Spatty Shark Tank Update | Spatty Net Worth

Spatty, which appeared on Season 4 of the reality TV show Shark Tank, is a practical tool designed to solve a common problem faced by many households: product wastage. Spatty looks like a tiny spatula. It is excellent for removing leftovers from bottles, jars, and containers that are typically impossible to get to.

Spatty is a tool that comes in handy for a wide range of products, such as cosmetics, groceries, and even condiments. 

Spatty is available in different sizes to accommodate various types of containers, with the smaller ones suited for narrow containers like lotion bottles and the larger ones ideal for wider jars such as mayonnaise or peanut butter.

The Spatty is made of sturdy, dishwasher-safe material, ensuring durability and ease of cleaning. The handle is long enough to reach deep into containers while providing a comfortable grip.

The Spatty is a valuable tool primarily due to its ability to significantly reduce wastage and help consumers make the most out of their purchases. It can save money over time since it reaches the last bit of product often thrown away. This becomes particularly significant with expensive products such as premium skincare or gourmet foods.

Spatty supports a more sustainable lifestyle by reducing the amount of product packaging in landfills due to perceived product exhaustion. Therefore, Spatty is a smart investment for optimizing product usage, saving money, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Company NameSpatty
EntrepreneurCheryl Rigdon
Product / BusinessMicro spatula to remove the last bits of product
Investment Asking For$50,000 for 40% equity in Spatty
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Spatty Episode Season 4, Episode 5
Spatty Business StatusIn Business
Spatty WebsiteVisit Website
Spatty Net Worth$4 Million

What Is Spatty?

Spatty is a small, flexible spatula that removes every last drop from your product containers. It’s a simple yet effective tool that ensures you can utilize all the products you’ve purchased, whether it’s makeup, skincare items, condiments, or any other product in a container.

Spatty is a handy tool to help you get every last drop out of your product containers. It’s essentially a small, flexible spatula that can fit into the narrow openings of various containers, enabling you to reach and utilize every bit of the product inside.

Spatty Shark Tank Update | Spatty Net Worth

Here are some key features of Spatty:

  • Small Size: The Spatty is small enough to fit virtually any container. Its size varies from 6 to 12 inches, allowing it to reach deep containers.
  • Flexible Tip: The tip of the Spatty is flexible, allowing it to scrape the sides of containers effectively.
  • Versatility: It can be used with various products, including cosmetics, condiments, and creams. Anything in a container you’d like to use up fully.
  • Durable and Reusable: The Spatty is made from sturdy, durable materials that are also dishwasher safe. This makes it reusable and long-lasting.
  • Cost-Efficient: By allowing you to use up every bit of product in a container, the Spatty can save you money over time.

Spatty is a practical tool designed to reduce waste and increase the efficiency of product usage. Spatty ensures we get the most out of our purchased products by accessing and using every last drop orbit. It’s an easy solution to reduce waste and save money.

Who Is The Founder Of Spatty?

The Spatty was conceived and developed by Cheryl Rigdon, a South Carolina woman with a speech therapy background. Rigdon was not initially involved in the entrepreneurial scene but found herself in it due to her practicals and inventions. 

A simple yet familiar frustration inspired Rigdon to create Spatty. Cheryl struggled to get the last bits of her expensive foundation out of the bottle. Cheryl developed her solution after realizing she wasn’t the only one struggling with this issue.

She identified the opportunity to reduce waste and save money, which led to creating the Spatty, a tool designed to scrape out the unreachable remnants of products in containers. 

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Cheryl Rigdon put significant work into bringing her product to life. Despite her lack of business background, she managed to bring her idea from concept to reality.

She had a prototype made and started manufacturing the Spatty. However, breaking into the market and getting her product in front of consumers proved daunting. Rigdon sought the help of the Sharks to get the necessary exposure and funding for Spatty to take off.

As a result, the Spatty was introduced to a national audience on Shark Tank, which served as the launching pad for the product’s success.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Spatty?

Cheryl Rigdon introduced the Spatty on Shark Tank with an engaging and clear presentation. She started by presenting the problem many consumers face – the difficulty of accessing the last bits of a product stuck in a bottle or jar.

She presented her solution, the Spatty, demonstrating its functionality and emphasizing its potential for saving money and reducing waste. She was seeking $50,000 in exchange for 40% equity in her company, valuing Spatty at $125,000.

The Sharks were initially skeptical about the potential of the product. The simplicity of the Spatty was a double-edged sword – on the one hand, it was an uncomplicated solution to a common problem, but on the other hand, it seemed too basic to some of the Sharks.

