Rekkie Shark Tank Update

Rekkie: Revolutionizing Winter Sports with Smart Snow Goggles

Rekkie is a lifestyle brand that offers Smart Snow Goggles that blend style and tech for an unmatched mountain experience. You can stay connected without removing your gloves while skiing with these goggles that have a transparent heads-up display.

Rekkie enhances your snow adventures with features such as music control, notifications, and friend-finding. It comes with different lens options for different lighting conditions and requires a free smartphone app to use.

Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles were featured in Shark Tank season 15 and provide users with a blend of safety and connectivity.

The Rekkie features a transparent Heads-Up Display (HUD) that allows skiers and snowboarders to access various features without removing their gloves.

This HUD incorporates functions like friend tracking, text and call management, music control, and real-time display of crucial stats such as speed and elevation.

The inclusion of the Connected Compass feature allows users to pinpoint their friends’ locations on the mountain, enhancing safety during group skiing outings.

Rekkie: Revolutionizing Winter Sports with Smart Snow Goggles

Moreover, Rekkie’s user-friendly design includes a gloves-compatible button for straightforward navigation through the HUD and swappable lenses that optimize visibility in diverse lighting and snow conditions.

The goggles boast top-notch technical specifications like Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity, a built-in radio for goggle-to-goggle communication, and long-lasting battery life.

Engineered with features such as a dual-lens anti-fog system, UV 400 protection, scratch resistance, lightweight construction, and compatibility with helmets, Rekkie Smart Snow Goggles are crafted for endurance and superior performance in challenging mountain environments.

The integration with a dedicated app further elevates the user experience, facilitating seamless pairing with the goggles and access to trail maps using Google Maps.

Rekkie signifies a significant progression in merging technology with winter sports gear, delivering unmatched practicality, safety, and connectivity to skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts on the mountain slopes.

Rekkie isn’t just a smart ski goggle; it’s a companion that provides users with essential metrics like time, speed, altitude, compass direction, and battery life status while navigating snowy terrains.

The brand offers smart snow goggles and apparel tailored for excellence in winter sports. Their product line includes smart snow goggles equipped with modern Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology and a variety of lenses suited for different lighting conditions.

Founded by brothers Henry, David, Anderson, and Fletcher Pease, Rekkie’s inception stemmed from Henry’s experience of getting lost during a skiing trip, realizing the potential dangers inexperienced navigators face on the slopes.

This led to the creation of a device aimed at mitigating risks for snowboarders and skiers. The Pease brothers combined their expertise to develop a pioneering product that not only innovates but also safeguards adventure sports enthusiasts.

Prior to their Shark Tank appearance, Rekkie officially launched its product in 2022, emphasizing user-centric design focused on mapping time, altitude, and speed in real-time.

The goggles incorporate a dedicated compass and battery life indicator to prevent users from straying from their group.

The company drew inspiration for its name from ‘Reconnaissance,’ a military term used in England, reflecting their commitment to aiding users in locating their companions on the slopes.

By widening its distribution network to cater to global ski enthusiasts, Rekkie aims to empower more individuals with innovative snow goggles that combine cutting-edge technology with practical functionality for an enhanced winter sports experience.

Revolutionizing Snow Sports: The Story of Rekkie’s Smart Snow Goggles on Shark Tank

Entrepreneurial brothers Fletcher, David, and Henry Pease introduced their innovative business concept of smart snow goggles to the sharks on the show. They were seeking an investment of $300,000 for a 10% stake in Rekkie.

The Pease brothers, avid skiers, identified a common problem they faced while skiing – getting separated on the slopes. Rekkie is a company dedicated to creating smart snow goggles with a transparent ‘heads-up’ display.

Users can search for friends, listen to music, check notifications, and track their speed without removing their gloves with the display.

Notably, the goggles offer exceptional clarity, anti-fog properties, and contrast-boosting lenses, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

These goggles are designed to revolutionize the snow sports experience by keeping users connected to their group and enabling multitasking while skiing.

Revolutionizing Snow Sports: The Story of Rekkie's Smart Snow Goggles on Shark Tank

During the pitch, Lori Greiner raised a concern about locating skiing companions in different directions. The brothers explained their app’s location-tracking feature and the goggles’ long-range radio capability for areas with poor cell service.

With sales of $175,000 since their recent launch and a retail price of $349 per unit, the brothers aim to reduce manufacturing costs from $130 to around $100 per unit.

When questioned about competitors, David mentioned the unique positioning of their product in the action sports goggles market.

The brothers emphasized the quality and advanced features of their product despite concerns about pricing.

They disclosed pending patents for their display technology and shared their self-funded status, having invested $200,000 and received a $40,000 grant.

After negotiations, Mark Cuban’s offer of $300,000 for 15% equity was accepted by the Pease brothers, with plans to expand their technology beyond snow sports.

The deal marked a successful partnership, showcasing the potential of their innovative product in the market.

Rekkie After Shark Tank: A Success Story from Shark Tank to Sustainable Growth

After appearing on Shark Tank Season 15 Episode 7, Rekkie experienced significant growth and development.

Rekkie’s product range was expanded as one of the major developments. The company introduced five new models to cater to various customer preferences, including the Rekkie Mini, Rekkie Pro, and Rekkie Traveler.

These models come in different sizes, colors, and designs, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone.

Additionally, Rekkie implemented a mobile application designed to seamlessly integrate with their products, providing users with added convenience and functionality.

Furthermore, Rekkie made significant progress in reaching new markets by forming strategic partnerships with distributors and retailers, making their products more accessible worldwide.

They also introduced recyclable packaging as part of their commitment to sustainability and are associated with 1% for the Planet, contributing 1% of their annual revenue to environmental organizations.

Rekkie has consistently evolved and improved since its appearance on Shark Tank, positioning itself for continued success and growth in the years to come. 

Rekkie After Shark Tank: A Success Story from Shark Tank to Sustainable Growth

Rekkie has successfully positioned itself for continued success and growth in the future as a result of passionate founders, innovative product lines, and a genuine commitment to sustainability.

The founders are working diligently to meet the increased demand while maintaining the high quality of their products. They also plan to continue innovating and expanding their product line, focusing on enhancing the experience for their customers.

Rekkie’s smart ski goggles have received positive reviews from both professional skiers and recreational users, with customers praising their functionality, comfort, and added safety features.

The ability to access real-time data without interrupting the skiing experience has been a notable highlight in customer feedback.

The flagship product retails for $349, and Rekkie aims to continue driving revenue with its high price-point product, indicating that they don’t need massive volume to achieve significant sales.

In addition to smart ski goggles, they also offer snow goggles, a long-sleeve performance shirt, hoodies, and a sweatshirt. The patent for their heads-up display technology is still pending.

Rekkie has experienced a boost in sales and has expanded its product offerings to include swappable lenses for its goggles.

The company has also garnered positive attention from users around the world. Rekkie is still in business with an estimated net worth of $3 million.