SoundBender Shark Tank Update | SoundBender Net Worth

SoundBender is a product featured on Season 4 of the popular business reality television series Shark Tank. Designed and invented by Rabbi Moshe Weiss, the SoundBender is a magnetic, power-free sound amplifier that works specifically with Apple’s iPad devices.

SoundBender is a compact, simple-to-use, and cost-effective solution to enhance the audio quality emitted from iPad speakers. The SoundBender’s primary feature is its ability to bend or redirect the sound from an iPad speaker, enabling the sound to flow toward the user rather than away.

This simple yet effective concept significantly amplifies the volume and improves the overall sound quality without needing an external power source or batteries. Moreover, the SoundBender is designed to be compatible with most iPad models and even some iPhone models.

The product is magnetic, allowing for effortless attachment to the iPad. It snaps on directly over the device’s speaker and remains securely in place, providing a reliable audio experience.

The SoundBender is also designed to accommodate iPad covers, so users do not need to remove their protective casing to use the amplifier. This attention to detail makes it a user-friendly accessory.

The SoundBender is an excellent choice for many reasons. Firstly, it enhances the audio experience by amplifying and improving sound quality, making it an ideal accessory for watching videos, playing games, or using Facetime.

Secondly, it is power-free, which means it doesn’t need to be charged or require batteries, making it convenient for continuous use. Thirdly, its compact and lightweight design makes it portable and easy to carry. Lastly, it is cost-effective, providing a high-quality audio experience without purchasing expensive external speakers or headphones.

The SoundBender, featured on Shark Tank, is an innovative and practical product designed to improve and amplify the audio experience for iPad users. Its features and benefits make it a valuable accessory for anyone looking to enhance their iPad’s sound quality.

Company NameSoundBender
EntrepreneurMoshe Weiss
ProductiPad sound amplifier
Investment Asking For$54,000 for 26% Equity in Plunge
Final Deal$54,000 for 40% Equity in Plunge
SharkDaymond John
SoundBender Episode Season 4, Episode 14
SoundBender Business StatusOut Of Business
SoundBender WebsiteVisit Website
SoundBender Net Worth$0

What Is SoundBender?

SoundBender is a magnetic, power-free adaption tool designed to enhance the sound quality of iPads and other similar devices. However, it has primarily been marketed and utilized for iPad usage.

Rabbi Moshe Weiss developed SoundBender to amplify and direct the sound from the device to the user in a clearer and louder manner, making it ideal for those with hearing difficulties.

SoundBender Shark Tank Update | SoundBender Net Worth

SoundBender soft plastic device connects to the device using its built-in magnet, utilizing the speaker and bending or redirecting the sound so the user can hear it.

The lightweight, compact design makes it easy to carry around and protects the device’s speakers from dust and other particles. SoundBender does not require any power, batteries, or charging, making it a practical, portable solution for enhancing device audio output. 

Who Is The Founder Of SoundBender?

SoundBender was founded by Rabbi Moshe Weiss, a passionate inventor who believed in the power of innovation to solve simple, everyday problems. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Weiss was a religious teacher before he delved into entrepreneurship, proving that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and invent something that could make a significant impact.

The idea for SoundBender came to Weiss after he noticed a flaw in the design of the iPad – the speakers directed the sound away from the user rather than toward them.

He recognized that this could detract from the overall audio experience, so he created a device to ‘bend’ the sound toward the user. He realized a simple, power-free, cost-effective solution could benefit millions of iPad users globally.

Weiss initially faced some challenges getting the project off the ground due to a lack of funds. However, he didn’t let this deter him. He launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 that raised over $10,000, proving the demand for such a product.

This allowed him to turn his prototype into a production-ready product and start selling SoundBender online and in small retail locations.

Before SoundBender appeared on Shark Tank, Weiss had already begun seeing success. The product gained a strong online following, and initial users praised its effectiveness and innovative design.

However, Weiss understood that he needed a bigger platform to take SoundBender to the next level, and he saw Shark Tank as the perfect opportunity to introduce his product to a wider audience and gain the attention of potential investors.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of SoundBender?

Rabbi Moshe Weiss took to the stage on Shark Tank in Season 4, armed with his passion and conviction for his product, SoundBender. He requested a $54,000 investment in exchange for a 26% equity stake in his company, valuing SoundBender at $207,000.

