Pro NRG Energy Drink Shark Tank Update

Entrepreneur Tania Patruno proposed her protein-infused, flavored vitamin water as “a steak in a bottle.” To pitch the Sharks on her new venture, she brought along New York Giants’ super bowl champion and all-time leading rusher Brandon Jacobs. 

Jacobs is Tania’s husband’s buddy, and he wanted to join PRO-NRG after seeing it for himself. 

Tania initially created it for herself; she desired a burst of energy while exercising without the caffeine and sugars found in most energy supplements. 

She began marketing it after discovering how well it worked and eventually made it to the Shark Tank.

What Is Pro NRG?

Pro-NRG is a novel flavored water filled with protein. It’s completely natural and delicious. 

Pro-NRG contains no fat, caffeine, sugar, and less than 1 gram of carbohydrates per 4 oz cup, but it contains 15 grams of protein, energy blend, and vitamin B12 kicker. 

Pro NRG is the ideal post-workout beverage since it helps you keep hydrated and contains the protein you need to develop muscle. 

Pro NRG Shark Tank Update

Pro-founder NRG’s approached Shark Tank with a $250k offer for a 15% stake in the company. Daymond offered $250k in exchange for 30% stock and promptly concluded the purchase.

Pro NRG was an energy drink made with protein. The substance was intended for users who desired stimulants without sugar or caffeine. 

A major focus at the beginning of Pro NRG was professional athletes and all fitness/health enthusiasts. The product could have been used to replenish energy depleted during strenuous exercise.

Company NamePRO NRG Drink
FounderTania Patruno
ProductFlavored water infused with protein
Investment Seeking$250,000 For 15% equity in Pro NRG
Final Deal$250,000 For 30% equity in Pro NRG
SharkDaymond John
EpisodeEpisode 6 Season 4
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Pro NRG?

Pro NRG is the brainchild of Tania Patruno. Tania worked as an attorney before delving into entrepreneurship. She earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida.

She remained at the helm of Pro NRG after it was founded until the firm went bankrupt. Tania’s LinkedIn profile continues to identify her as the creator of Pro NRG. However, it has not been updated to reflect her present employment.

Tania was inspired to design a one-of-a-kind product that would make a positive impact on society. 

She invested $75,000 to secure the success of Pro NRG. She promoted the product hard and had established a presence in the market. 

The product has been accepted by around 30,000 stores. All of this was accomplished in less than 90 days, which is quite an accomplishment.

Tania already sold approximately $136,000 in Pro NRG items, proving that it was the right move. However, not everything was perfect. There were disagreements inside the organization.

Additionally, the company lacked investors to assist with production costs and other overheads such as sponsorship fees. 

For instance, the expense of compensating Brandon Jacobs for his endorsement was relatively significant. Unsurprisingly, Tania approached sharks for investment in her firm.

Pro NRG Before Shark Tank

The flavored vitamin water Pro NRG loaded with protein has been dubbed “a steak in a bottle” by Tania Patruno. 

She brought along some high-powered assistance when pitching her budding business to the Sharks: Brandon Jacobs, who held the record for most running touchdowns for the New York Giants and won the Super Bowl. 

Jacobs is Tania’s husband’s friend, and he wanted “IN” on PRO-NRG after experiencing it for himself. 

Tania developed it for herself, as she wanted to experience the benefits of energy without the caffeine or sugars in most energy supplements. 

She began selling it once she realized how effective and eventually made her way onto the Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Of Pro NRG?

Tania Patruno entered the Shark Tank alongside former NFL great Brandon Jacobs. They introduced themselves and informed the Sharks that they sought $250,000 in exchange for 15% equity in PRO-NRG. 

Tania said that PRO-NRG is a natural protein-based energy drink with a terrific taste. She proceeded, explaining that it is caffeine-free, sugar-free, and fat-free. 

Each bottle provides 4 ounces and 15 grams of protein and an energy blend, and critical vitamins. 

Brandon explained to the Sharks that he earned his position by playing the entire game at an extremely high level. PRO-NRG has aided him in this endeavor. 

You informed the Sharks that she had been obese and having a difficult time shedding weight. She fell for items and gimmicks that claimed to melt away excess weight. She is irritated by the lack of results and sets out to produce her own.

