Revestor Shark Tank Update | Revestor Net Worth

Revestor is a real estate search engine platform that appeared on Season 4 of Shark Tank. The company was founded by Bill Lyons and sought to revolutionize how investors and home buyers approach real estate by providing comprehensive investment data.

Revestor’s proprietary platform is designed with powerful features that make it unique. It allows users to calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) for any residential property listed for sale in the United States.

This data-driven approach includes variables like purchase price, rent, tax, insurance, mortgage rates, and appreciation. It’s as simple as inputting the address of a property, and the system will generate an estimation of the investment returns.

Revestor also has a mobile app, allowing users to access the platform wherever they are. The app offers real-time, location-based search results, which means users can receive potential investment calculations for properties in their immediate vicinity. 

Its ability to simplify the real estate investing process sets Revestor apart and makes it a good choice for users. This tool removes the guesswork by calculating a potential ROI on any listed property.

This feature can save users significant time and effort, potentially preventing costly investment mistakes. This could prove invaluable for making informed decisions for real estate investors, property buyers, and realtors.

The Revestor platform leverages technology and data analytics to democratize real estate investing, making it accessible and understandable to everyone. As a result, it facilitates decision-making and contributes to a more efficient and transparent real estate market.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a first-time homebuyer, Revestor offers an intelligent way to navigate the real estate market.

Company NameRevestor
EntrepreneurBill Lyons
ProductReal Estate Investment Website Using Algorithms
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% equity of Revestor
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Revestor Episode Season 4 Episode 9
Revestor Business StatusIn Business
Revestor WebsiteVisit Website
Revestor Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Revestor?

Revestor is a highly valuable real estate search engine and app that tech entrepreneur Bill Lyons developed. It provides buyers and investors with advanced tools and techniques to effectively search, analyze, and invest in real estate.

With Revestor, individuals can sign up for free and gain access to a range of features and functionalities. This includes calculating mortgage payments, cap rates, and cash flow while comparing variables for nearby properties.

Revestor Shark Tank Update | Revestor Net Worth

Revestor is a platform offering real-time investment calculations over live listings, instantly providing users with key financial indicators of a specific geographic real estate area.

Revestor is a valuable tool for those seeking to make profitable real estate investments because it enables prospective buyers and investors to find the best houses for sale based on prospective returns.

Who Is The Founder Of Revestor?

Bill Lyons, a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in the real estate and finance industries, founded Revestor. Lyons, a University of San Diego graduate with a degree in Business Administration, embarked on a career in the mortgage industry, eventually founding his mortgage bank, Miramar Capital Corp, and its consumer-facing brand, Greeline Loans. 

Bill Lyons had always been driven by utilizing technology to streamline the real estate investing process, typically marked by complexity and a lack of transparency.

Having witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by property investors during his time in the mortgage business, Lyons identified the need for a tool that would enable investors to analyze the potential profitability of a property easily.

The concept of Revestor was born from this realization. The vision was to provide an easy-to-use, data-driven platform to calculate estimated returns on residential properties across the United States.

Lyons believed that, with such a tool, real estate investing could be democratized, enabling anyone interested in purchasing a property, not just seasoned investors, to make informed decisions.

Before appearing on Shark Tank in its fourth season, Revestor had already begun to gain traction. The platform was successfully launched and used by investors and homebuyers alike.

Despite its promising start, Revestor was still in its early stages, and Lyons saw an opportunity to showcase his solution to a wider audience, hoping to attract investment and mentorship from the experienced entrepreneurs on Shark Tank.

The platform had already demonstrated its potential to revolutionize real estate investing, but its appearance on Shark Tank marked an exciting new chapter in Revestor’s journey.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Revestor?

Revestor’s founder, Bill Lyons, came to Shark Tank seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity in his company, valuing Revestor at $2.5 million.

He presented his product as a revolutionary real estate search engine that could provide potential investors with key real estates indicators, such as potential return on investment, cash flow, and cap rate for any residential property listed in the US.

Lyons’ pitch fell flat with the Sharks due to a lack of clarity on its targeted customer base and the absence of a revenue model.

Barbara Corcoran questioned the feasibility of the product to predict the future value of properties accurately and felt that essential factors that she considered when investing were missing from Revestor’s calculations.

Mark Cuban viewed the product as essentially being a spreadsheet, and both he and Robert Herjavec had reservations about the business model, which relied on selling aggregated data for $99.99 a month.

