosh is no stranger to product design and consumer goods.

Before creating The Fizz, he had worked with significant companies such as Hasbro and Mattel, which helped him garner an extensive knowledge base for the consumer products industry.

Chodosh’s connection with his inner child was pivotal in inventing The Fizz. The idea of The Fizz came to him while he was reminiscing about his childhood and the delicious, nostalgic treat of an ice cream float.

Determined to bring this classic dessert back into modern life in a fun, convenient way, he envisioned a portable device that could make concocting this treat as simple as possible.

His ingenious idea was an easy-to-use “mixing chamber,” a plastic cup to screw onto any 20 oz soda bottle. The user could then add a few scoops of ice cream to the cup and gently squeeze the soda bottle to create a delightful ice cream float. 

The Fizz was more than a product for Chodosh; it was a way to blend generations, allowing older people to relive a cherished part of their past while introducing younger people to a sweet, old-time classic.

Despite investing $50,000 into developing The Fizz, Chodosh realized he needed financial backing to take his business to the next level.

With this goal in mind, he sought to showcase his product to the entrepreneurial heavyweights on Shark Tank, hoping they would understand the nostalgic value of his product and invest in his vision. 

Before his appearance on Shark Tank, David Chodosh had successfully initiated sales of The Fizz. He had made around $84k in sales during the previous year, with The Fizz being supplied to multiple ice cream shops, local county fairs, and even striking a promotional deal with Coca-Cola.

Despite these successes, he faced a major challenge: securing a deal with an ice cream manufacturer who would pre-fill and sell the cups; otherwise, the onus was on the individual consumer to scoop the ice cream themselves.

His journey on Shark Tank, albeit unsuccessful in securing investment, marked a significant milestone in the journey of The Fizz and David Chodosh as an entrepreneur.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Fizz?

When David Chodosh appeared on Shark Tank, he requested $150,000 in exchange for a 25% stake in his company, valuing The Fizz at $600,000. His pitch began by illustrating his passion for making food fun, which fueled the creation of The Fizz.

He demonstrated how his product worked using a 20 oz bottle of root beer, placing a straw through the bottom of The Fizz cup, and screwing it tightly onto the bottle of soda.

The soda entered the cup filled with ice cream by lightly squeezing the bottle, effectively creating a fizzy ice cream float.

After his demonstration, he gave each shark a bottle to try. Most of the Sharks seemed to enjoy the treat’s taste, with Robert Herjavec even saying his kids “would love it.”

Moving on to sales, Chodosh revealed that he had made around $84,000 in sales in the previous year. The Fizz was supplied to multiple ice cream shops and local county fairs and even struck a promotional deal with Coca-Cola, which garnered positive feedback.

Regarding distribution, he hoped to strike a deal with a manufacturer who would pre-fill the cups and sell them. Otherwise, it would be up to individual consumers to add the ice cream.

In response, Herjavec pointed out potential issues Chodosh might encounter. Since he was neither a soda nor an ice cream company, marketing The Fizz would likely require a partnership with another company, complicating his business model. 

As for the investment decision, none of the Sharks decided to invest. Kevin Harrington admitted he did not have the necessary connections to help launch the product.

Daymond John didn’t like the product, while Barbara Corcoran and Herjavec suggested licensing the cup to an ice cream company, seeing it as a “novelty item.”

Finally, despite expressing a nostalgic fondness for the product, Kevin O’Leary also decided not to invest.

David Chodosh left the Shark Tank without any investment from Sharks for his product, The Fizz.

Despite the disappointment, Chodosh could not secure a deal with the Sharks. He continued with his business venture, showing resilience and determination that has served him well as an entrepreneur.

Final Deal: No deal between The Fizz and the Sharks.

What Happened To The Fizz After Shark Tank?

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, David Chodosh persisted with his business, The Fizz. His exposure from the show proved beneficial, leading to a noticeable increase in his sales margin.

Such publicity is often a valuable byproduct of appearing on the show, even if the entrepreneurs don’t land an investment deal. 

David was featured on The Today Show, giving The Fizz even more national attention. Additionally, The Fizz Cup became popular at state fairs, showcasing its appeal to a broad demographic.

David created an official website for The Fizz ( to showcase the product range. However, customers couldn’t purchase items directly from the website but were redirected to The Fizz’s Amazon store.

The Fizz Shark Tank Update | The Fizz Net Worth

The Fizz Cup On-The-Go was available in packs of four, six, or twelve, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $21.99. While the product had mixed reviews, the business appeared to be going strong in 2023.

The company’s website was active, and The Fizz Cup remained in stock and available on Amazon. The Fizz Cup received a patent, a significant achievement for the company, affirming the uniqueness of its product.

In addition to The Fizz, David kept himself busy as the CEO of Jonzo Inc., a company specializing in the design and development of consumer products such as toys and games. This experience undoubtedly helped him navigate the challenges and triumphs of launching and maintaining The Fizz.

For those interested in keeping up with the company, The Fizz Cup maintained an active presence on Instagram (@fizzcup), although their Facebook page was last updated in 2017.

The journey of The Fizz Cup after Shark Tank is a testament to David’s perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite not getting an investment deal, he leveraged the show’s platform for exposure, leading to increased sales and his company’s continued success.

The Fizz Shark Tank Update

The Fizz Cup is a portable device designed by David Chodosh that simplifies the process of making ice cream floats. Although David did not secure a deal on “Shark Tank,” The Fizz Cup gained publicity and increased sales.

The Fizz was featured on The Today Show and is available on Amazon. The product comes in various packs, and the company holds a patent. David Chodosh is also the CEO of Jonzo Inc., a company designing consumer products.

The Fizz Cup maintains an Instagram account and a Facebook page, although the Facebook page has not been recently updated. The Fizz Cup, a portable device for making ice cream floats, is available online and has gained popularity since its appearance on “Shark Tank.”

Is The Fizz Still In Business?

According to our research, The Fizz Cup is still in business. It allows users to create ice cream floats by attaching the cup to a soda bottle.

Despite not securing an investment in Shark Tank, The Fizz Cup continues to be sold on the company’s website and other channels. It is made of FDA-approved flexible plastic, holds around 8 ounces of ice cream, and is dishwasher-safe.

What Is the Net Worth Of The Fizz?

According to our research, the net worth of The Fizz is estimated to be $2 million. The valuation of The Fizz was $600,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.