Pick-up Pools Shark Tank Net Worth

Pick-up Pools, featured in season 10 of Shark Tank, are an ingenious and innovative product designed to turn the bed of a pickup truck into a mobile swimming pool.

The invention was created to provide an on-the-go solution for cooling off on hot days, allowing for fun and relaxation wherever a pick-up truck can go.

This product is essentially a custom-fitted vinyl liner that can be easily installed in the bed of a truck. It leverages the unique structure of a truck bed to hold water, transforming it into a makeshift pool. 

The liner is durable and designed to withstand the weight and pressure of a large volume of water without leaking or causing damage to the vehicle.

Moreover, it’s available in multiple sizes to accommodate various truck bed dimensions, ensuring that owners of most models can enjoy this product.

One of the key features of Pick-up Pools is its ease of installation. Users simply need to unfold the liner, place it in the truck bed, secure the edges around the rim, and fill it with water. Once done, they can easily drain the water by removing the liner or using the patented integrated drain.

This product is a fantastic choice for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a great solution for those living in areas with hot climates, as it provides a portable way to cool off and enjoy outdoor activities. 

It also has the potential to be an excellent tool for tailgate parties, camping trips, or beach outings, giving users a chance to add an exciting twist to their gatherings.

Moreover, the Pick-up Pools’ sturdy construction and durability ensure they can be used repeatedly, promising lasting value for their owners.

Pick-up Pools bring a unique, portable, and fun solution for those who want to enjoy a relaxing dip in the pool anywhere their pick-up truck can take them.

Featured on Shark Tank, this inventive product has proven itself as a creative and practical tool for outdoor enthusiasts.

Company NamePick-up Pools
EntrepreneurTommy Prestella
ProductTruck-friendly outdoor pools
Investment Asking For$100,000 for 25% equity in Pick-up Pools
Final Deal$100,000 for 33.3% equity in Pick-up Pools
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 10, Episode 17
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsitePick-up Pools Website

What Is Pick-up Pools?

Pick-Up Pools is a type of thick vinyl liner that one can stretch over the corners of their truck to create a family-friendly pool no matter where one go. They are the ultimate truck bed swimming pool, perfect for tailgate parties, camping, outdoor festivals, or even at home.   

These pools are designed to be easily installed and removed, and they come in various sizes to fit different truck models. One simply needs to unfold the liner, stretch it over the truck bed, and fill it with water. The liner is made with durable materials that can withstand the weight of water and people, and it is easy to clean and maintain.

Pick-up Pools Shark Tank Net Worth

Pick-Up Pools offer a unique way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. You can lounge in the cool water, play games, or simply soak up the sun. They are also a great solution for those who don’t have access to a traditional swimming pool or for those who want a fun and portable option.

Pick-Up Pools are a fun and practical addition to any outdoor activity. They offer a convenient way to cool off and enjoy the water without the hassle of traditional pool maintenance.

Who Is The Founder Of Pick-up Pools?

Tommy Prestella is the founder of Pick-up Pools. Born and raised in the warm climate of California, Tommy spent most of his life living in locations with hot, humid climates due to his service as an Air Force pilot. 

This life in warmer regions led him to think creatively about convenient ways to cool off, particularly when traditional amenities like air conditioning and swimming pools weren’t readily available.

The innovative idea that Tommy conceived was the concept of a pickup pool—a portable pool designed for a pickup truck. His solution was to design a watertight barrier for pickup trucks with enough water to function as a swimming pool. 

He created a prototype of this product and applied for a patent. His application was swiftly approved, indicating the uniqueness of his product in creating a watertight barrier in the bed of pickup trucks.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Tommy started marketing his innovative product online.

Despite being an Air Force pilot and having limited time to devote to the business, Tommy and his sister quickly generated sales of over $12,000. This success encouraged Tommy to develop Pick-up Pools into a full-fledged brand.

However, to achieve this goal, he needed entrepreneurial guidance and investment. This pursuit led him to Shark Tank, a platform known for its potential to provide both financial backing and valuable business advice. He came onto the show seeking a $100,000 investment in return for 25% equity in the brand.

Tommy’s vision for Pick-up Pools and his initial success demonstrate the creative spark and entrepreneurial grit that often lead to innovative solutions.

His unique product, driven by a personal need, has the potential to bring a refreshing experience to people living in warm climates or anyone seeking a portable and easy-to-set-up pool.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Pick-up Pools?

