The Bouqs Company Shark Tank Update

Shark Tank episode 526 featured entrepreneur John Tabis hopes his online flower sales business, The Bouqs Company.

The Bouqs Company simplifies the process of ordering flowers online. As Tabis puts it, “ordering flowers online is a pain.”

The Bouqs Company is a flower company that source flowers from around the world and sends them to your doorstep the same day.

John Tabis was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is attracted to Mark Cuban. The Bouqs Company has one price that includes shipping.

Bouqs deliver fresh flowers from farms that ship straight from farms that ship from the side of a volcano. Bouq’s Company offers the freshest roses and the best packaging.

Bouqs Company is a concierge service that schedules flowers up to a year in advance to send flowers to you. Bouqs was at work for eleven months before being cast on Shark Tank.

The Bouqs Company has sales totaling just over $700,000 without a corresponding marketing budget. We learned that customers could get a bigger bouquet if they purchase it from another company.

For another $10, customers can also receive their bouquets in three separate packages. He’s having a relationship with a man on a volcanic island located at the equator in Ecuador.

The cost per customer is $13, and they spend $70,000 marketing and generate an ROI of 40-500%.

At the time the show is held, Bouqs has a six-day delivery time, and for an additional $10 per order, they will begin offering overnight shipping. Flowers that are imported from California will be delivered overnight.

Bouq’s Company comes to you four to five days after cutting and uses a proprietary hydration system. The flowers will last up to three weeks after they are cut. The flowers last for a long time, up to three weeks.

Bouqs Company is asking for $8.6 million in equity capital. They started with $13,000. The initial investment in the project cost $1.1 million.

They were given a $4.2 million check, the first round of funding they received.

They raised $1.1 million in their initial round, then raised $5.2 million in their subsequent round.

Unlike other companies, Bouqs Company charges a flat rate of $40 for all bouquets, with no additional shipping or up-sell charges. Fresh flowers are delivered the same day the order is placed.

The Bouqs Company’s main selling point is that it sources and transports all flowers from sustainable Ecuadorian farms on active volcanoes!

The source-to-consumer concept reduces storage, energy, and waste costs, while sustainable agriculture appeals to people’s “green sensibilities.”

The Bouqs Company has only been operating for approximately two years, but they have recently received funding of $1.1 million.

The Bouqs Company also offers subscription-based flower delivery services that deliver flowers on a monthly or “special occasion” basis, in addition to its flat-fee pricing system.

You will never have to worry about missing an anniversary or birthday again! They’re probably searching for a Shark to help them with cash flow. Look for Bouqs to close a deal on April 4.

What Is The Bouqs Company?

The Bouqs Company is an online flower delivery service that sends bouquets across the United States.

The Bouqs Company is an online flower delivery service that offers flowers worldwide.

You’re lucky if you’ve always wanted to buy flowers but weren’t sure how or thought the process was too complicated. Bouq charges $40 for a collection of flowers.

Bouqs does not charge a fee for shipping. Furthermore, the company cuts the flowers right after they are cut, so you can be sure that your loved ones receive fresh flowers.

Bouqs has recognized the importance of minor touches in the flower purchasing experience. Take the Volcano Collection, for example.

The Bouqs Company Shark Tank Update

The Bouqs curated a bouquet featuring flowers grown 10,000 feet above sea level in South America, closer to the sun (and therefore more vibrant), and with ph-balanced mineral-rich soil.

It takes 2-4 days to deliver these flowers instead of 10-14 days in other locations.

The Bouqs has also simplified its ordering process – instead of a ten-step process, it now takes three steps. It is also free from intrusive upsells.

The farms use sustainable, eco-friendly farming techniques and cut only what is needed to sell, unlike many other flower dealers who waste one of every three stems.

Try The Bouqs for an eco-friendly, honest, and friendly online flower ordering experience.

Company NameThe Bouqs Company
EntrepreneurJohn Tabis
ProductDeliveries of farm-to-table flowers
Investment Asking For$258,000 For 3% equity in The Bouqs Company
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 5 Episode 27
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of The Bouqs Company?

John Tabis and Juan Pablo are the founders of The Bouqs Company.

