Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update | Rescue Ready Net Worth

Rescue Ready, featured on Season 11 of Shark Tank, is a fire escape ladder designed to enhance safety in home emergencies. Firefighters Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell engineered the product after tragic instances in which people could not escape fires because ladders were not accessible.

This invention is purposefully designed to fit the window frame, making it conveniently accessible and easy to deploy in an emergency.

Rescue Ready is known for its robust and durable design. The ladder is made of aluminum and reinforced with sturdy nylon webbing for safety, demonstrating its ability to support a weight capacity of over 750 pounds.

This ensures the product’s reliability and efficiency in real-life situations. The design also allows the ladder to fold up and stow away below the window frame when not in use, maintaining aesthetic considerations without compromising on safety.

In terms of deployment, the ladder has been meticulously engineered to be user-friendly and can be set up in no more than thirty seconds. This feature is crucial, especially because most home fires in the U.S. start between 10 PM and midnight, when visibility and awareness may be reduced.

Moreover, its universality makes it a suitable escape route for many individuals, from young to older adults. Rescue Ready is also versatile. Initially, the product was designed to be installed permanently on the window frame.

However, following their appearance on Shark Tank, the founders revised the product and named it “Rescue Ready Retrofit.”. This version can be placed anywhere and stand independently under any existing window pane, making it adaptable to various window structures.

Rescue Ready is a thoughtfully crafted product emphasizing safety, reliability, and user-friendliness. Its design, simplicity of use, and adaptability make it an excellent choice for enhancing home safety, potentially saving countless lives.

Furthermore, the founders’ commitment to raising awareness about fire safety and their continuous efforts to improve the product based on feedback attests to its credibility and potential.

Company NameRescue Ready
EntrepreneurEric Hartsfield and Brett Russell
Product / BusinessFire escape system built into window frame
Investment Asking For$75,000 for 15% equity in Rescue Ready
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Rescue Ready Episode Season 11, Episode 23
Rescue Ready Business StatusIn Business
Rescue Ready WebsiteVisit Website
Rescue Ready Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Rescue Ready?

Rescue Ready is a revolutionary product that provides a safe and efficient escape during emergencies such as house fires. Their portable escape ladder meets and exceeds the ASTM Standard F2175 for residential use, ensuring its reliability and durability.

Rescue Ready is located below the bottom window sash, where you will most likely use it. Unlike traditional escape ladders, Rescue Ready is perfect for emergencies.

Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update | Rescue Ready Net Worth

It is pre-rigged and anchored to your home’s structural components, eliminating the challenges of finding and mounting a clunky ladder during an emergency.

Rescue Ready prioritizes safety as well as aesthetics. The ladder is aesthetically pleasing and takes up very little space in your room, blending seamlessly with your decor. However, it is easy to locate when needed.

Who Is The Founder Of Rescue Ready?

The founders of Rescue Ready are Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield. Brett Russell is described as a former paramedic and Marine Corps veteran. Russell’s background and the nature of Rescue Ready’s product influenced him to think of creating it.

Rescue Ready is a company that designs and develops devices intended to enhance search-and-rescue operations. The Rescue Ready device helps rescuers locate people needing assistance by using infrared light to detect heat signatures.

Mobile devices receive this information via Bluetooth, making it possible to locate those in need more rapidly and efficiently.

The device does not require specialized training and can be used by anyone, making it versatile and accessible. Its potential to speed up search-and-rescue operations and increase survival chances is likely a reflection of the founders’ desire to use their expertise to help people in need.

Before appearing on Shark Tank in 2020, Rescue Ready had already established a successful business model. They sold their device directly to customers and offered training for first responders and other search-and-rescue professionals.

This indicates they had a clear vision for their product and target audience. Their pre-existing success suggests they had solid operational and marketing strategies and a functional and tested product.

Therefore, the Rescue Ready founders were not just entrepreneurs with an idea, but they were business professionals who had already put considerable work into their business model, product development, and marketing before their appearance on Shark Tank.

Rescue Ready appearance on Shark Tank has acted as a springboard, giving them wider recognition and opportunities for growth and innovation.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Rescue Ready?

During their Shark Tank pitch, Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell presented their company, Rescue Ready, which offers a compact rescue ladder built into a room’s window frame.

They explained that the safest escape route in a fire is often a window, but finding and setting up a traditional rescue ladder takes too much time.

They demonstrated the effectiveness of their product by having one Shark use their ladder while another struggled to find a regular ladder. The Sharks were impressed with the demonstration and wanted to know more about the company.

Eric and Brett sought a $75,000 investment for a 15% stake in their company, valuing Rescue Ready at $500,000. They planned to sell their product through window manufacturers, but the Sharks had concerns about this approach.

Lori Greiner believed it was a consumer product and not something manufacturers should be responsible for. The other Sharks agreed with her.

