MS Bites Shark Tank Update

PMS Bites are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free chocolatey treats designed to assist relieve premenstrual stress (PMS) symptoms such as bloating and cramping. 

Three varieties are available: Plain Crazy (chocolate), CocoNutty (chocolate dusted with coconut), and All Kinds of Nuts (chocolate sprinkled with nuts) (chocolate sprinkled with crunchy pecans). 

Tania Green, a young female entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts, proposed her business on Shark Tank in May 2016. 

She entered the Tank seeking a $50,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake. Regrettably, she departed without concluding a contract.

What are PMS Bites?

PMS Bites are delectable and healthful bite-sized treats created exclusively for women during times of stress. 

They are made entirely of natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients and feature a proprietary blend of herbs that women frequently take to alleviate bloating, cramps, and irritation. 

PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

PMS Bites are the ideal snack to help women reclaim their 122 days and satisfy cravings guilt-free.

PMS Bites are beneficial for women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome. Tania Green pitches her product on Shark Tank Season 7, and dare I say; she makes you feel the pain as she enters the room!

Company NamePMS Bites
FounderTania Green
ProductHealthy Bite Snacks
Investment Seeking$50,000 For 20% equity in PMS Bites
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
EpisodeSeason 7 Episode 29
StatusIn Business 

Who is the Founder of PMS Bites?

Tania Green recognized a need for a healthier alternative to the sweet, unhealthy snacks that women frequently crave as part of their premenstrual syndrome symptoms. 

With over 150 distinct PMS symptoms, women suffer various aches, sensations, and cravings during their monthly cycle. 

Their snack options are limited and unproductive, as sugar and fat increase bloating, desires, and discomfort. 

Tania was well aware from personal experience that she had a strong preference for sugar and salt, but she also knew she had a solution.

As a result, she created a vegan, gluten-free, and nutritious snack product branded and sold particularly to women: PMS Bites.

PMS Bites Before Shark Tank

Tania Green founded PMS Bites to assist herself in resolving a common dilemma faced by women worldwide – how to eat healthy during your period when all you want to do is fill your face with sweet and salty goodies. 

Tania resolved to head to the kitchen and resolve this issue on her own. She devised chocolatey snacks that also include medicines that alleviate the pain of premenstrual syndrome and the acute cravings and mood swings associated with it. 

Before their appearance on Shark Tank, PMS Bites raised $8,439, nearly double their $5,000 goal. They accomplished their first objective in as little as 15 hours.

PMS Bites on Shark Tank

While most candidates begin their product with minimum acting, Tania has an uncanny ability to amp it up. She seizes the spotlight and moans, her face hurt and her lovely eyes dulled by exhaustion. “Hello, Sharks,” she says solemnly. 

“My name is Tania, I am from Boston, and I am seeking $50,000 for a 20% stake in my business.” She directs her gaze squarely at the sharks. “I am aware. I don’t appear to be overjoyed to be here at all. 

She continues, “I am on the inside.” And now is where the action begins to unfold. “It’s simply that my back hurts, I’m so bloated that my dress might pop off, and I’m quite hot,” she says, fanning herself with both hands. “That is correct, Sharks. I’m referring to premenstrual syndrome.”

Tanya rattles off some alarming facts, reminding the sharks (and viewers at home) that an astounding 90% of women suffer from one or more of the 150 recognized symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. 

PMS Bites Shark Tank Update

Tanya estimates that these symptoms can last an average of seven to ten days per month. “Thank you for that number, Mr. Wonderful,” she says to the most heinous shark, Kevin O’Leary. “That’s a third of your year where you’re going to be even grumpier than usual.”

On stage right, opposite Tanya is a table brimming with pretty and delectable-looking snack delicacies dubbed Coconutty, All Kinds of Nuts, and Plain Crazy. 

These delightful bite-sized snacks are healthful and contain a combination of herbs and nutritional supplements that are useful in alleviating PMS symptoms, including bloating, cramps, and irritability.

MTailor Shark Tank Update

Tania distributes bite-sized samples of the delectable goodies, noting that the primary components are dates, almond butter, and gluten-free oats.

While the sharks munch on delectable samples, Tania delves into the financials of her firm.

  • Total sales :$13,400.07. 
  • Revenue Sources: Independent stores, Equinox gyms
  • Business Since: 7 months 
  • $4.50 wholesale price
  • Cost at retail: $7.00
  • Production cost: $1.55
  • Profit margin: 66%

Sharks, who are thinking mathematically in their heads, detect blood in the water. “Why isn’t it selling?” Cuban inquires. 

