Rent A Grandma Shark Tank Update | Rent A Grandma Net Worth

Rent a Grandma is a service featured in season 3 of the hit reality TV show, “Shark Tank.” This business’s concept revolves around providing families with mature, reliable, and experienced women to help with various tasks like babysitting, pet care, housesitting, and more.

Rent a Grandma service aims to fill a gap in the market where parents are looking for more than just a teenager or a college student to look after their children or to help around the house.

The “grandmas” hired by the service have a lifetime of experience and wisdom and are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the company’s standards for trustworthiness and reliability. 

Rent a Grandma distinguishes itself from other services in the market by focusing on this mature demographic, which has the benefit of experience, wisdom, and often a more flexible schedule than their younger counterparts.

By providing a higher level of trust and reliability to its clients, it is designed to offer peace of mind to busy families and those who need help but aren’t comfortable hiring a traditional babysitter or house help.

Rent a Grandma’s success stems from its distinctive approach and understanding of the needs and concerns of modern families. Rent a Grandma can offer the experience and care of a grandmother when actual grandparents are not available or live too far away in an age when families are often scattered. This makes it a good choice for many families seeking that special touch of a grandmother’s care.

Company NameRent a Grandma
EntrepreneurTodd Colby Pliss
ProductAn app for hiring older women to care for children and pets
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 20% equity in Rent a Grandma
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Rent a Grandma Episode Season 3, Episode 8
Rent a Grandma Business StatusIn Business
Rent a Grandma WebsiteVisit Website
Rent a Grandma’s Net Worth$25,000

What Is Rent a Grandma?

“Rent a Grandma” is a unique service designed to provide families with a trustworthy and reliable option for various household tasks and childcare needs.

“Rent a Grandma” essentially offers a platform to connect families with experienced, mature women ready to offer their skills and time. It’s an option for those who value wisdom, stability, and an old-fashioned touch regarding domestic help and childcare.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the services and benefits it can offer:

  • Childcare: Experienced grandmothers can be hired to babysit or provide full-time care for your children. With their years of experience in raising children, they can often provide a nurturing and stable environment.
  • House Sitting: When you’re away from home, “Rent a Grandma” can ensure your home is kept safe and maintained. This might include watering plants, caring for pets, or ensuring the house isn’t vacant.
  • Cooking: Some grandmas come with a wealth of culinary experience. They can be hired to prepare meals for the family. This can be particularly beneficial for busy families who struggle to find time to cook wholesome meals.
  • Pet Care: If you have pets that need care while you’re away or at work, the grandmas can step in. They can feed the pets, take them for walks, and provide companionship.
  • Tutoring: Given their lifetime of experiences and knowledge, some grandmas can provide tutoring services to kids. They can help with schoolwork or teach new skills.
Rent A Grandma Shark Tank Update | Rent A Grandma Net Worth

The concept was born from the idea that grandmothers, or women of that age group, have a wealth of life experience and wisdom. The service provides an alternative to traditional hiring options for these roles, offering a unique and often more personal touch.

Who Is The Founder Of Rent a Grandma?

Rent a Grandma was founded by Todd Colby Pliss, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur. Before establishing Rent a Grandma, Pliss had an extensive career in various fields.

He is a writer, producer, and director, having worked in the television and film industry for many years. His diverse experience gave him a unique perspective and innovative ideas, one of which turned into the concept for Rent a Grandma.

The idea for Rent a Grandma came from a personal need. Pliss noticed many parents struggle when looking for trustworthy and experienced caregivers for their children or dependable help for their homes.

He realized that while plenty of babysitting and domestic help services were available, there was a gap in the market for a service that offered mature women’s experience, wisdom, and dependability.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Rent a Grandma had already garnered considerable attention and was growing in popularity. The company offered services ranging from child care, elder care, house sitting, pet sitting, cooking, and even personal assistance.

The “grandmas” on their roster were experienced women over 50 who were thoroughly vetted to ensure they met the company’s standards. These measures and the company’s unique proposition made Rent a Grandma a popular choice for families looking for reliable assistance at home.

By the time Rent a Grandma was featured on Shark Tank, Pliss had established the brand in the Los Angeles area and sought investment to expand the business nationally. His appearance on the show brought even more attention to his unique business, contributing to the growth and development of Rent a Grandma.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Rent a Grandma?

Rent a Grandma’s founder, Todd Colby Pliss, stepped into the Shark Tank seeking an investment of $150,000 for a 25% stake in his business, valuing Rent a Grandma at $600,000.

The unique and illustrative presentation included a teenage girl engrossed in her cell phone, meant to represent the stereotypical unreliable babysitter, and one of the “grandmas” from his business showcasing the warm, attentive care characteristic of grandmothers.

The business had been operational for about a year, with around 50 women working as ‘grandmas’ in Los Angeles. Despite keen interest from people nationwide, the sales amounted to approximately $25k in the past year.