Kevin O’Leary, in particular, was unconvinced and felt that the product was too niche. Other Sharks were intrigued by the product’s simplicity but had reservations about its scalability and market potential.

However, Daymond John saw the potential in Spatty and Cheryl’s passion. He believed the product had potential in the beauty industry and could be valuable to many consumers, particularly those who use expensive cosmetic products.

He made an offer, but it was not a typical investment deal. He offered to help Cheryl license the product instead of taking an equity stake in her company. He proposed to receive a third of any licensing deals he secured on behalf of Spatty. 

Cheryl accepted Daymond’s offer, recognizing the value of his expertise and the potential for this deal to propel Spatty to greater heights. This marked a new chapter for Spatty, allowing Cheryl to bring her product to a wider market with Daymond’s support.

What Happened To Spatty After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank, Spatty experienced significant growth and success. The national exposure provided by the show attracted a considerable amount of attention and interest to the product. The boost in sales was almost immediate, with consumers drawn to the money-saving tool.

With Daymond John’s assistance, Cheryl Rigdon broke into the retail space more effectively. Spatty was eventually sold in numerous big-name stores nationwide, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. The product also made its way into the international market.

Spatty’s application extended beyond just cosmetic products. Realizing its versatility, Cheryl expanded the Spatty line to include a “Spatty Daddy” for larger jars and containers, such as those used for condiments and food products.

Spatty was also designed for home improvements, specifically to remove excess paint or other substances from cans.

Spatty generated significant sales and gained recognition as a valuable tool for promoting sustainability. Spatty reduced waste by discarding empty containers containing products and ensuring that products were used completely.

The Shark Tank experience was transformative for Cheryl Rigdon and her product. The Spatty went from a simple, practical invention to a popular, widely-recognized tool that brought value to its users and contributed to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Spatty Shark Tank Update

Spatty, created by Cheryl Rigdon, had a successful stint on Shark Tank. Despite initial humor about the product name, the Sharks recognized its potential and money-saving benefits. Cheryl sought a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 40% stake in her company.

While some Sharks had reservations about market reach and effectiveness, Cheryl persevered and eventually put Spatty into production and secured licensing deals.

Following its exposure on Shark Tank, Spatty experienced a pre-order surge and gained momentum. By 2018, the brand had sold over half a million units. The product gained popularity and received positive media coverage.

Spatty expanded its product line beyond the original Spatty and introduced the Spatty Daddy, designed for larger containers. Both products are now available in various retailers and online platforms, including Amazon.

Spatty’s estimated annual revenue is around $1 million, and it continues to receive positive customer reviews. Cheryl Rigdon expanded the product line to include other spatulas for kitchen, handyman, and crafting purposes.

Spatty Shark Tank Update | Spatty Net Worth

She also plans to release limited edition colors to cater to different customer preferences. Spatty Daddy, the larger variant of the original Spatty, has a net worth of around $5 million.

The company donates a portion of its profits to organizations providing clean water in underdeveloped countries. It offers themed versions and metallic variants and offers customers free shipping, a 30-day return policy, and a 1-year limited warranty.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Spatty experienced significant growth, expanded its product line, and became a successful tool for customers seeking to reduce product wastage and save money.

Cheryl Rigdon’s invention continues to impact the market positively through its charitable initiatives supporting clean water provision.

Is Spatty Still In Business?

Our research shows that Spatty is still in business. The company continues to thrive and grow after its appearance on Shark Tank. The Spatty® is a multipurpose spatula tool designed to help retrieve every last product drop from containers, reducing waste and saving money.

Spatty has garnered positive customer feedback, with over 1.3 million products sold. The product is available in different sets for beauty and kitchen use, catering to various needs.

The inventor, Cheryl Rigdon, donates a portion of Spatty®’s profits to providing clean water to people in need worldwide, showcasing a commitment to charitable initiatives.

Spatty Daddy, a spatula designed by Cheryl Rigdon, also remains in business. It was initially created to scrape out every last bit of product from containers, primarily for makeup, but it is versatile enough for other products.

Despite not receiving an investment on Shark Tank, the company has thrived and achieved substantial growth, with an estimated net worth of $4-5 million.

Cheryl’s dedication to charitable endeavors continues, as she donates a portion of profits to provide clean water to underdeveloped countries.

Spatty and Spatty Daddy are still operating, providing practical solutions to reduce product wastage and helping customers save money. Both products can be found in various online and physical stores, further demonstrating their continued presence in the market.

What Is the Net Worth Of Spatty?

According to our research, the net worth of Spatty is estimated to be $4 million. The valuation of $125,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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