Revestor Shark Tank Update

Entrepreneur Bill Lyons of Revestor pitches a real estate investment software program during episode 408 of Shark Tank.

Revestor also performs functions such as calculating mortgage payments, cap rates, and cash flow, as well as comparing those figures across nearby residences.

Real estate buyers can benefit from it, but Revestor is geared toward real estate investors.

Agents and brokers can use Revestor and a broader public to obtain information. 

Lyons is familiar with the real estate market’s numbers side since he previously worked for a mortgage company.

However, the subscription service provides more detailed customizations for specific properties and investment situations for a fee. 

A basic version of the software is available for free, while a premium version allows more detailed customization.

Lyons also makes money through premium memberships, in addition to advertising.

A company like Revestor constantly adds new information to its repository, which means collecting data is an essential part of its service.

What Is Revestor?

The Revestor is a real estate search engine and the app that provides buyers and investors with information on when to buy a home and their expected returns.

Consumers and homebuyers can build trust by analyzing whether they can rent potential homes to pay their mortgage through Revestor.

Bill Lyons founded a 20-million-dollar company that specialized in mortgages and life insurance. Fortunately, the housing bubble burst in 2008, resulting in financial ruin for Bill.

Revestor Shark Tank Update

He founded Revestor, an online property search engine that allows investors, house buyers, and real estate experts to find the best investment properties.

A mortgage payment, cap rate, and cash flow are computed and compared to comparable homes.

The basic software is free, but a paid membership option allows for more granular customization based on individual properties and investments.

Lyons generates revenue from the app through advertising and premium memberships.

Company NameRevestor
EntrepreneurBill Lyons
ProductReal Estate Investment Website Using Algorithms
Investment Asking For$250,000 for 10% equity of Revestor
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 4 Episode 9
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Revestor?

Billy Lyons is the founder of Revestor. His company is developing the next generation of real estate search engines. 

The company provides you with access to previously exclusively available information to investors. He is primarily developing a platform that will rival sites like Zillow.

Data from Revestor is flawed since it cannot access individual homes. Zillow is a perfect example of home valuations that are inconsistently high or cheap.

Bill provides examples of critical signs, but he cannot pinpoint what is special. Revestor has no sales to report to Shark Tank. 

He had previously established a financial services company that provided mortgages, real estate, and life insurance but was forced to close the company due to the market collapse. 

Robert Herjavec enquired why he had not created the software to forecast that.

Revestor has informed the Sharks that he will charge $99 per month for his data. He muddles his pitch by claiming to be addressing both individual buyers and investors. He believes that both clients will accept this pitch.

Revestor Before Shark Tank

Bill Lyons used to work in the financial services industry before making his Shark Tank debut in 2008.

Bill founded and led a $20 million business specializing in mortgages and life insurance a decade ago. 

It occurred before the 2008 housing bubble burst. A massive amount of money was written off when the bubble burst.

To get back on his feet, he developed a software algorithm and a website called Revestor to assist other investors like himself in investing in real estate. Now he hopes to recover fully.

Can the Sharks, particularly Barbara, recognize its potential? Let’s look at it.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Revestor?

Bill appeared on the Shark Tank hoping to secure an investment of $250,000 for a 10 percent stake of Revestor.

The program will allow users to instantly view information and vital indicators for a particular property, which will allow them to rate the investment potential. 

According to Mr. Genshaft, Revestor will be the top tool for real estate investors shortly.

Although the program is primarily intended for investors, real estate agents and “ordinary” buyers can also benefit from the information.

Mark leaves the business because he dislikes it so much. Daymond follows him.

Barbara, who would make a great business partner in the real estate industry, does not believe an app can generate value evaluations; for that reason, she has withdrawn her participation.

Robert believes Bill lacks a sound company strategy and joins him in walking away from the meeting.

Mr. Wonderful believes that real estate investors occupy a disproportionately small portion of the real estate buyer’s market.

Despite his admiration for his efforts, he goes out with Bill, and Revestor walks away without a deal.

What Happened To Revestor After Shark Tank?

However, Revestor is still in operation even though they did not receive a deal from Shark Tank.

There are a few thousand followers on Twitter and Facebook for Revestor’s active social media accounts.

VPCabs Shark Tank Update

People can now register for a free account on the site, which allows them to search for investments across the country and keep track of their searches.

In addition to the website, there is a free Android application available. According to the Google Play store, the Revestor app has a 2.5 rating, which is less than favorable.

It is evident that Revestor still has work to do, even though he doesn’t appear to have failed completely.

Revestor Shark Tank Update

Revestor service has become available in more and more regions across the country since the initial launch. 

Android apps are still not available, and premium accounts have not been authorized yet.

Revestor has made significant gains due to its ability to target specific purchaser criteria using its advertising options.

The app is still in the development stage, but all indications point to a continuous roll-out and a fully functional product within the fourth quarter of 2013.

Lyons Securities established Griffin Funding, a mortgage company, in September of 2013. Griffin Funding is expected to generate $5 million in revenues by 2021.

However, the app is no longer available on the app store as of August 2021, and the corporate website is up and running. It is possible to use the website, but just for the broader San Diego area.

Is Revestor Still In Business?

After being unable to sustain his business after Shark Tank, Bill Lyon decided to launch a second mortgage business and shift his attention elsewhere.

However, he could secure mortgages that enabled him to raise the funds needed to construct Revestor.

Pink Shutter Photobooths Shark Tank Update

He rebuilt the site with a focus on rental homes, and he has hopes to expand the platform to include flip opportunities in the future. His business approach is based on subscriptions and advertising.

As of February 2022, Revestor is still in business, and its website and social media are active.

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