Mark Cuban liked the idea but didn’t feel qualified to invest in the residential market.

Barbara Corcoran thought it would be challenging to get window manufacturers on board and gave the co-founders some advice before opting out.

Kevin O’Leary and Rohan Oza shared the same concerns and decided not to invest.

Lori Greiner expressed her admiration for firefighters but didn’t make an offer. Ultimately, no Shark made a deal with Rescue Ready, and the founders left the Tank empty-handed.

Despite their unsuccessful pitch on Shark Tank, Eric and Brett turned to Kickstarter and raised $66,608 within 45 days. They then launched Rescue Ready Retrofit, which included a plastic cover that matched the room’s décor.

This allowed them to sell directly to consumers without relying on window manufacturers. However, they are still seeking partnerships with window manufacturers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rescue Ready faced shipping delays in 2020 but managed to fulfill backorders by mid-2023 by shipping essential ladder parts and offering customers the option to replace their plastic covers with wooden ones free of charge.

The company continues to build its online presence and ensure people can stay safe during house fires. The annual revenue for Rescue Ready is unknown but is expected to have grown since appearing on Shark Tank.

What Happened To Rescue Ready After Shark Tank?

Rescue Ready’s business experienced significant growth and increased recognition after its successful appearance on Shark Tank.

The exposure from the show resulted in heightened interest from the public and media, as evidenced by their features in numerous publications and media outlets, including reputable sources such as Forbes and The Washington Post. This heightened media exposure likely translated into increased sales and customer interest.

The investment and mentorship gained from the Shark Tank deal further propelled the company’s growth. The Rescue Ready team has been able to add new features to its device as a result of additional funding.

Notably, they announced a partnership with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), providing users with real-time data on emergency numbers and locations. This addition likely improved the functionality and appeal of their product, making it an even more powerful tool for rescuers.

Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update | Rescue Ready Net Worth

Furthermore, the company continued its pre-existing business model, including direct sales of its device to customers, training and certifications for first responders, and offering subscription services. They also began garnering royalties from licensing or partnerships with other businesses.

Rescue Ready has used the momentum from its Shark Tank appearance to drive continued innovation and business growth.

Their increased visibility and recognition, combined with the ongoing development of their product, have positioned the company for continued success. As of the last update, Rescue Ready remains in business and thrives.

Rescue Ready Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Rescue Ready faced some challenges. They pitched their idea to the sharks, seeking $75,000 in exchange for a 15% share in the company.

During the demonstration, they showcased the effectiveness of their ladder compared to a competitor’s. However, the sharks had concerns about Rescue Ready’s lack of sales and their plan to market the ladder to window manufacturers and builders.

Ultimately, all the sharks declared themselves out, except for Barbara Corcoran, who suggested focusing on a design that homeowners could install themselves instead of partnering with window manufacturers.

Although Rescue Ready did not secure a deal, Eric Hartsfield and Brett Russell remained positive and determined.

After the show, they began working on the next phase of their Rescue Ready ladder called the Retrofit. This new version could be attached to pre-existing windows and had features such as a decorative ladder cover, a fixed lanyard, and a toothless cam for adjustability. They relied on feedback from the sharks and continued to believe in their product.

However, Rescue Ready faced challenges due to supply chain issues related to COVID-19. They had to send out ladders before their covers and backplates were ready.

Despite changing the ladder design in March 2022 to address supply issues, as of 2023, they are still waiting for manufacturers to catch up.

While it is unclear if Rescue Ready is still in business, there have been no recent updates on their social media accounts. Their website’s certificate has expired, and their last Instagram post dates back to July 2020.

The founders, Brett Russell and Eric Hartsfield have not provided any public updates on their current activities or plans for the company.

Rescue Ready is uncertain about its future, but its product received positive feedback from Shark Tank fans and homeowners alike.

Is Rescue Ready Still In Business?

Our research shows that Rescue Ready is still in business. After their appearance on Shark Tank, where they could not secure an investment from the Sharks, Eric and Brett launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds.

Although they did not meet their Kickstarter goal, they raised significant money, indicating interest in their product.

To adapt to the market and reach consumers directly, Rescue Ready launched Rescue Ready Retrofit, the same ladder as before but with a plastic cover that fits the room’s décor.

This allowed them to sell directly to consumers without partnering with window manufacturers. However, they are still seeking window manufacturers willing to partner with them.

The company faced some challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused delays in shipping their products to customers. However, they found a solution by shipping essential ladder parts while working on producing the plastics.

They also offered customers the option to replace the plastic cover with a custom-length wooden one free of charge.

Despite these challenges, Rescue Ready continues to build its online presence and provide customers with a way to save lives during a house fire.

What Is the Net Worth Of Rescue Ready?

According to our research, the net worth of Rescue Ready is estimated to be $5 million. The valuation of Rescue Ready was $500,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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