Skinny Mirror Shark Tank Update

The Skinny Mirror, a patent-pending mirror that makes you appear up to 10 pounds less obese, is the topic of Belinda Jasmine’s pitch on Shark tank episode 705 on ABC. 

The Skinny Mirror was invented by Belinda after she saw an old mirror that made her appear overweight. She was not big; however, the flaws in the mirror gave the impression she was ten pounds overweight. 

After conducting research, she discovered that 50% of all mirrors had similar flaws, so she designed The Skinny Mirror, a mirror with a “slimming curve” to make a more slender reflection.

Jasmine launched a Kickstarter campaign in the spring of 2015, generating over $7,500 to help fund production and raise awareness of perception and self-esteem. 

The Skinny Mirror idea is that you should look as good as you feel, and you will feel better if your mirror image is thinner.

Skinny Mirrors are handmade using repurposed wood and materials in the U.S. The mirrors range from $99 (for the Bare Naked version) to $675 for a large steel-framed mirror. You can even order a custom mirror from Belinda. 

They’re available in perhaps a half-dozen retail locations throughout the Santa Cruz/Carmel area, as well as in limited quantities on Amazon.

What is Skinny Mirror?

A skinny mirror is a full-length mirror with a slimming curve that produces a reflection that appears 2-3 sizes smaller. It is intended to promote self-esteem through a slight slimming effect. This feature made the product popular with apparel retailers, and increased body confidence led to an 18% increase in sales.

A Skinny Mirror is a mirror that alters a person’s appearance by 5-10 pounds while standing in front of it. It was available in a variety of sizes; the smallest (13′′ x 49′′) for $99. Belinda Jasmine of Sand City, California, the entrepreneur behind Skinny Mirror, proposed her firm on Shark Tank in October 2015. 

According to her, a Skinny Mirror can enable businesses to sell 18% more clothing than a standard mirror. Skinny Mirror was designed to increase self-esteem and motivate those who looked at themselves in the mirror to eat better and exercise more. 

She did receive some good news about her personal life, even though she did not land a deal on Shark Tank. She and her husband discovered they were expecting their first child the month the show aired.

Who is the Founder of Skinny Mirror?

Belinda Jasmine created Skinny Mirror after noticing that she seemed to be 5-10 pounds heavier in her reflection.

Her study then revealed that almost half of existing full-length mirrors provide the same result. This adversely affected many people’s self-esteem, especially women, so she set out to build a slim mirror.

She raised $75,000 through a crowdfunding campaign, which enabled her to start production and promote how one looks affects how one thinks about themselves, establishing the value of her product. She then sold 350 pieces to apparel stores and hotels, generating $85,000 in revenue.

Skinny Mirror Shark Tank

Belinda was inspired to build the Skinny Mirror after seeing herself in an old mirror in her house and realizing she looked 5-10 pounds heavier than she was.

She conducted additional research and found that many women believe they are bigger in the mirror than they appear. She conducted research and discovered that approximately 50% of mirrors have the same effect.  Skinny Mirror results offer a slimming curve to provide you with a student reflection.

Skinny Mirror Before Shark Tank

Shark Tank participant Belinda Jasmine, from Sand City, California, has joined the series. The Skinny Mirror is the name of Belinda’s company, and she is seeking a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in it. 

Belinda explains that The Skinny Mirror is a revolutionary new standard that allows people to see their real selves. How often do you look in the mirror, grasp your stomach, and declare, “I need to lose some weight?” 

Whether we admit it or not, virtually everyone can identify, but we frequently overlook that our feelings about ourselves affect our perception of ourselves.

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Skinny Mirror Shark Tank Pitch

Belinda Jasmine appeared on the show requesting a $200,000 investment in exchange for a 20% ownership in Skinny Mirror. Skinny Mirror provides a convincing slimming reflection that will improve your self-esteem.

The section begins with a segment titled “at home.” She has been shown surfing and claiming to live an athletic lifestyle, yet she still struggles with her self-image. 

Her automobile is “in hock,” and she has maxed up her credit card. She desires a Shark’s investment to boost production.

Belinda enters seeking $200k in exchange for a 20% stake in her firm. She asserts that the Skinny Mirror “creates a new norm for viewing one’s genuine self.” 

