Potty Safe Shark Tank Update

Innovative Potty Safe: A Stress-Free Solution for Potty Training

Potty Safe was created by Colt and Stacy Hall, Missouri natives who pitched their innovative product on Season 11 of Shark Tank. Potty Safe addresses a common challenge faced by parents during potty training.

Potty Safe is a child-friendly training chair designed to make potty training easier. It features a childproof latch to prevent spills, non-slip feet for stability, and a built-in splash guard.

This USA-made chair comes in various color options and provides a comfortable and secure area for toddlers to use. Its easy-to-clean design and portability make it ideal for home or on-the-go use, helping children feel at ease during the potty training process.

The purpose of this unique product is to prevent messy situations that often occur when toddlers try to clean their potty chairs’ waste bowls. Potty Safe’s child-proof latching system ensures that the insert can only be lifted by adults.

Innovative Potty Safe: A Stress-Free Solution for Potty Training

The Potty Safe design reduces spills and the subsequent clean-up process, making toilet training less stressful for both children and parents.

Potty Safe’s design is both highly functional and convenient. It includes non-slip feet for stability and a built-in splash guard suitable for both boys and girls, enhancing its versatility for different children’s needs.

Potty Safe’s simple design makes maintenance easy, eliminating the need to reach difficult crevices that may harbor bacteria. Its portability allows parents to use it even in their vehicles.

The patented child-proof latch of Potty Safe sets it apart as a reliable choice for parents. This innovative feature minimizes spills, creating a smoother potty training experience.

Moreover, being designed and manufactured in the USA highlights the product’s quality and the founders’ dedication to meeting the demands of fellow parents.

Despite some feedback regarding a desire for a deeper bucket, Potty Safe has proven to be a valuable investment for families, as affirmed by Shark Lori Greiner’s investment in the show.

The Journey of Potty Safe on Shark Tank: A Locking Potty Chair Innovation by Colt and Stacy Hall

Colt and Stacy Hall, entrepreneurs behind the innovative locking potty chair for potty training, pitched their business on Shark Tank.

They were seeking an investment of $50,000 for 15% equity in the Potty Safe. The Potty Safe, born out of necessity, is a testament to the ingenuity of the Halls.

The inspiration for their product came from their own experiences while potty training their children. Stacy sought a solution on the market to deal with her constant accidents and messes but was unable to find one.

This led her to conceive the idea of a locking potty seat, which Colt then brought to life through design and fabrication.

Despite facing the daunting challenge of funding the production, the Halls were determined. They invested a significant amount, including mortgaging their house, totaling $152,000.

The mechanism of the Potty Safe is simple yet effective – a latch on either side releases the potty from the base for easy cleaning and snaps back securely after use.

With a vision to make potty training easier for families nationwide, Stacy dedicated herself full-time to the venture, leaving her accounting career behind.

Their goal was to reach $15,000 by the end of the year despite modest initial sales of $2,000 during filming. The Walmart negotiations were underway at the time, which was encouraging.

The cost-effective manufacturing price of $6.50 per unit enabled a retail price of $28.95. The product was available on both their website and on Amazon, which launched before their Shark Tank appearance.

While several Sharks opted out for various reasons, Lori Greiner saw potential in the product and the entrepreneurs behind it.

Her offer of $50,000 for 20% equity was accepted by Colt and Stacy, marking a pivotal moment in the journey of the Potty Safe.

Enhancing Business Success: Potty Safe’s Journey After Shark Tank

After its feature on Shark Tank, Potty Safe saw significant positive results for its business. The collaboration with Lori Greiner played a crucial role in the company’s growth and success.

Lori Greiner invested $50,000 for a 20% stake in Potty Safe, providing not only financial backing but also her expertise as an experienced entrepreneur.

Post-Shark Tank, Potty Safe experienced a substantial sales increase, with a reported surge of nearly 500%, leading to the product being available in various retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Buy Buy Baby.

Despite the initial deal with Lori Greiner falling through, Potty Safe continued to thrive. The company expanded its product line, entered global markets, and prioritized customer service, innovation, and marketing.

Enhancing Business Success: Potty Safe's Journey After Shark Tank

The exposure gained from the Shark Tank appearance led to increased brand recognition and credibility for Potty Safe, as the founders showcased their innovative potty training solution to a wide audience, generating heightened interest and sales.

The partnership with Walmart, discussed during the Shark Tank pitch, materialized post-show, further broadening Potty Safe’s distribution channels and enabling the product to reach a larger customer base nationwide.

The exposure from Shark Tank propelled Potty Safe forward, overcoming initial sales challenges and establishing a stronger market presence, resulting in the company’s success.

Although the product is no longer listed on these websites, it remains accessible on popular e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Walmart, garnering positive reviews from parents who praised its ease of use and cleanliness.

Potty Safe maintained a unique market position, offering resources like guides, webinars, and customer support, showcasing the founders’ determination and creativity in promoting proper hygiene habits for children.

Potty Safe’s social media activity has been quiet, and the website is unavailable. Hence, we can conclude that Potty Safe is out of business with an effective net worth of $0.