Having earned an MBA from UCLA and having worked for Disney beforehand, John has an exceptional educational and professional background.

Juan Pablo was a flower farmer, on the other hand. Juan Pablo serves as Chief Floral Officer at Bouq, while John serves as Chairman.

John Tabis founded Bouq after observing how inconvenient it was to order flowers from online retailers. Thus, he resolved to solve the problem. Juan Pablo developed a product to benefit farmers due to his experience growing flowers.

The couple subsequently founded Bouq, which sources flowers directly from farmers, cutting out all intermediaries. 

Bouq can offer flowers at more affordable costs due to this arrangement, while growers receive a higher price for their produce.

Additionally, the organization developed eco-friendly techniques to prevent floral waste. Bouq cuts its flowers solely according to the orders of its customers.

Clients receive flowers when they are still fresh, and no refrigeration costs are incurred.

Given that the Bouq strategy ensures that everyone wins except the intermediaries, it’s no surprise they already got a million-dollar investment before appearing on Shark Tank.

The Bouqs Company Before Shark Tank

Entrepreneur John Tabis founded The Bouqs Company in 2013 after noticing an unexpected issue with other prominent online flower providers.

A common practice for other businesses was to purchase flowers through a mediator, resulting in longer delivery times, fewer fresh flowers, and more wastage for the company.

The idea of having flower farms in Ecuador distribute bouquets directly to recipients came to John, as eliminating time-consuming third parties was a major benefit.

Further, the technique allowed flowers to be cut early to ensure their freshness, and bouquets could be completely customized to fit the customer’s needs.

Additionally, the shop may charge a fixed fee for orders regardless of the type of flowers requested.

He was able to carve a profitable niche among the top names of the industry, aided by Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day and his on-average four-day delivery schedule compared to his competitors’ ten- to fourteen-day delivery schedule.

The business had exceeded half a million dollars in revenue by May 2014, less than a year after it was started.

The company, however, required funds to finance expansion to expand its sales and services. John applied to Shark Tank for that purpose and was accepted.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of The Bouqs Company?

John Tabis appeared on the Shark Tank show requesting an investment of $258,000 in exchange for a 3% equity in The Bouqs Company. The Sharks learn of the inconvenience of ordering flowers online.

The Sharks receive flowers from him, and he explains the situation in Ecuador in his presentation.

The bouquet price is $40, which can be doubled or tripled for an additional $10 or $20. John Tabis spent $70,000 on marketing to generate sales of $700,000 for The Bouqs Company.

The Sharks are taken aback. After discussing the business, Kevin looks at the numbers; he dislikes its valuation.

Mark Cuban does not like that they raised money in a seed round. It does not bother him that they will be able to raise another one after that, so he is out.

It seems they are raising ridiculous amounts of money. They are not interested in being ignorant. They are out.

Lori Greiner thinks that the competition will be able to do everything that this company does, so she is out.

Kevin wants to know why they are in this situation for 258,000 when they had just raised 1 million. He wants to know why they are here.

Kevin believes that selling many shares is very expensive, even if it is a small number. Kevin believes that risk is part of the exit strategy. He is gone. Kevin thinks he will die today and wants to leave the company.

Barbara Corcoran believes the Bouqs Company is awful and says they should be renamed. She is out.

Robert Herjavec thinks it is a small amount of money. He does not know if the position is sustainable. He is gone. He’s out.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and The Bouqs Company.

What Happened To The Bouqs Company After Shark Tank?

Kevin had a rebuttal immediately following his appearance, pointing out that The Bouqs company offered overnight shipping in California to ensure that the flowers arrived in time for his burial. 

The Sharks had already declared him dead by that point, so it was too late.

Business appears to be thriving for The Bouqs Company, and John and his staff have undoubtedly put in a lot of effort to make sure it continues to grow despite the absence of a shark partner.

It’s not surprising that a company that has existed exclusively online since its founding remains up-to-date and user-friendly on its social media sites and website, and the amount of content they publish to promote its brand is astounding.

In the last two days, I haven’t encountered a gap of more than four hours between posts on Twitter or Facebook. My request for additional information regarding sales was answered within five minutes by the company.