The grandmas charged between $14-$20 per hour, depending on the services they provided, a rate higher than the typical pay for younger babysitters, which Pliss justified by emphasizing the superior care and experience offered by the grandmas.

Kevin O’Leary queried the revenue model of Rent a Grandma, to which Pliss explained that the company took a 15% cut from the grandmas’ earnings.

Despite expressing his intent to start franchising the business, O’Leary was unimpressed, citing the low sales as a deterrent.

Pliss also explained that each grandma signed a contract for no less than 90 days, with an upfront payment of around $1200 and a replacement guarantee of up to three grandmas in case of any issues.

Despite the innovative concept, none of the sharks made an offer. Daymond John and Robert Herjavec withdrew, citing low current sales and insufficient growth potential.

Barbara Corcoran appreciated the creative name but couldn’t envision getting involved with the business.

Mark Cuban acknowledged the business’s potential but was unwilling to associate his name with a senior rental service. 

Kevin O’Leary saw potential risks in the low financial figures and the business’s high likelihood of failure.

Although Pliss left the Shark Tank without a deal, he persevered with Rent a Grandma. He gave up on franchising, deeming it too complicated, but launched a website functioning similarly to Angie’s List.

This allowed grandmas looking for work to be featured on the website after paying a one-time service fee and undergoing a background check.

Despite the initial skepticism from the Sharks, Rent a Grandma continued to grow and find success, a testament to Pliss’s determination and belief in his unique concept.

What Happened To Rent a Grandma After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Todd Colby Pliss didn’t secure a deal, but that didn’t deter him from pursuing his business, Rent a Grandma. He decided to pivot slightly from his initial business model due to the complexity of franchising.

Instead, he launched a website for his business, similar to Angie’s List, to extend his reach beyond the Los Angeles area.

On this website, older women from around the globe looking for work can get featured after paying a one-time service fee and undergoing a background check. This approach ensured that Rent a Grandma could continue offering its unique services to families nationwide and internationally.

Despite the initial skepticism from the Sharks on Shark Tank, Pliss remained undeterred and worked hard to make his business successful. The brand Rent a Grandma experienced growth and found success, providing a more reliable and experienced caregiving option to families worldwide.

Rent a Grandma Shark Tank Update

Rent-A-Grandma, after appearing on Shark Tank, experienced significant developments and growth. Despite not securing a deal on the show, the founder, Todd Colby Pliss, was undeterred and made strategic changes to the business.

Rent-A-Grandma rebranded itself into a contractor service, functioning similarly to Angie’s List. They expanded their services to include babysitting, housekeeping, tutoring, and senior care, connecting families with experienced older women for domestic help and childcare.

Through their website and app, Rent-A-Grandma now operates with over 300 grandmas offering services nationwide.

Founder Todd Pliss’s initial vision of connecting families with reliable and experienced caregivers did not go unnoticed, and the business has thrived since July 2022.

The company’s net worth is estimated at $750,000, a testament to its success and steady growth. Rent-A-Grandma charges grandmas a $25 fee to list their services, and the hourly rates for grandmas range from $14 to $20, making it a valuable opportunity for older women seeking job opportunities in the domestic assistance market.

Rent A Grandma Shark Tank Update | Rent A Grandma Net Worth

Rent-A-Grandma’s transformation into a contractor service allowed them to fulfill a vital role in the industry, offering reliable and experienced caregivers to needy families.

With many grandmas available for various services and a wide reach through their website, Rent-A-Grandma continues to expand its operations and cater to families seeking trustworthy assistance for their domestic needs.

The founder’s determination and the uniqueness of the business model have undoubtedly contributed to its ongoing success post-Shark Tank.

Is Rent a Grandma Still In Business?

Rent A Grandma is still in business. The company has grown and expanded significantly since its appearance on Shark Tank. Rent A Grandma now functions as a contractor service, offering a wide range of services provided by experienced women with deep life knowledge.

These services include nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, and personal assistants. Clients can post service requests through their website and have an app on the App Store for browsing and account creation.

Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, Rent A Grandma has thrived and connected over 300 grandmas with families nationwide, offering home-cooked meals and childcare services.

The company continues to meet the demand for domestic assistance services and provides employment opportunities for experienced women over 50. After the show, Rent A Grandma expanded its offerings, with over 340 grandmas providing services like childcare, home care, cooking, and tutoring.

They even introduced a Rent-A-Grandpa business. The company has grown significantly and remains active in connecting families with reliable caregivers. Rent A Grandma is still operating and flourishing post-Shark Tank, providing valuable services to families seeking experienced caregivers.

What Is the Net Worth Of Rent a Grandma?

According to our research, the net worth of Rent a Grandma is estimated to be $25,000. The valuation of Rent a Grandma was $750,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank.

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