PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

Delicious and Nutritious PMS Bites: A Healthier Snack Option for Women

PMS Bites are bite-sized, all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free chocolate treats crafted to help alleviate symptoms of premenstrual stress (PMS) like bloating and cramping.

These treats come in three varieties: Plain Crazy (chocolate), CocoNutty (chocolate dusted with coconut), and All Kinds of Nuts (chocolate sprinkled with nuts).

PMS Bites serve as a guilt-free snack to help women reclaim their 122 days and satisfy cravings without any regrets.

PMS Bites are delicious and nutritious snacks specially designed for women during stressful times.

These treats are particularly beneficial for women experiencing premenstrual syndrome, offering a healthier alternative to the sugary and fatty snacks often craved during that time.

They are made using only natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, featuring a unique blend of herbs commonly used by women to ease bloating, cramps, and irritability.

With over 150 different PMS symptoms, women endure various discomforts, cravings, and sensations throughout their monthly cycle, making healthy snack options essential.

Tania Green, a young female entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts, introduced her business on Shark Tank in May 2016.

Delicious and Nutritious PMS Bites: A Healthier Snack Option for Women

Tania Green recognized the need for a solution to the unhealthy cravings that accompany premenstrual syndrome, drawing from her own experience of desiring sweet and salty snacks.

She developed PMS Bites, a vegan, gluten-free, and nutritious snack specifically for women.

Tania founded PMS Bites to address a common challenge faced by women worldwide: how to maintain a healthy diet during their period when the temptation for indulgent treats is strong.

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, PMS Bites successfully raised $8,439, surpassing their $5,000 goal in just 15 hours.

Tania’s innovative approach to combining delicious snacks with ingredients that alleviate PMS symptoms captured the attention of many, showcasing the demand for healthier snack options tailored to women’s needs.

Empowering Women: The Journey of PMS Bites on Shark Tank

During her Shark Tank pitch, Tania delivers a captivating performance, showcasing a unique talent for theatrical flair that sets her apart from the rest. She introduces the Sharks to her product, PMS Bites, with a touch of drama.

She sought an investment of $50,000 for 20% of her company, PMS Bites. Tania’s act revolves around her personal experience with PMS, drawing attention to the common yet often overlooked struggles faced by many women.

By cleverly linking her product to addressing PMS symptoms, she captures the Sharks’ interest and the viewers’ attention at home.

As Tania delves into the statistics surrounding PMS and its impact on women, she skillfully highlights the need for solutions like PMS Bites.

She presents her delicious and nutritious snacks as a remedy for bloating, cramping, and irritability associated with PMS.

The visually appealing display of bite-sized treats with names like Coconutty and Plain Crazy further enhances the appeal of her product.

Transitioning from the presentation of her product to the financial aspects of her business, Tania reveals key details to the Sharks.

Despite modest total sales to date, she emphasizes her commitment to the venture and the substantial profit margin.

However, the Sharks began probing the reasons behind the limited sales figures, raising concerns about market reach and profitability.

As the Sharks express doubts about the narrow marketing focus and potential limitations of the product, Tania defends her strategy.

She underscores her marketing expertise and personal connection to the product, emphasizing its unique positioning in the healthy snacks market.

Despite facing skepticism from some Sharks regarding the product’s market appeal and revenue potential, Tania remains steadfast in her belief in PMS Bites.

Ultimately, Tania leaves the tank without a deal but with a determination to refine her approach and explore new avenues for growth.

The exchange highlights the challenges entrepreneurs face in balancing passion for their products with strategic business decisions in a competitive market landscape.

Tania’s journey serves as a reminder of the resilience required to navigate setbacks and pursue one’s entrepreneurial dreams against all odds.

The Rise and Fall of PMS Bites After Shark Tank

Despite facing disappointment on “Shark Tank,” PMS Bites captured the attention of viewers.

Six months post-episode, Tania Green shared in an interview how sales surged after the show, with customers expressing how the bites made them feel better and reduced bloating.

Green’s focus on wellness for those affected by PMS set her snacks apart from the rest. Investors also showed interest post-premiere, leading Green to explore a new product, Everything Bites, briefly.

However, she realized her true passion lay in supporting wellness and decided to expand PMS Bites into more retail locations within her local community, particularly in Boston.

The Rise and Fall of PMS Bites After Shark Tank

Green’s LinkedIn profile indicates PMS Bites has operated for over three years. Some Amazon reviews from 2016 and 2017 praised the flavors and effectiveness, while others criticized the taste and price.

Despite the mixed feedback, PMS Bites closed its doors in February 2018. The company’s online presence dwindled, with the Instagram account last updated in 2017 and the website redirecting to an online gambling site.

Green shifted her focus to brand marketing within the wellness industry, working as the Chief Marketing Officer for Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women from early 2019 to late 2020.

Currently, she owns and produces GreenT Media, a boutique agency offering branding and video production services.

Although PMS Bites didn’t achieve the desired success post-Shark Tank,” Green’s resilience and pivot towards wellness branding showcase her adaptability and determination in the industry.

Her journey post-PMS Bites closure highlights her commitment to supporting wellness and her thriving presence in the marketing sector.

While the PMS Bites chapter may have closed, Green’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive her toward new opportunities and ventures in the ever-evolving landscape of wellness and branding.

PMS Bites is out of business and its net worth is effectively $0.