Tania stated that it was as simple as rehydrating, replenishing, and refreshing. This motto is also included on a poster for the energy drinks. 

She explained to the Sharks that she could smuggle herself into 3000 locations around New York City. 

She needs the investment to assist her in fulfilling purchase orders. The Sharks all appear to be taken aback; she even received a “wow” from Barbara. 

She desired to introduce PRO-NRG to a national audience. She was prepared to bring samples for each of the Sharks. 

Brandon and each of them a bottle of protein water. Sharks were swimming in the water. Robert made an expression indicating he was not a fan. 

He inquired as to why the food tasted so terrible. Kanye asked, perplexed if it tasted horrible. According to Robert, it did. He stated that it tasted chemical. 

Mark informed them that he did not believe it tasted terrible in the least. Tania inquired as to whether Robert had ever tasted protein items. 

Robert stated emphatically that he had not. Brandon informed Robert that this was most likely the case.

Tania informed the Sharks, but it tasted wonderful to two people who use protein items regularly. Kevin inquires as to the function of the drink. 

He wanted to know if it was a fat burner, an energy drink, or something that would aid in muscle growth. Tania informed him that the PRO-NRG beverage was unique. 

According to her, it simplifies what your body requires. Daymond inquired as to whether it tasted more like Gatorade or Red Bull. 

Brandon stated that neither of those was the case. Robert inquired as to if it was a weight-loss supplement. 

Mark informed Brandon that no one else on stage had ever been to the gym and hence had no idea what they were discussing. 

Collaborated, indicating that the PRO-NRG drink was meant to be consumed post-workout to rehydrate and replenish muscle protein. Tania gave the nod. 

Kevin mispronounced the product’s name, which Tania corrected him. Mark warned him that if he misspelled it, Brandon would come over and beat him up. 

The two entrepreneurs exchanged a laugh and claimed that he would never do such a thing.

Daymond exited and stated that if Brandon did indeed beat up Kevin, he would give Brandon the investment. Brandon is beaming a grin. He began removing his necklace. 

Daymond remarked that Brandon was a businessman, so he was perplexed as to why they required finance. 

Tania stated that she took Brandon on as a consultant but was not seeking for him to invest. 

Robert asked why Brandon was not an investor, to which Brandon responded that he was an endorser. 

Robert inquired as to Brandon’s team and position. Brandon informed him, though, that he was a San Francisco 49ers running back. He formerly played for the Giants. 

Mark inquired as to whether he carried PRO-NRG during his time with the Giants. Brandon informed him that he had, and the remaining football players walked away. 

Mark inquired as to why they rallied in the second half of the Season. Brandon was unable to explain why this occurred but stated that the guys adore the product. Daymond expressed his gratitude for his honesty.

Mark is interested in learning about his business’s sales and other economics. Tania stated that she invested $75,000 of her own money and that each bottle cost her $1.10. 

She indicated that the cost per bottle would decrease once she met certain production targets. Mark is curious as to the price they charge the wholesaler. 

Tania informed him that he owed $1.80. Kevin expressed his dislike for their margins. According to Mark, those margins are atrocious. 

Barbara inquired about the product’s retail price, and Tania informed her that it was $3.99 for the consumer. 

Robert informed them that the retailer maintained a healthy profit margin, but they did not. Kevin inquired as to if she was aware that the Distributors earned more money than she did. 

Kevin informed her before she could answer fully that this was how he perceived Hell to be. He informed her that she needed to earn more money than Distributors or else the venture would be illogical. 

Brandon informed him that they were prepared to pay their dues. Kevin informed him that because he was not on the profit-and-loss side of the business, he did not have a share in it. 

Kevin clarifies that the situation was slightly different because he was considering investing.

Robert is curious as to the kind of merchants where PRO-NRG beverages were sold. Tania informed him that they had been spotted in delis and supermarkets throughout Manhattan. 

They were also available at Big Box shops, she stated. Kevin was curious about how much they had sold, considering they were in 3000 locations throughout New York. 

Tommy stated that they had sold a $126,000 property in the three months they were on the market. Kevin expressed amazement that they had not yet been slaughtered. 

They have survived in some way, perhaps through the formation of the appropriate relationships. 

Kevin remarked that their assessment was irrational and that they were in no way worth a million dollars. Kevin then wished them luck and exited. 

