Sunscreenr: What Happened To Sunscreenr After Shark Tank?

Dave Cohen talks to a Shark in Shark Tank episode 805 about Sunscreenr, which indicates where you didn’t apply sunscreen. 

Cohen created Sunscreenr after witnessing family members suffer from skin cancer. The device is a compact camera in its own right. When directed towards someone (or yourself), sunscreen-protected skin appears black; unprotected skin appears light.

Sunscreenr is a portable gadget equipped with an integrated UV spectrum camera.

When you see through it (as if it were a camera) and look at the body of someone who has just applied sun lotion to their skin, you can see where the lotion has absorbed into their skin and where it has not. 

Sunscreenr’s developer, Chapel, North Carolina biochemist Dave Cohen, proposed his firm on Shark Tank in October 2016. To be admitted into the Tank, Cohen had to offer a 10% stake in exchange for $800,000. 

Yes, that is an $8 million appraisal. Cohen accepted an offer of $800,000 for 33.3 percent from Kevin O’Leary.

To get his invention off the ground, he successfully raised $119,629 through a Kickstarter campaign. He then ran a more successful IndieGoGo campaign, raising $165,405. 

He has not yet shipped any products to backers, but he targets a December 2016 delivery date. There are issues with sourcing the device’s camera.

When the finished product is manufactured, it will be waterproof, sandproof, lightweight, and compact (smaller than a granola bar). 

It appears that it costs roughly $120 based on two crowdfunding campaigns. Cohen is not yet running a website and provides updates and information through crowdfunding platforms.

What is Sunscreenr?

Sunscreenr is a unique camera that displays the amount of sunscreen that someone is wearing. Simply switch it on and peek through the viewfinder to identify regions with sparse coverage or missed locations. 

Protected skin appears black and unprotected skin appears pale when viewed via the Sunscreenr camera. Areas with some but insufficient sunscreen will have a tone midway between dark and light. 

Sunscreenr After Shark Tank

This technique provides you with quick and easy coverage checks during and after sunscreen application, as you can see where water, sand, sweat, or toweling off have removed coverage.

The gadget is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry but durable enough to withstand all of your outdoor experiences. 

Sunscreenr is waterproof, sand resistant, and extremely durable. The power is supplied by a USB rechargeable battery, which, when fully charged, lasts the whole weekend. You can mount it on a tripod/selfie stick for quick self-inspection when you’re alone. 

A video recording of up to 30 seconds is available with Sunscreenr, which allows you to check your face and back. 

It is compatible with all skin tones and can be used with sunscreen cream, spray, or powder containing SPF 15.

Company NameSunscreenr
FounderDave Cohen
ProductDevice That Detects Where Your Skin Is Missing Sunscreen
Investment Seeking$800,000 For 10% equity in Sunscreenr
Final Deal$800,000 For 33.3% equity in Sunscreenr
SharkKevin O’Leary
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

How Does Sunscreenr Work?

Human eyesight is only capable of detecting a small fraction of the light emitted by the sun. This visible light is composed of the rainbow’s colors. 

Other wavelengths, such as UV light, which causes skin cancer and sunburns, are invisible to the naked eye or a normal camera. 

Sunscreens, in general, operate by absorbing ultraviolet light before it reaches your skin. With the Camera of the Sunscreenr, you can determine how much UV light prevents your skin from aging and how much burns it. 

The device employs a unique filter that blocks all light save the wavelength absorbed by sunscreen. UV light is focused using a highly precise lens, and UV data is captured using a specialized sensor. 

This is a very ingenious little device that’s easy to use and is becoming an essential accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

Who is the Founder of Sunscreenr?

Sunscreenr was created by the company’s founder and CEO, David Cohen. Having earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Biophysics, David has focused on creating and developing specialty technologies.

Among the technologies, he has developed those used in security, medical, and other industries. A team of expert designers will help him bring his concept to life, including co-founder Jon Meyer and an innovative team.

David was inspired to create the Sunscreenr device after firsthand the devastation skin cancer can inflict on loved ones. 

Sunscreenr After Shark Tank

He desired to design something that would equip consumers with the tools necessary to protect themselves and their children from the sun’s damaging rays.

David’s gadget attracted the interest of numerous multi-million dollar sunscreen firms before his debut on Shark Tank.

