Shower Toga Shark Tank Net Worth

The Shower Toga, as introduced in Season 10 of Shark Tank, is designed to address the challenge of maintaining privacy while showering in public settings.

Invented by Kressa Peterson, this product seeks to solve the problems faced by outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, festival-goers, and more, who often find themselves in situations where they need to clean up without sacrificing their privacy.

At its core, the Shower Toga is a slip made from nylon, featuring a string for easy hanging around the neck and a pocket to hold a bar of soap securely. What makes it a standout product is its simple yet thoughtful design.

When in use, individuals can confidently remove their dirty clothes, clean themselves with a hose or portable shower, and then change into fresh garments, all while remaining covered and preserving their dignity.

The Shower Toga features a unique feature that makes it so useful: it can be converted into a duffel bag. Post-use, it can conveniently store the user’s dirty clothes, making it a practical solution for keeping vehicles clean and reducing the mess often associated with outdoor activities.

The Shower Toga is also lightweight, portable, and designed to fit various body sizes, from a 4T toddler to an adult XXXL. It also acts as a laundry bag and is machine washable, adding to the convenience factor.

The Shower Toga first garnered widespread attention when Peterson secured a deal with Sharks Alli Webb and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, validating its potential as a product.

The lack of genuine alternatives in the market and its practical functionality and broad applicability make Shower Toga an excellent choice for those frequently in public or outdoor settings where privacy is a concern.

Therefore, whether one is a camper, hiker, beach-goer, or participant in obstacle course races, the Shower Toga provides a versatile and useful solution to a common problem many face.

Company NameShower Toga
EntrepreneurKressa Peterson
Product / BusinessPublicly accessible privacy product for changing, showering, and dressing
Investment Asking For$80,000 for 33% equity in Shower Toga
Final Deal$80,000 for 40% equity in Shower Toga
SharkAlli Webb and Mark Cuban
EpisodeSeason 10, Episode 14
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteShower Toga Website
Net Worth$500,000

What Is Shower Toga?

Shower Toga is a product designed to solve the problem of changing clothes and cleaning up in public spaces. It’s a wearable, water-resistant garment that allows you to shower and change it privately anywhere.

You simply put it on like an oversized skirt or dress, then use it as a personal shower curtain while rinsing off with a portable shower or water source. It’s particularly popular among outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, beachgoers, campers, and anyone else who may need to change or clean up when traditional facilities aren’t available.

Shower Toga Shark Tank Net Worth

The Shower Toga is made from light yet durable material that folds up compactly for easy transport. Furthermore, it doubles as a bag for dirty clothes or wet swimsuits. It’s a versatile tool that offers convenience and privacy in various situations.

Who Is The Founder Of Shower Toga?

Shower Toga was founded by Kressa Peterson, a woman passionate about outdoor activities, particularly races. She was a keen observer of the inherent inconvenience of cleaning up after such outdoor activities and recognized the need for a solution to make it easy for anyone to shower in a public place while maintaining their privacy.

Peterson envisioned a practical solution to this common problem, which led to the creation of Shower Toga, a unique product that essentially serves as a portable, personal shower curtain.

Peterson came up with the idea for Shower Toga after participating in various outdoor events where access to private shower facilities was limited or non-existent.

Shower Toga is a nylon fabric that acts as a wearable shower curtain, equipped with pockets for soap and shampoo, providing people with an easy and private way to clean up after their activities.

Before the concept was introduced on Shark Tank, Peterson launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund the initial production of the Shower Toga, raising over $14,000.

The Kickstarter campaign helped establish the product’s potential, creating a buzz in the market and allowing the Shower Toga to be sold on Amazon and other outlets.

She had also formed partnerships with various outdoor event organizers such as The Shark Bite Half Marathon, The Mud Titan Run, and Savage Race, further validating the product’s utility and demand.

By the time Peterson appeared on Shark Tank, Shower Toga had already gained a following and achieved sales of $80,000 in its first year. Her determination, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovative solution caught the attention of the Sharks, particularly Mark Cuban, leading to a successful pitch and investment deal.

This allowed Peterson and Shower Toga to continue growing, evolving from an idea inspired by personal experience into a successful business addressing a genuine need among outdoor enthusiasts.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Shower Toga?

Kressa Peterson, the founder of Shower Toga, came into Shark Tank’s Season 10 confidently, prepared to showcase her inventive outdoor shower solution.

Peterson pitched Shower Toga as a specialized product designed to afford privacy for individuals who participate in messy outdoor activities and want to clean up using outdoor showers.

Kressa Peterson was seeking an investment of $80,000 in exchange for a 33% equity stake in her company, valuing Shower Toga at $240,000.

At the time of the pitch, Shower Toga had made lifetime sales of around $80,000, primarily from regional obstacle course racing events that Peterson had attended.

The business model demonstrated impressive margins, with a single Shower Toga costing roughly $3 to manufacture and retailing for $35 per unit. This potential for high profitability sparked the Sharks’ interest.

The Sharks’ reactions to Shower Toga varied. Kevin O’Leary quickly opted out, expressing his disinterest in the product. Robert Herjavec and Lori Greiner also chose not to invest, looking for different opportunities to support.