It appears that the Bouqs Company has streamlined their delivery method and, along with it, their customer service system, having previously had some dissatisfied customers, either due to delays in receiving their bouquets or because the flowers were not fresh.

Some customers have complained about late or less-than-fresh deliveries, which is unavoidable when shipping products from a foreign country. Still, the business uses these issues to showcase its outstanding customer service.

The Bouqs company’s response has surprised several consumers that they have taken to social media to thank the company for its dedication to excellent service.

The Bouqs company’s website was revamped shortly after the Shark Tank appearance, and the ordering process was streamlined to make it easier for clients to order online.

The increased interest in his brand helped John attract another batch of investors towards the end of 2014, and he plans to grow the business into a floral farm in the long term.

The Bouqs company may receive another form of recognition in the future, one that dwarfs the free attention it received on Shark Tank.

It was recently announced that Bouqs Business would partner with Trium Entertainment, the multimedia company behind unscripted television shows like Masterchef and The Biggest Loser.

Trium hopes to transform the business story into a reality show chronicling the expansion of the flower farms in Ecuador and the travels of John and his business partners as they scour the globe for the best products.

The Bouqs Company remains to be seen whether or not John Tabis and The Bouqs Company will eventually have their program.

The Bouqs Company Shark Tank Update

The Shark Tank effect has helped The Bouqs Company to generate multi-million in revenues.

John Tabis’ farm-to-table floral business has seen some serious growth. He watched Shark Tank in 2013, where he learned tremendous potential for growth in the floral industry.

Robert Herjavec chose to work with The Bouqs Co. on his upcoming wedding after appearing on Shark Tank in 2014.

The experience of working with The Bouqs Company was eye-opening for this shark. He discovered that floral customers could save up to 70% by working with a local farm compared to traditional florists.

Working with The Bouqs Co. can save you up to 70% on average compared to working with a traditional florist.

Herjavec also realized that there is more room for growth in the floral industry, with domestic sales of over $30 billion and $100 billion all over the globe.

It appears that The Bouqs Co. is having a successful year. The truth is that numbers do say something.

The Bouqs company has over a billion flowers, 10000 employees, and 4000 acres of beautiful flowers.

The Bouqs Company has delivered more than 30 million flowers since 2014, ten million being the popular roses!

We delivered nearly 19 thousand rose bouquets during the holiday, out of 3 million flowers.

People love The Bouqs Co. for more than the products that we sell. What we stand for is that we help people remember the special moments they are living in by sending them farm-fresh flowers.

They use cutting flowers directly to eliminate up to 90% of unnecessary waste, and the amount of time they need to store them is reduced by up to 70%.

Farm partners ensure sustainable farming methods and earn 20% more daily from working with The Bouqs Co. than the average florist.

No one can deny that our number of flowers delivered has grown tremendously over the years, not just in terms of our deliveries, but also by being a part of many special occasions for our customers.

The Bouqs Company operations were temporarily halted in 2015 after a volcano erupted, but they were up and running again within a week.

Additionally, the company created a pilot to highlight its eco-friendly business model with Trium Entertainment. It hasn’t been released yet.

Robert Herjavec called Bouqs founder John Tabis in April 2016. Robert requested that John’s company do the floral arrangements for his wedding. Robert bought in Bouqs following the July 31, 2016 event.

The Bouqs Company raised $55 million in 2019 and has expanded to over 80 people, with locations in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Miami.

The Bouqs Company generates an annual income of $27 million.

Is The Bouqs Company Still In Business?

There are days when Bouqs Company sells more than one million dollars worth of flowers, and their appearance on Shark Tank was almost certainly a spark.

The Sharks were so large that they jumped at it when offered the chance to work at a floral company.

Bouquet Bar is a flower delivery service that distributes flowers in custom-designed gift packaging.

Meanwhile, the Sharks frequently regret not being included in The Bouqs Company acquisition.

What Is the Net Worth of The Bouqs Company?

The valuation of The Bouqs Company was $8.6 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of The Bouqs Company is above $10 million as of 2022.