Weiss began his pitch by demonstrating the common issue with iPads – the sound that emanated from the speakers wasn’t always directed towards the users, which often led to a less satisfying audio experience.

He then introduced SoundBender as an efficient and inexpensive solution to this problem. Weiss engaged the Sharks with a hands-on demonstration, showing how simply attaching the SoundBender to an iPad amplified and enhanced the sound.

He emphasized that his product didn’t require any power or batteries and was easy to use. This demonstration allowed the Sharks to experience first-hand the simplicity and effectiveness of the SoundBender.

Reactions from the Sharks varied. Some expressed concerns about the product’s potential market size and viability, considering the constant evolution of technology.

They questioned whether the product would remain relevant given the rapid design changes in tablets and smartphones.

However, Daymond John was impressed by Weiss’s product and his presentation. John admired Weiss’s tenacity and the fact that he had taken a simple problem and found an innovative solution. He saw the potential for SoundBender and believed it could be marketed effectively.

After some negotiation, Daymond John offered $54,000 for a 40% stake in the company. Although this deal increased the equity stake more than Weiss initially proposed, he recognized the value of partnering with John and accepted the offer.

Shark Tank’s exposure and partnership with Daymond John gave SoundBender the boost it needed to take its product to the next level.

Final Deal: Robert Herjavec agreed to invest $54,000 for a 40% stake in SoundBender.

What Happened To SoundBender After Shark Tank?

After the appearance on Shark Tank and the partnership with Daymond John, SoundBender experienced a significant surge in sales and publicity. The Shark Tank effect, combined with the backing of a well-known business mogul, provided the product with a level of exposure and credibility that accelerated its growth.

The company managed to get its products on the shelves of several large retailers, expanding its customer base and increasing its market share.

SoundBender also expanded its product line to accommodate the different models of iPads and iPhones, ensuring that their solution could benefit more users.

In addition to growing its product line, the company also improved the design and function of its sound amplifier based on customer feedback and technological advancements. This commitment to continuous innovation helped the company stay relevant despite the rapid changes in technology and device designs.

Unfortunately, Rabbi Moshe Weiss, the inventor and driving force behind SoundBender, passed away in 2016. His vision, passion, and determination left a lasting impact on the company, which continues to honor his legacy by providing innovative solutions for everyday problems.

SoundBender was still operating and delivering its unique products to customers. Despite facing challenges, the company continues to embody the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation that Weiss demonstrated on Shark Tank.

SoundBender Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, SoundBender experienced both success and challenges. Rabbi Moshe Weiss made a deal with Daymond John during the show, securing a $54,000 investment for 40% equity in the company, contingent on a deal with Walgreens.

The exposure from Shark Tank and the partnership with Daymond John helped SoundBender gain traction and expand its market presence. The product continued to be available for purchase on Amazon and through the SoundBender website.

Moshe Weiss worked with Daymond John to explore further growth and expansion avenues. He planned to feature SoundBender on shopping channels and develop iPad mini and large-screen TV versions. The company even invested in injection molds capable of producing 8 million units.

However, there was a significant setback for the company. Rabbi Moshe Weiss, the founder and driving force behind SoundBender, passed away suddenly in 2016 at 41. Despite this tragic event, SoundBender remained available for purchase, and the website was back up and running after a brief period of being down.

SoundBender Shark Tank Update | SoundBender Net Worth

As of 2021, SoundBender was still listed on Amazon, and the company continued to generate annual revenue ranging from $500,000 to $800,000. While sales may not have reached the peak they once had, the product’s popularity and profitability are noteworthy, especially considering its $10 price point.

Despite the passing of Rabbi Moshe Weiss, it appears that SoundBender remained operational and continued to provide its innovative product to customers for a while.

However, even though the website and social media pages of SoundBender are live, the products are out of stock, pointing out that SoundBender might have gone out of business.

Is SoundBender Still In Business?

SoundBender, a company featured on Shark Tank America in 2013, is no longer in operation since 2022, and its product is no longer available in the market. Despite appearing on the show and receiving some attention, SoundBender did not achieve significant success, leading to its closure in 2022. The specific reasons for its failure remain unclear.

Our research showcases that as of 2023, SoundBender is no longer in business, and its product is no longer available for purchase.

What Is the Net Worth Of SoundBender?

According to our research, the net worth of SoundBender is $0 since the company went out of business in 2022. The valuation of SoundBender was $135,000 after securing an investment from Daymond John on Shark Tank. 

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