Kevin O’Leary expressed disappointment that the platform did not eliminate the need for real estate agents, something he saw as a potential money-saver for investors. Daymond John felt the pitch was confusing and difficult to follow.

All the Sharks felt that Lyons was trying to simultaneously serve two market segments – first-time homebuyers and professional real estate investors – which they found problematic.

Despite Lyons’ strong background in financial services, where he had previously built a company worth $20 million, the Sharks were not convinced by his current business concept. None of the Sharks offered Lyons a deal.

They felt that the pitch lacked a solid business concept, clarity on the target market, and a proven revenue model. Despite this, Lyons showed resilience, maintaining his vision of growing Revestor to the level of Zillow, a popular real estate website.

Following the Shark Tank’s appearance, despite not receiving an investment from the Sharks, Revestor continued its operations.

The company maintains active social media accounts and has rolled out a free account option for users to search and save nationwide searches.

Revestor also released an Android app, although the reviews have been mixed. While the product has not been an outright failure, there are clear indications that there is still significant work to improve and refine the business model.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and Bill Lyons.

What Happened To Revestor After Shark Tank?

Bill Lyons didn’t give up on his vision after the unsuccessful pitch on Shark Tank, where none of the Sharks chose to invest in the Revestor business model. His strategy was reoriented to target investors interested in rental properties instead of first-time homebuyers and real estate professionals, which was his original plan.

Lyons established a mortgage company named Griffin Funding to fund this renewed endeavor. This venture proved successful, generating an impressive $5 million annual revenue as of 2021.

The profits from Griffin Funding allowed Lyons to invest back into Revestor, aiding in building its infrastructure and facilitating its launch.

However, despite its nationwide ambitions, Revestor’s service is only available in the San Diego area as of the last available information. This indicates that while Revestor has made progress since its Shark Tank appearance, it may still have some way to go regarding scalability and broad market penetration.

But Lyons’ ability to adapt his business approach and succeed with Griffin Funding demonstrates his resilience and entrepreneurship, qualities that may serve him well as he develops Revestor.

Revestor Shark Tank Update

After Bill Lyons appeared on Shark Tank Season 4 to pitch his real estate search engine, ReVestor, seeking $250,000 for 10% equity, he did not secure a deal as none of the sharks were interested in investing.

However, after leaving the tank without an investment, Bill restructured his plan and decided to sell directly to investors looking for rental properties. He started a mortgage company called Griffin Funding to fund this venture.

As of 2023, Griffin Funding had achieved $5 million in annual revenue. ReVestor could build infrastructure and launch with the new influx of cash, but it remained limited to the San Diego area.

Revestor Shark Tank Update | Revestor Net Worth

The ReVestor app, which helps users find homes for sale with the highest potential returns based on their location and price points, was available on iTunes for free and provided essential property data, estimated rent, mortgage payment, cash flow, and more.

ReVestor had partnered with EvolverMobile for development and expanded nationwide, gaining potential interest from the Sharks. The app aimed to be a valuable tool for real estate investors.

However, ReVestor expanded to more rural areas despite not obtaining a deal on Shark Tank. It generates revenue from premium subscriptions and targeted advertising.

Some customer service issues were reported, and there was no updated Android version. The app could be downloaded for free, but certain features required a $99 monthly subscription.

ReVestor expanded to more cities and charged $99.99 for pre-analyzed data. The app offered free membership and had an Android version with mixed reviews.

Is Revestor Still In Business?

According to our research, Revestor is still in business and operational. Revestor appeared on Shark Tank during Episode 408 and showcased its approach to real estate investing, attracting the attention of potential investors.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Bill Lyons, the founder of Revestor, restructured the company and started selling directly to investors seeking rental properties. He also launched a mortgage company called Griffin Funding to fund this venture.

Revestor is available only in the San Diego area, backed by $5 million in annual revenue from Griffin Funding. Revestor’s primary goal is to assist buyers and investors in finding properties based on their potential returns. The app expanded to rural areas and had a projected worth of $2.5 million.

Revestor has both free and premium subscription-based features. The app monetizes through premium subscriptions and targeted advertisements for real estate professionals.

It’s worth noting that while the app is available for iPhone and iPod Touch users, there was no mention of a version for Android, iPad, and Windows devices in the latest available information.

However, in some previous updates, a beta Android app was mentioned, though it’s unclear if it reached full development and release.

What Is the Net Worth Of Revestor?

According to our research, the net worth of Revestor is estimated to be $5 million. The valuation of Revestor was $2.5 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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