However, Kressa’s pitch had struck a chord with guest shark Alli Webb and veteran shark Mark Cuban. They saw the growth potential in the company, especially given Peterson’s revelation of a recent preorder for 1,000 units from a company managing large outdoor events.

After considering the product’s potential and existing sales record, Mark Cuban and Alli Webb extended an offer to Peterson. They proposed an investment of $80,000 but for a larger equity share of 40%. Rather than countering, Peterson swiftly accepted their deal, recognizing the value they brought as partners.

Post Shark Tank, Shower Toga continues to thrive. It maintains a strong online presence through its website, and revenue growth has been steady, even as the company navigated the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

Kressa’s pitch and the subsequent investment deal on Shark Tank have contributed significantly to the company’s direction and ongoing success.

What Happened To Shower Toga After Shark Tank?

After securing a deal on Shark Tank with Mark Cuban and Alli Webb, Shower Toga experienced significant growth and business success. The product’s exposure on the show helped it gain broader visibility, increasing sales.

Shower Toga’s ongoing relevance in outdoor events and obstacle course racing tournaments has contributed to its success post-Shark Tank. Kressa Peterson’s previous experience and connections in these areas benefited the company.

During the Shark Tank pitch, she revealed that she had recently received a preorder for 1,000 units from a company managing large outdoor events, indicating the strong market demand for Shower Toga.

Shower Toga also successfully sold its product online, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As people sought solutions for quick and efficient cleaning, particularly frontline workers returning from work, Shower Toga became an attractive option.

The company sold its product to frontline workers at half price during this time, demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility.

The company’s estimated revenue is between $2.5 and $5 million. This marks a considerable increase from the $80,000 in sales Kressa reported during her Shark Tank pitch.

The growth indicates that the product has been well received and that the business strategies adopted after appearing on Shark Tank have been effective.

Shower Toga also expanded its product line to include different sizes and combo packs, catering to a broader customer base. It sells on Amazon and its official website, making it easily accessible to consumers.

Shower Toga has scaled its operations and achieved sustained growth following its appearance on Shark Tank. The deal with Mark Cuban and Alli Webb, the broader exposure, and the continued market demand contributed to the company’s success.

As of the latest update, Shower Toga remains in business, successfully providing a unique solution to those seeking privacy for outdoor showers.

Shower Toga Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Shower Toga, founded by Kressa Peterson, experienced a remarkable journey of growth and success. The innovative product, designed to provide privacy for outdoor showering and changing, garnered attention and interest from both the Sharks and the market.

During her Shark Tank appearance, Kressa sought an $80,000 investment for 33% equity in her company. However, after negotiating with the Sharks, she accepted an offer from Mark Cuban and Alli Webb for $80,000 in exchange for a 40% equity share. This deal secured financial support and brought valuable expertise and partnership.

The exposure on Shark Tank propelled Shower Toga’s sales and visibility. The product, made from water-wicking nylon fabric with pockets for toiletries and secure fitting cords, addressed a real need for those engaging in messy outdoor activities.

The company’s sales surged post-show, expanding its product offerings, ranging from a single Shower Toga priced at $39.95 to an Inclusive Shower Toga combo priced at $54.95.

The pandemic period saw Shower Toga’s social responsibility in action, as the company offered its products at half price to frontline workers. This gesture highlighted their commitment to providing accessible and practical solutions even in challenging times.

Shower Toga Shark Tank Net Worth

The company’s valuation, which started at $242,424.24, was adjusted to $200,000. Shower Toga has positioned itself as a strong player in its market segment, with estimated revenues ranging from $2.5 to $5 million by August 2022.

The product’s success extends beyond financial gains, resonating with various customer groups, including outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and the LGBTQ community for gym locker rooms.

Shower Toga’s trajectory after Shark Tank exemplifies how combining innovative design, effective marketing, and strategic partnerships can lead to significant growth and market impact.

The company’s journey, driven by Kressa Peterson’s vision and the support of Mark Cuban and Alli Webb, continues to make showers accessible anywhere while addressing the diverse needs of its customers.

Is Shower Toga Still In Business?

Our research shows that Shower Toga is still in business. Founded in 2017 by Kressa Peterson, Shower Toga continues to operate and provide its innovative product. The company offers wearable shower towels that also function as duffel bags for outdoor privacy while changing.

Shower Toga is made of water-wicking nylon fabric and equipped with compartments for soap and shampoo, it caters to outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and surfers who require private outdoor showering and changing solutions.

The company’s net worth was reported to be $300,000, indicating its financial stability and ongoing operations in the market. Moreover, Shower Toga’s presence on online platforms like Amazon and its revenue growth post-pandemic further affirms its continued business activity and market presence.

The company’s focus on promoting accessible outdoor showers through partnerships highlights its commitment to serving its customer base and sustaining its operations.

What Is the Net Worth Of Shower Toga?

According to our research, the net worth of Shower Toga is estimated to be $500,000. The valuation of Shower Toga was $200,000 after securing an investment from Alli Webb and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.