From this seat of anguish, Mr. Wonderful speaks. “You are the princess of insignificant numbers,” he declares.

Tania retaliates. She asserts that the issue is not with the product but with finance. She creates them, bundles them, and personally delivers them on her bike. 

Tania is passionate about the product as someone who has personally dealt with debilitating PMS. 

However, Kevin is keen to stress that the product is not medicinal — it contains no genuine medication or pharmaceutical benefits, only a blend of plants that may or may not have any impact. “It’s only a bon-bon, isn’t it?”

Kevin also takes issue with the product’s name, PMS Bites, and it is sold only to women — effectively excluding half of her potential market (excluding men and children). 

Tania responds that she would not be standing in front of them today if she had dubbed them Tania’s Vegan Cookies. The PMS angle is an apparent marketing ploy.

Tania concludes her case by claiming that while she has experience running marketing and branding departments for large firms – indicating that she can perform the job – she was never passionate about “selling someone else’s idea.

” This is her fantasy, it works for her, and she is confident that other women will adore it as well.

Lori Greiner repackages Kevin’s prior point in a more attractive package, claiming that her marketing audience is too small to be a sound investment. 

She understands why she markets primarily to women, but she is uncomfortable with the prospect of excluding men and children from her consumer base. She is the first to withdraw.

Robert Herjavec then adds his voice, stating that he agrees with Lori on the marketing tagline. 

He recognizes the significance of her marketing strategy and believes she stands out as a unique brand in the congested market for healthy food. However, the numbers are too little. He has departed.

Barbara has a hard time believing Tania is truly selling her product; she lacks the passion and desire necessary to achieve large revenue and sales. “I hear the words but not the music,” she says as she fades away.

Kevin reiterates his previous message, noting that Tania is the “princess of tiny numbers, but must become the queen of sales.” He does not see it happening, and hence, predictably, he flees.

Mark Cuban exits with some sound advice and incisive analysis of Tania’s shortcomings thus far: he advises that the product should be highly branded online, with social media serving as the primary promotional vehicle. 

Because the product is promoted toward women, and women are heavy social media users, this product can go viral. Where is that vantage point? 

Show No Towel Shark Tank Update

Tania is missing that potential, and her faulty marketing strategy has made Cuban wary of the entire industry.

“You made a strategic error by focusing exclusively on retail,” Cuban asserts. “I find it incomprehensible that you did not concentrate your marketing efforts online, in the viral realm. 

To do this, an investment – not tuition – would be required. And it has the vibe of tuition. As a result of those factors, I’m out,” Cuban declares.

Tania leaves without a deal – but with her head held high and a resolve to work harder than ever.

Final Agreement: None

What Happened To PMS Bites After Shark Tank?

Tania Green could not secure a deal with the sharks, but the incident left a lasting impression. She took the lessons learned on Shark Tank with her and has been more determined than ever to make her brand a success since the show’s premiere date.

Surprisingly, her participation in Shark Tank was not her final encounter with a shark. Green ran met shark Kevin O’Leary at a hotel pool bar in Miami following the show’s filming. 

“I sent him a round of drinks along with a message that read, ‘Mr. Wonderful, it was an honor pitching in front of you last season. 

“He was all, ‘Did I say you were the princess of little numbers?’ you are the very best. Please accept this round of beverages on my behalf. With sincere regards, the Princess of Small Numbers,'” she says.

(He appears to have no recollection of his reaction to Tania’s product, which is natural since he most likely enters a fugue state during filming.) 

This reporter would not be surprised if Kevin O’Leary frequently forgets the caustic, soul-crushing statements he makes to applicants pitching their life’s work on the show.)

Terra Core Fitness Shark Tank Update

While PMS Bites remain available and the website remains operational – with products available for sale – Tania says she is no longer attempting to grow the business or boost marketing. She is content with the product’s current state.

Although the PMS Bites Instagram has a few thousand followers, her social media presence has not generated the viral buzz that Mark Cuban hoped for.

“I consider [the company] to be my child,” she explains. “I hustled, I struggled, and I scratched my way to it; I truly did. I can tell my grandchildren that I was featured in Forbes [as part of a Shark Tank story]. It was tremendously enjoyable. I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Her business continues to flourish online two years later, but Green has decided not to expand it. 

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