Mark told Tania that he believed she possessed an excellent product and PRO-NRG, as well as an excellent angle. 

Brandon’s inclusion as an endorsement was a wise choice. Mark informed her that they had a successful first act, but the most difficult part is the second act, once the novelty of the product has worn off. 

PRO-NRG would face opposition from copycats who would emerge as Super PRO-NRG. Mark stated that he despised enterprises into which everyone was vying. He exited.

Barbara took the next step. She explained to Tania that the branding was unclear and that the purpose of the product was not immediately apparent to the layman. 

Barbara stated that Brandon was an excellent endorser, but Tania did not make the best use of him. Barbara remarked that Brandon should have begun the pitch with his locker room narrative. 

Pro NRG Shark Tank Update

She exited, citing the message’s confusion as to the reason. Robert complimented her on a job well done. 

He stated that he does not believe that anyone else on the Shark Tank has achieved the kind of dissemination that she has in such a short time. 

He stated that she must be the most effective salesperson they’ve ever encountered. Robert mentioned that he was concerned that he lacked sufficient knowledge in that sector. 

She required financial assistance as well as assistance from someone who knew what they were talking about. Tania pleaded with him not to say it, but he proceeded out.

Tania appeared dissatisfied, and Brandon assured her that this was the way things were. Kevin informed her that four Sharks had been eliminated, leaving only Daymond. 

Daymond explained that he had the same difficulties as the other Sharks. He reiterated that the market was extremely overvalued and that entry was extremely difficult. 

The good news, Daymond explained, was that he had recently invested in CrossFit and understood the market’s appeal. 

Kevin informed him that he had forbidden him from squandering the business’s 1.7 million dollars. 

Daymond disregarded him and made a $250,000 offer in exchange for a 30% stake in the firm. However, the offer was conditional. 

He stated that he intended to present it to a protein and supplement company he already had an interest in. 

Daymond informed Brandon that he required his presence in the room to assist sell the Super Bowl story. They would have to complete the transaction with that entity. Brandon indicated that he would be willing to do so. 

Kevin notified the two entrepreneurs that Daymond had significantly reduced their value. Tania stated that she was aware of this and recognized that she required his expertise to ensure the business’s success. 

Barbara inquired as to whether that was a yes, and she confirmed that it was. He approached them to shake their hands. 

Kevin seems to be repulsed by his fellow Shark. Kevin advised Daymond that he would need to reposition the product since no one understands what it is. Mark stated that everybody who exercises comprehends completely.

What Happened To Pro NRG After Shark Tank?

Hurricane Sandy crippled the business shortly after it appeared on Shark Tank. 

Tania and her husband Eddy’s home was destroyed in the storm; a boat was even parked in their yard! 

Daymond is assisting Tania with distribution in the national market before the presentation. 

Additionally, they are negotiating additional national distribution agreements.

At a product launch party in October 2013, the company announced a product relaunch. They rebranded as “PRO-NRG Protein Water.” 

Daymond John attended the ceremony and revealed that the promotion would be available nationwide at all Walgreens locations. 

The firm is featured in a season 5 episode 502 update piece. Daymond, Brandon, Tania, and her husband are joyfully playing football and inspecting the new package in the update. They would not remain cheerful for long.

In July 2014, a man named Joshua Fenwick sued Eddie Dukhman (Tanya’s husband), Helen Korosh, Tania Patruno, Brandon Jacobs, Joseph Rasa, BRAYDEN ENTERPRISES, LLC, and SANTE PUR SOLUTIONS, LLC for “legal and equitable relief arising out of the misappropriation of PRO-products, NRG’s trademarks, and other assets.” 

He said that the parties, most notably Eddie, coerced him out of business. The case was dismissed, but the business ceased operations shortly a. 

The website is currently blank as of September 2021. Tania is currently employed as a realtor with Weichert Realty in Metuchen, New Jersey.

Pro NRG Shark Tank Update

Joshua Fenwich, one of the PRO-co-creators, NRG’s filed a lawsuit against former business partner Brandon Jacobs for trademark infringement and breach of contract months after his Shark Tank appearance. 

Fenwich alleged he was “driven out of the company unjustly.” Fenwich’s lawsuit was dismissed in 2014 by a federal judge in New Jersey. PRO-NRG still operates its website but no longer uses social media to promote its products.

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