Tommy Prestella, the founder of Pick-up Pools, appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $100,000 investment for 25% equity in his company, valuing the company at $400,000.

Pick-Up Pools is designed to convert a truck bed into a portable pool, aims to provide a cooling solution during hot summer months and to enhance the experience of outdoor activities and tailgating.

During the presentation, Tommy shared that most of the company’s sales were made online. When asked about the cost to the customer, he disclosed that each pool sold for $200, with manufacturing costs being half of that amount. 

However, despite the seemingly impressive margin, the company’s sales were low, with only $7,000 achieved in the year of the pitch and a total lifetime sales of only $12,000. 

Tommy’s primary goal for seeking investment was to revamp his website, discover new marketing strategies to drive more online traffic and reduce manufacturing costs to improve product margins and potentially decrease the product’s selling price.

The Sharks had mixed reactions to Tommy’s pitch. Lori Greiner dropped out first, citing her inability to see a clear vision for the product’s future marketing. 

Robert Herjavec and Kevin O’Leary, too, decided not to invest, expressing disappointment over the company’s lifetime sales. 

However, Barbara Corcoran offered $100,000 for 25% equity, with the major contingency that Tommy would need to bring the product cost below $100. Mark Cuban also made an offer, proposing $100,000 for 33.3% equity.

After considering both offers, Tommy accepted Mark Cuban’s proposal, resulting in a partnership finalized shortly after the episode aired. The product became available on the Amazon marketplace and was listed on Mark Cuban’s website. 

However, the company’s website reportedly went down, indicating that the business might have faced some challenges post-Shark Tank.

What Happened To Pick-up Pools After Shark Tank?

After Tommy Prestella’s successful pitch on Shark Tank, he finalized a partnership deal with Mark Cuban, securing an investment of $100,000 in exchange for 33.3% equity in Pick-up Pools. 

For some time following the Shark Tank episode, the company’s products were available for purchase online, including on the Amazon marketplace, and were listed on Mark Cuban’s website. This provided the brand with a greater reach and potentially attracted more customers.

However, it appears that the company faced some significant challenges down the line. The company’s website reportedly went down and began redirecting to an unrelated site.

This occurrence suggests that the business might have ceased operations, although the specific reasons for this development are unclear based on the provided text.

As such, while the Shark Tank appearance and partnership with Mark Cuban likely provided an initial boost for Pick-up Pools, it seems the business ultimately encountered obstacles that may have led to its apparent closure. 

It is common for such difficulties to arise due to a variety of factors, including operational difficulties, market conditions, competition, and financial challenges.

Pick-up Pools Shark Tank Update

Tommy, the founder of Pick-up Pools, appeared on Shark Tank in season 10, episode 17, seeking $100,000 for 25% of his business.

He explained that his product was a pool liner that could be fitted to the bed of a pickup truck, making it easy to create a portable swimming pool. 

The Sharks were intrigued by the idea, but they were also concerned about the low sales that Tommy had reported. He admitted that he had only made $7,000 in sales so far and that his total lifetime sales were only $12,000.

Despite the low sales, Mark Cuban made a deal with Tommy. He offered $100,000 for 33.3% of the business. Tommy accepted the deal, and the two of them shook hands.

Pick-up Pools Shark Tank Net Worth

In the months following the Shark Tank appearance, Pick-up Pools saw a significant increase in sales.

The company’s products were featured on Amazon and sold through the company’s website. In addition, Pick-up Pools began to partner with retailers across the country.

Unfortunately, Pick-up Pools’ website went offline in August 2022. Users were redirected to an NSFW website when they attempted to access it. This led many people to believe the company was no longer in business.

There has been no official confirmation that Pick-up Pools has closed its doors. However, the lack of an active website and social media presence suggests that the company may no longer be in business.

Pick-up Pools may be simply undergoing a rebranding or restructuring. However, it is also possible that the company has closed its doors for good. Only time will tell what the future holds for Pick-up Pools.

Is Pick-up Pools Still In Business?

No, Pick-up Pools is no longer in business. The company’s website is down and redirects to an NSFW website. The company’s products were also removed from Amazon.com in August 2022.

Pick-up Pools was a company that sold inflatable pools that could be used in truck beds. The company appeared on the Shark Tank reality show in 2016 and received an investment from Mark Cuban. However, the company appears to have closed down in 2022.

What Is the Net Worth Of Pick-up Pools?

The net worth of Pick-up Pools is $0 since the company went out of business. Pick-up Pools’ valuation was $300,000 after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.

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