The project manager started the Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to deliver Sunscreenr to customers by Christmas while negotiating cooperation with those companies.

The project encountered several obstacles, delaying its completion. David saw that he would want additional funds to bring the project to life and approached the Sharks.

Sunscreenr Before Shark Tank

Dave Cohen has dedicated his life to developing numerous medical devices after earning a Ph.D. in biochemistry and biophysics. 

His most recent initiative is the Sunscreenr, a device that allows you to see where sunscreen has been absorbed into your skin. 

This protects against both unusual sunburns and skin cancer, as you can apply the lotion to all the areas you missed. 

Several major sun protection companies had contacted Dave before he launched his Kickstarter campaign. 

Would the Sharks also attack the Sunscreenr device?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch of Sunscreenr?

Dave Cohen strode onto the stage and squared off against the Sharks. He wore a poorly fitting suit and seemed apprehensive. The Sharks met him, and he introduced himself. 

The North Carolina-based Sunscreenr founder and CEO insisted he was the company’s founder and CEO. He sought investment of $800,000 in exchange for a 10% share in his business. 

The Sharks appeared as if they were all taken aback by the high valuation.

He told the Sharks that despite spending over $1.3 billion on sunscreen each year, individuals still have skin cancer, above 3 million cases. 

He explains that sunscreen protects best against UV radiation, but it cannot be seen to work. The device in Dave’s hands would solve the problem, naturally. 

His Sunscreenr helped him see the intangible. It utilized technology that was once only available to scientists. You can illuminate sun-exposed parts of your skin with the device.

Dave meant a TV monitor that sat behind them on a table. Sunscreenr glasses are shown through a normal view and a view through someone’s normal view. 

He explained that the Sunscreenr displayed darkened regions of your skin where you had applied the lotion, while parts where you had not applied the lotion, were normal colored. 

It enabled you to see the areas on your skin where sand or sweat had worn away the lotion. It would enable you to check both your child’s and your degree of protection.

A demo of Sunscreenr was conducted by Dave and Lori on stage. Her sunglasses were offered to her, and she explained that the stage had UV lights that mimicked the sun. 

He held her hand with the sunscreen beneath the camera and instructed her to apply lotion. Everyone could see how dark the area where she applied the lotion was. 

Dave asked whether anyone else wished to try, and the devil instantly rose and suggested they try it on the black man. That was an intriguing point to make. Would it darken his skin further?

Daymond rose to his feet and reached for the sunscreen. He wiped it on his hand, and the area where it occurred was still visible. It eventually turned a portion of his hand white. “I am now a white man!” Daymond cried out. Robert laughed, but Dave was uneasy. 

Daymond reclaimed his seat. Dave claims that the Sunscreenr was programmed to display just UV rays. He asserted that it filters out infrared and other wavelengths of light to reveal just the UV. 

Lori interrupted his presentation to explain that the findings were crystal clear in the video he initially showed them, whereas they were a little grainier when they went up there. 

Dave notes that this is the video they utilized for their Kickstarter campaign, emphasizing that it was taken outside areas with far higher UV light.

Robert inquired about the status of his Kickstarter campaign. Dave informed them that they had raised $93,000 in five weeks. Kevin inquired as to his objective. 

Dave informed him that the amount was $45,000. Robert inquired when the finished product would be shipped, but Dave stated that it would not be until December of that year. Daymond made a dissatisfied noise. Dave began distributing prototypes.

Lori inspected the items she had been given. The device was quite compact. She inquired whether it was intended to be used in the same manner as a monocle, searching especially for sunscreen on your or your child’s body. 

Dave stated that this was the case. A biochemist and biophysicist, he spent the majority of his career developing medical technologies. 

He also developed equipment for forensic usage and the military. Kevin enquired why he valued the business at $8 million when the Shark Tank was filmed. Kevin demonstrated his credibility to them.

Dave said his business was valuable to him since he had already sold 1200 units in 5 weeks since he launched on Kickstarter. 

Daymond clutched his brow. All of the Sharks began conversing, and Lori informed him that 1200 was not a large number. 

David said that he sold one million units a year. Mark informed him that he was unable to do so. 

That was hypothetical, and they require actual numbers. Lori stated that he was already aware of this due to his brilliance. Dave gave a sheepish smile.

Kevin inquired as to the price he would charge for it. Dave stated that the Kickstarter campaign’s list price was $109. Lori exclaimed. 