It demonstrates how you can feel good about yourself if you look well and references the classic Billy Crystal routine. She invites the Sharks to test it out on stage.

Belinda invites the sharks to come to the mirror and examine it for themselves. Lori Greiner enters the stage and instantly comments on how much she likes the mirrors. Daymond also takes a step ahead. The mirror is effective against all sharks. 

However, Kevin asserts that the mirror promotes deception. Raymond inquires about the product’s sales.

Belinda reports that she has sold over 350 mirrors for a total of $85,000. Because the product is distributed through hotels and apparel stores, it is not targeted at customers. 

Kevin interjects and adds that the product’s business plan is to sell it to clothing stores while deceiving them into purchasing more apparel from the shop.

Belinda explains that they conducted a study in Sweden and discovered that ladies who utilized Skinny Mirror at the store purchased 20% more clothing, to which Mark responded, “Of course they did.” Belinda continues, “The woman believes she is 2-3 sizes larger in the mirror than she is.”

Daymond declares, “I require this!” Lori likes it as well. Belinda indicates that the perfect distance from the mirror is 3-5 feet. Mr. Wonderful asserts that it is a basis for an untruth and refers to it as a lie. 

When he inquires about her sales, she states that she has sold 350 units at an average price of $85K – largely to retail establishments and hotels. Mr. Wonderful asserts that it is still promoting a lie. 

Belinda responds that her store customers say that they purchase more clothing when ladies see themselves in the Skinny Mirror.

Robert inquires about whether retailers inform customers that they are using a Skinny Mirror. Belinda states that she declined a large order because the store required her to erase the logo, which she refused to do. 

Kevin declares that anyone can manufacture this mirror, he exits, and he prevents any other Sharks from investing, claiming that “it’s all nonsense!”

Kevin has withdrawn from the market and bans other sharks from investing. Eventually, all of the sharks withdrew from the transaction. They claimed the mirror was spreading falsehoods to entice women to purchase more clothing. 

Kevin asserts that if someone purchases clothing after viewing a Skinny Mirror and then returns home to view something different, it will affect their self-esteem.

Mark says he understands the concept, but not if it’s used to incentivize a purchase in a store. He has departed. However, Robert understands that this is dishonest if customers appear attractive in a business and then purchase something. He has departed.

Skinny Mirror Shark Tank

Lori inquires about why Belinda came up with the notion, and Belinda responds that ‘Fat Mirrors’ contribute to women’s body insecurity. Daymond believes it is risky since it may lead to people adopting an unhealthy lifestyle. 

He has departed. Lori understands that women desire to appear their best, but she objects to stores leveraging it. She has escaped.

AS A RESULT, THERE IS NO DEAL between Belinda of Skinny Mirror and Sharks.

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Who is the Investor of Skinny Mirror?

Belinda’s company Skinny Mirror was valued at $1 million when she came on the show in 2015. Belinda appeared on the show in search of a $200,000 investment for 20% of the stakes. Regrettably, Belinda did not get the agreement.

Belinda successfully raised $75,000 through a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 to assist her with the production.

How Does Skinny Mirror Make Money?

Most of the skinny mirrors were distributed to clothing stores and hotels. It is available in a variety of sizes and styles. The price of a single mirror varies from $99 to $675, based on the design and size.

Skinny Mirror After Shark Tank Update

The Skinny Mirror sparked outrage in public. Many perceived it to be a body-shaming product despite the owner’s claim that it was created to empower people to feel good about themselves; this would not be an issue if the product had only been sold to retail outlets, where it might be abused.

Belinda revealed in 2018 that she would be terminating the business, explaining that “the business simply wasn’t worth the stress.” She claims that she remains committed to seeing the mirror reach the general market and is willing to speak with anyone interested in licensing, manufacturing, or purchasing the company’s trademark.

The Skinny Mirror continues to operate in a fairly careless manner. The Skinny Mirror is not accepting new orders while establishing a new manufacturer to handle the increased demand, so either more stores realize its potential, or there has been a spike in demand for a more attractive mirror. 

The Skinny Mirror aims to alter women’s perceptions of their bodies to create a more profound “feel-good” effect; currently, The Skinny Mirror has launched a “Pink Band” campaign to remind women that all women are beautiful.

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