How to Secure WordPress Website?

As per the statistics for February 2018, every day around 3000, WordPress websites get hacked. Hence, it is very crucial to keep your secure WordPress Website from the black eye of hackers. It is crucial to Secure your WordPress website from hackers and spammers. 

So, how to secure your WordPress website?

Today I have come up with the top 10 ways to secure your WordPress website. These ten measures will reduce the risk of your WordPress website getting hacked.

1. Always keep a unique username and password

When you install WordPress on your domain, make sure you change the default username “admin” and keep something that is known to you and easy to remember too.

If you think that you will secure it with a robust password, then also you have reduced their work by half as they need to work for your password. Hence, always keep a unique username and password for your WordPress website.

If you regret not changing the default username and you know that WordPress doesn’t allow to change the username.

No worries, add a new user with administrative privilege, and delete your old admin user.

Note: Also, make sure not to keep the username similar to your domain name.

2. Enable two-factor authentication

You have kept a unique username and password for your WordPress admin panel. Well, that’s nice.

Now, I think you should look out to the next level of your website security.

The next stage is enabling two-factor authentication to get access to your website. 

Two-factor authentication means you need to provide a security code along with a username and password to get access to your WordPress dashboard.

Secure WordPress Website

Yeah, I understand it’s a hectic thing to wait for a password on your phone then log in. 

But it is better to be secured than regretting later on.

Sadly, there is no option for dual verification by default in WordPress, but you can use  Google Authenticator.

3. Use Captcha for human verification

Most of the hackers use botnets to attack a website, and the most efficient way to block this method is by using Captcha on your site. 

The automated bots cannot verify the Captcha. Hence the hackers need to manually enter the username and password, which no hacker is ever going to do.

You can add the reCAPTCHA on your WordPress login, comment, or registration form. This is the best method to keep bots away from your website.

4. Keep your WordPress updated

WordPress always keeps updating to improve the performance or fix the bugs and even to add new features.

Secure WordPress Website

If you are worried about the compatibility issues of themes and plugins, then get a good theme or plugin, they release updates as soon as WordPress updates to the new version.

You can use a free or premium theme of Rara Theme. We update our themes as soon as WordPress core gets updated.

5. Limit login attempts

During the installation of WordPress, you get an option to install the limit login attempts plugin.

It is a great way to protect your website and keep the bots and hackers away.

This plugin will block the IP address of any person who fails to enter the correct credentials for a specified number of times. 

Isn’t it great?

No worries if you didn’t install this plugin during installation. You can go to the WordPress plugin directory and install the “Loginizer” plugin.

6. Protect your website from Brute Force attack

A brute force attack is a hit and trial method where a hacker uses the different username and password combinations to open a lock.

Most of the hacker use bots to automate this brute force attack.

To prevent your website from this attack, follow all the methods mentioned above. They are the best measure against a brute force attack.

7. DDoS attack protection

The DDoS attack is made by sending an enormous amount of fake traffic to a website to break the site and bring down the service.

Hackers use the infected and manipulated systems containing malware to perform DDoS attacks. 

To protect your website from this attack, follow all the steps above and use the CDN services like Cloudflare and MaxCDN. They help you protect your site from DDoS attacks.

8. Scan and clean malware if any found

Though you have followed all the steps given above, let me tell you that hackers are sneaky, they might already have placed some malware on your web files before you knew about all these.

Don’t panic. It’s just an assumption.

To be sure about that, you need to scan your web servers for malicious codes or files.

You can use the Sucuri Security plugin to that or even can do using your system antivirus.

Just download the public_html folder and scan it with your system antivirus. Just make sure that the virus database is up to date on your system. 

9. Choose a good web hosting

Selecting a good web host always decreases the risk of your website getting hacked.

Make website fast

A good web hosting company provides excellent support and tools to tackle Brute force attacks, DDoS attacks, and also against malware protection.

10. Never use cracked or nulled themes or plugins

The option to install and use third-party themes and plugins make WordPress more vulnerable to hackers.

The WordPress Themes and plugins available in the WordPress repository are safe and checked, but it’s not the same in the case if you download them from third-party websites.

If you need to install any themes manually, always scan them with antivirus for malware. Also, before installing any themes or plugins, check for the reviews, and last updated date. 

11. Change the URL of your WordPress login

When you perform a fresh WordPress installation on your domain, the default URL to login into the WordPress dashboard is wp-login.php.

Most of the people don’t care to change it. 

If you don’t change it, one can come to the URL and keep trying random usernames and passwords and who knows someday they get access.

Hence, to keep the website secure, I would recommend you change the login URL of the WordPress dashboard.

You can use the WPS Hide Login plugin to change the login URL of your website. It is quite easy and helps you secure your site as you can keep a custom URL for logging into your WordPress website.

These were the top 10 methods using which you can keep your WordPress website safe and secure from hackers and malware.

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