7 SEO Tips to Rank Website in Search Engines

SEO is not an easy task for any blogger out there. But, if you learn the SEO Tips and the way it works, it becomes effortless for you to rank any content or website in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, etc.

Today, I am going to share Some SEO Tips to Rank Website in Search Engines.

The question arises, “ Will a perfect SEO friendly post get views and audience from Search Engines or not?”

The answer to this question is- It depends on what keyword has been used in the post and what is the search volume of it.

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Also, I forgot to tell you guys about Keyword Researching, right? Never mind, I will surely discuss it in further posts.

As of now, we will be learning about SEO, which is very important to get views on our post and also to rank it in search engines.

SEO Tips to get maximum visitors on your website!

1. Post Title

The title of the post is an important aspect to help your content reach a broad audience. The post title explains the summarized version of your content. You should always keep your title by performing proper keyword research.

For instance, you can have a look at your competitors’ Posts to understand what are the titles of their posts. Keep your title unique and something that matches your post.

An irrelevant title will never let your content rank in the search engines. So always keep a proper title if you want to rank high in the search engine.

So make sure the title of your post is short, attractive, and catchy and also use the relevant keywords in your upcoming blog posts. It will help your content to rank high in the search engine.

2. Description of the Post

Post description is the 2nd thing that a visitor sees when he finds your content in the search engine results. It is the first paragraph of your post. Make sure to use the keyword of your post in the first paragraph.

Always try to make the use of a long-tail keyword in the very first paragraph of your post. Also, you can refer to the first paragraph of this article to understand the importance of keywords.

3. Featured Image of the Post

Try to keep an attractive and beautiful featured image for every post. It is an important aspect to make the visitors visit and read your post.

Always ensure that your featured image is relevant to the post; it helps in gaining great post views.

The first two things anyone notices is your post title and featured image. Hence, it is essential to keep an appropriate and relevant featured image.

Also, whenever you upload a featured image, use the keyword of your Post in Alternative Text (Alt Text) of your Post.

4. Images used in the post

Always try to use a few photos in your article along with the text. Ensure that the pictures are relevant to your content and keyword.

Also, make sure to use the keyword in the ALT text of your image.

It is an SEO friendly practice. Also, an excellent post with a few relevant photos is easy to rank and get views.

5. Word Length of your Post:

The word length of any post is one of the most critical aspects for it to get rank in search engine results.

It is always recommended to write content with word length between 500 to 1000 words.

Though 300 words are optimal for the Post, I have always noticed that Google still ranks the content with more texts.

More text shows that you have explained the information adequately. Though the word length is not mandatory, it will help you rank higher.

Hence, if you want your article to link high in the search engine, then make sure to write more extended content with proper formatting and without grammatical errors.

If you notice, whenever you search any query in google, the posts ranking higher have around 1500-2000 words. It explains that you should write more and relevant content.

6. Use Relevant Keywords in your Post

Always use relevant keywords and word combinations in your articles. The keyword and proper word combination indicate what your post focuses on.

Hence, it is essential to use appropriate words and keywords in the post.

It helps in ranking our post high in the search engine.

SEO Tips

Here, I have shared some of the crucial tips to make your post SEO friendly and rank them high in Search Engine. Let’s see what these tips are:

  • Make sure to write a meta description for your post. If the Search Engine does not find meta description, it will copy from the first paragraph of your post. But it is always better to write a meta description that is relevant to the content. It helps the visitor to learn what your article is about.
  • Always link your content internally on every post. It is a good SEO practice and helps to keep your visitors engaged on your website.
  • Always use the Focus Keyword of your Post in heading and subheading of your post. It should be mentioned at least one time. It will help Search Engine understand that your post and keyword is relevant.
  •  Also, never use any stop word in the slug. It is a good SEO practice.
  • Also, use a proper focus Keyword in your post, which you have not used before.
  • Ensure that the Focus Keyword is also in the title and URL of the post. It is essential to have a keyword of the post in title and URL.
  • If you want to rank your post-high in the Search Engine, the readability of the post should be accurate and according to the SEO. Too many grammatical mistakes in the post will lead to the downranking of your post.
  • Break your texts into paragraphs. Also, a paragraph should not be more than three lines or 150 words. Aim for small sections. It is easy to read and understand.
  • A post should have proper formatting. It should be divided into appropriate heading and subheading. Also, make sure that every heading and subheading has less than 300 words.

NoteSometimes, it happens that you have written an SEO friendly post and also used the proper keywords in it. And even after that, your post is not ranking high in the search engine. Well, Google has never revealed how does it rank any content in the search results.

But I assure you that if your content is unique and of high quality. Also, if you have done proper SEO, then your post will rank after some time, and it will even get appropriate views. Hence, it is not a matter to panic.

There has been an instance when someone content has ranked on top in the search engine after months of posting it. It also depends upon how much time does a visitor stays on your website and how much someone enjoys reading your post.

I hope you liked this article, and it helps you in ranking your content high in the search engine. If you still got any doubt, you can directly contact me by commenting below the post or by email.

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