Dave informed the Sharks that the lowest quantity produced costs $45 per unit. Robert was curious as to who advised him to place the business’s valuation at $8 million. Kevin explained that they were all having difficulty with an appraisal. 

Dave informed them that before launching their Kickstarter campaign, he had interest from five different sunscreen firms, two of which were multimillion-dollar enterprises. 

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Lori is curious as to why they desired the Sunscreenr. Is this a license agreement, or are they going to sell the product alongside their sunscreen? 

Dave informed her that they were only in the first stages of conversations with all of the companies and were awaiting a verdict from the shark tank before proceeding.

Mark inquired about the duration of a perfect sunscreen application on a regular beach day with his three children. Dave advised him to check in every 30 minutes if he truly desired safety. 

Mark emphasized that you would only use the Sunscreenr if you were conscientious. Mark didn’t believe somebody would do such a thing. 

Dave explained that they needed to switch it on and check on their child once they exited the water. The Sunscreenr did not function as a microscope; rather, it provided a wide-angle view. 

Mark stated that he believed Dave overestimated its worth to the point that he lost context and self-awareness on how the commercial side of it should be run. Mark exited.

Robert stated that he did not believe that people would check every 30 minutes, and he desired Dave to validate that claim before making it. 

He claimed that his Ph.D. established him as a reputable scientist, but he demonstrated a lack of common sense by bringing an $8 million valuation to the shark tank. 

Robert noted that Dave lacked a doctorate in client retention or sales. He desired that he earn a Ph.D. in something other than his self-promotion. Robert exited.

Kevin was the next to speak. He stated that he would provide Dave $800,000 in exchange for a 33% ownership in the company. 

He was aware of the risks associated with the business, but he also saw the inherent value of sunscreen. 

Daymond stated that the valuation was still far too high and that he would have to sell a kidney to become a shareholder. Daymond exited. Dave appeared saddened but expressed gratitude to Daymond.

Lori was the next to ascend. David said that if he had entered the Shark Tank with an acceptable valuation, she would have offered him an offer right away. 

Sunscreenr After Shark Tank

Dave inquired as to an acceptable assessment. He’s curious as to what might make sense to her in light of her experience. 

Lori remained silent, instead requesting that he make her an offer she would consider. Dave approached her and requested $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. 

Lori stated emphatically that a similar offer would not be accepted. Kevin stated that he already had an offer.

Kevin stressed that he had offered $800,000 for a 33% share. Lori was asked if she intended to respond. 

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Lori appeared to contemplate, but she remarked that she couldn’t think of a compelling reason for consumers to purchase the products. 

Lori exited. Dave asked Kevin if he would accept a 25% equity stake instead. Kevin said, “No.” As long as this was the only offer he would consider, Dave was on board. 

Kevin inquired as to Dave’s plans. Dave looked to pause for a while, took a deep breath, and stated they had reached an agreement. 

The two exchanged handshakes before hugging. Daymond wished him the best of luck. As he talked to reporters after his presentation, he expressed a sincere desire to do business with a Shark.

What Happened To Sunscreenr After Shark Tank?

The business Facebook page for Sunscreenr has a disappointing 2.9-star rating. The Kickstarter fulfillment deadline for December apparently could not be met, so the deadline has been extended until summer 2017. 

Their most recent update on 10/30/17 claimed that the device’s user experience has improved and would keep backers updated on a specific ship date. 

They concluded their campaign with $119,629 but have only served to enrage their backers and create a sense of suspicion among potential consumers. 

They also neglect to respond to customers’ messages, as indicated by comments on Kickstarter. They don’t mention it by name on their website, so either party may have withdrawn from the contract.

Did Sunscreen Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Kevin O’Leary accepted an $800,000 offer from David Cohen in exchange for 33.3% of the Sunscreenr in Shark Tank’s Season 8 Episode 6. The company seems to have lost Kevin’s support since then.

Is Sunscreenr Still in Business?

Sunscreenr launched its product in summer 2017 to Kickstarter backers despite a rocky start. Since then, the corporation has struggled to maintain user relationships. 

Google Play currently rates the app at 1.5 stars, and Sunscreenr devices are currently sold out. Its website is still operational, but its social media accounts have not been updated in several years.

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Sunscreenr has seen its share of roadblocks, but David is confident that it will finally succeed.

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