Paper Box Pilots Shark Tank Update

What is Paper Box Pilots?

A 13-year-old boy Noah Cahoon came up with an idea to turn ordinary boxes into innovative toys for young children. Noah Cahoon is the founder and chief executive officer of Paper Box Pilots. 

A company called Paper Box Pilots provided decorative stickers that can be used to transform cardboard boxes into toy vehicles (race cars, planes, fire engines).

Paper Box Pilots

Paper Box Pilots founder Brian Cahoon (and his two lovely sons) pitched the company on  Shark Tank in 2014. They approached Tank with a request for $35,000 in investment. 

Kevin O’Leary offered Cahoon $35k in exchange for 50% stock after three bids were received. O’Leary highlighted his experience and ties to Mattel.

The company designs stickers to transform plain cardboard boxes into toys. Noah Cahoon debuted in Shark Tank in season 6 alongside his father, Brian Cahoon, and Milo Cahoon’s younger brother. In exchange for a 25% stake in their business, they sought investment of $350,000.

Who are the Founders of Paper Box Pilots?

Noah, the founder, remembers playing with boxes when he was six years old. Brian claims he will draw the object on the box to resemble a plane. Brian then began printing the images and adhering them to the box.

Noah explains that when his younger brother Milo got into box planes, he came up with the idea to create stickers. 

Noah and his father turned this idea into a business. The product was already available in 27 retail outlets before appearing on Shark Tank. 

The stickers would be attached to the instructions for cutting the box on the sheet. They participated in the show to raise additional funding for the production and to expand their business abroad.

How was the Shark Tank Pitch of Paper Box Pilots?

Noah and Milo, Noah’s younger brother, participated in the show and Brian’s father. The company announced him as Chief Fun Officer or Chief Fun Officer. 

A father-son team was seeking a $35,000 investment for a 25% stake in the business.

Milo serves as a model, stepping into the box and demonstrating the goods. So naturally, this piqued the shark’s interest. 

The team then presented Robert Herejavec with a decorated box in the shape of a race car. Next, Brian and Noah explain to the sharks that the Paper Box Planes are a collection of stickers that can turn any box into a toy.

Kevin O’Leary takes a step forward, indicating that he has worked in the toy sector since 1999 and is the firm’s ideal partner. Barbara wants to know how much the product costs. 

Noah readily gives the shark all pertinent information, and he is sold for $8. Lastly, they announce that they have made $7,500 in sales so far; Mark notes that this is a very low figure and should sell in quantity to increase their margins. 

Noah claims that the firm was designed to grow steadily. These young entrepreneurs seemed pleased with their explanation to the sharks. According to Noah, the product is available in 24 locations, most of which are toy stores, and Internet sales are comparable.

Kevin was intrigued by the idea and suggested including the box with the merchandise. Kevin offered $35,000 in exchange for 50% ownership of the box if they agreed to sell it. 

Noah was delighted to find a proposal on the table, so he inquired if any other sharks had any proposals.

Lori admired Noah’s product, but she did not see the business expanding, so she left. However, Lori encouraged Noah to contact her in a few years and offer him an internship at her company to learn more about the industry.

When Robert Herejavec was offered the same amount as Kevin, he still enjoyed the box he had just been handed. 

Kevin O’Leary explains how he expanded more effectively than any shark with his experience working with toy stores. 

Barbara offered $35,000 for 35% of the shares since she also produces more girl-friendly stickers.

Robert Herejavec immediately offered $50,000 for a 50% stake in the company. Noah was delighted to have so many business deals. 

He was instructed by his father to choose the mentor he believes is the best fit for him. So Noah agreed to Kevin O’Leary’s offer and went out with Mr. Wonderful.

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Paper Box Pilots Before Shark Tank

Christmas is approaching, and families across the country are giving gifts to children excited for a holiday. However, as is often the case, the receivers of those expensive goods soon discover that the box is much more exciting. 

It is a regular occurrence during the holiday season, as all parents are aware. Paper Box Pilots has, however, given us a method for turning any old box into a present on its own.

When he was younger, Brian Cahoon often spent time with his son Noah, transforming boxes into boats, cars, planes, and anything else he could think of. 

Paper Box Pilots

Noah, now thirteen years old, remembered the fun he had with his father’s boxes and decided to make custom boxes for his younger brother Milo.

Milo enjoyed running about in a box decorated to look like a plane when Noah had his epiphany. 

He wondered how many parents would be willing to spend money on stickers that could be applied to any box to make an interesting toy – without the use of batteries.

When he discussed the idea with his father, Brian, who possessed an entrepreneurial spirit of his own, was more than willing to support his son. 

Noah received a small business loan from him to start his own business, Paper Box Pilots.

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How Do Paper Box Pilots Make Money?

According to the founder of Paper Box Pilots, the products are sold at 24 retail locations. They were primarily after toy stores. 

Paper Box Plane, for instance, had three sticker sets: one for an airplane, one for a racecar, and one for a fire truck. The company generated $75,000 in revenue during its first eight months of operation, but no information is available on subsequent years.

Before the shark tank, each set costs $8. Amazon and other marketplaces sell this product. In addition to online sales, the company also distributes this product in toy stores. After the shark tank, the business packaged all three sets together in a $20 “Shark Tank Special” box.

Who are the Investors of Paper Box Pilots?

Paper Box Plane received $35,000 in exchange for 50% of its shares because they would also sell boxes and stickers. Kevin O’Leary became a co-owner of the corporation through this transaction.

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Paper Box Pilots after Shark Tank

Paper Box Pilots began receiving increased orders via the website following Shark Tank. In an interview with a morning news program, Noah and his father stated that they received more orders for the product after the shark attack than they received in the previous eight months.

Paper Box Pilots

A girl-friendly sticker has been added to the firm’s website in response to Barbara’s suggestions. The company, however, does not sell the boxes with the boxes because they want people to reuse and recycle their old boxes.

The company’s website appears to have been deactivated, and the Facebook page has not been updated. Noah appears to have taken a break from the business to further his education.

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