What Happened To Naturally Perfect Dolls After Shark Tank?

Naturally Perfect Dolls is an organization dedicated to changing beauty standards one doll at a time and letting daughters know they can be who they want to be. 

Jason and Angelica Sweeting believe that the toy industry does not recognize multi-cultural children as the majority.

According to Kevin O’Leary, big toy producers and small toy manufacturers have attempted to produce multi-cultural dolls. They believe that their success with Kickstarter justifies their business after reaching their goal of $25,000 in 24 hours.

What are Naturally Perfect Dolls?

A fundamental mission of Naturally Perfect Dolls is to change women’s perceptions of beauty by encouraging self-acceptance, diversity, and the awareness that they can be anything they want. 

It is important to appreciate the distinctions inherent in multiculturalism rather than overlook them. 

Despite their darker skin tones, wide faces, folder lips, and curly hair, they believe their appearances are accurate representations of the various types of women out there.

Naturally Perfect Dolls is committed to displaying the entire spectrum of beauty in every doll.

FounderAngelica Sweeting and Jason Sweeting
Product/StartupSelf-acceptance and Diversity Line of Dolls
Investment Seeking$200,000 for 20% stake in Naturally Perfect Dolls
Final Deal$200,000 for 30% stake in Naturally Perfect Dolls
Shark Who InvestedDaymond John
Episode AiredSEASON 8 EPISODE 12
Business StatusOut of Business
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/naturallyperfectdolls/

Who are the Founders of Naturally Perfect Dolls?

Naturally Perfect Dolls is a family-owned business founded in 2015. Angelica Sweetings is a person of color, as is her husband, Jason Sweetings. 

They were courageous enough to fill a significant void in the toy business, specifically in the doll category. 

They attempted to resolve an age-old issue about dolls being picture-perfect in every aspect, but none depicted race children.

Naturally Perfect Dolls’ primary goal was to provide children of many ethnic backgrounds with dolls that reflected their characteristics, facial features, and hair, efficiently encouraging self-acceptance and diversity.

Toygaroo Shark Tank Update

The couple’s true purpose, and that of Naturally Flawless Dolls, is to “alter the standard of beauty one doll at a time and inform everyone that they are naturally perfect.” 

While other dolls offer the same thing, the brand claims to be unique due to the dolls’ quality and realistic portrayal of people of color and minority girls.

The intended demographic was African American and Latino girls, who were told that they are Barbie dolls and that having white skin and yellow hair is not necessary for beauty.

Naturally Perfect Dolls Before Shark Tank

Naturally Perfect Dolls began their presentation with a video of their audition. Jason and Angelica Sweeting, a husband-and-wife duo, introduced themselves and their two girls. 

They informed the Sharks and the audience that they lived in Miami, Florida, and that their girls inspired them to start their business. Angelica stated that raising two girls in this day and age was challenging. 

Children, in general, are constantly inundated with unrealistic ideas of beauty. She continued, noting that she wished for Naturally Perfect Dolls to serve as a role model for young girls worldwide in addition to their daughters.

According to Angelica, they have made it their personal goal to eliminate the misconception that only certain individuals are beautiful.

Lynnaes Gourmet Pickles Shark Tank Update

They allegedly wanted to demonstrate to everyone that they are attractive simply the way they are. 

She stated that they invested their whole financial resources into the business, and while it may not have been a large sum overall, it was a sizable sum to them. 

Angelica stated that they witness their daughters change due to their company, which fuels their desire to continue. 

Naturally Perfect Dolls’ founders concluded their presentation by stating that they want to ensure that all small girls understand that they can do or be anything.

Naturally Perfect Dolls On Shark Tank

When Jason and Angelica Sweeting attend the Shark Tank in episode 813, they hope the Sharks enjoy Naturally Perfect, their brand of dolls designed for girls of color. Anjelica developed the dolls to “showgirls how wonderful they are.” 

The dolls must have the “face of a gorgeous brown girl, with a full nose, larger lips, cute cheekbones, and brown eyes.” The doll has cheekbones kinky, curly, and washable for a more authentic experience.

Every doll has a story and an equally unique career. The Sweetings’ goal is to give girls a more realistic and optimistic view of the world and instill self-confidence through dolls that truly reflect their appearance. 

Naturally Perfect struck a chord with the Kickstarter crowd. In May 2015, the Sweetings raised $84,743 to get their idea off the ground.

Each of the four available dolls is priced at $85 and is aimed towards children ages 4 to 13. 

They likely need a Shark to help them break into mass retail as they see that their daughter, like other girls, wants to be recognized for her beauty.

Jason and Angelica enter the transaction wanting $200,000 for a 20% stake in their firm. The Sharks object to the $85 price tag, and Daymond wants to know if large shops are interested. 

Angelica stated that while ethnic children are now the majority during their Shark Tank pitch, “less than 10% of dolls represent them.” 

They struck a deal with Daymond John: $200,000 in exchange for 30% equity in the company and 10% donated to charity.

Naturally Perfect Dolls After Shark Tank

Daymond never completed the transaction. They collected orders until Christmas 2018 but never delivered any dolls, disappointing children and infuriating parents. The website and social media accounts have been deactivated.

The couple considered declaring bankruptcy and attempted a brief rebranding of the company as Mayzeepedia. They were unsuccessful. Essentially, everybody who ordered a doll was out of pocket. 

Angelica launched another Kickstarter campaign for Epic Elements, a line of multicultural action figurines inspired by the periodic table. 

That endeavor was unable to raise sufficient cash.

Naturally Perfect Dolls

Following their parents’ appearance on the shark tank, business for naturally flawless dolls exploded.

One enraged client said that the doll they wanted to have arrived three months after they placed the transaction. 

Their social media connections and revenues surged as a result. Regrettably, their BBB rating is not outstanding. 

Angelica and Jaso revealed on the company’s Facebook page in mid-December 2017 that they had sealed their arrangement with Daymond John.

Did Naturally Perfect Dolls get an Offer on Shark Tank?

The pair originally agreed to pay $200,000 in exchange for 20% stock in the business.

Lori was the first shark to back out, arguing that the road ahead is long and there is a lot of competition, making it an unwise investment despite her liking for the dolls.

Robert was the second shark to be brought to the surface. Among his concerns, he claimed that large firms might produce in large quantities and pointed to Jason and Angelica’s reality regarding their extremely high price point.

Following that, Kevin, the self-proclaimed ‘King of Dolls,’ chose to withdraw, even though he believes Naturally Perfect Dolls is a viable niche.

Honeyfund Shark Tank Update

Mark rushed into the chat to express his appreciation for their efforts but noted that they were a little disorganized for him. As a result, he was absent.

Daymond was Jason and Angelica’s final opportunity. He was debating the concept but made an offer of $200,000 for a 33.3 percent ownership in the company. 

Jason pushed Daymond to reduce the commission to 25%, while Angelica maintained that they are selling more than dolls; they are selling confidence and self-affirmation tools. 

Daymond eventually counters with a 30% stake for himself, 60% for the parents to be equal partners, and 10% for charity.

Jason promptly accepted Daymond’s offer of $200,000 in exchange for 30% equity.

Investors View on Naturally Perfect Dolls

  • Mark Cuban – believes the concept of wanting to see their dolls is not money-driven, but he also believes they are not money-driven enough for him. He has departed.
  • Daymond John – is undecided because he resonates with them as a father of three daughters. Daymond makes them a $200,000 offer for 33.3 percent equity. They pleaded with Daymond to reduce his stake to 25%.
  • Kevin O’Leary – states that the good news is that the toy industry has been anxious about the doll being displaced by technology, which has not occurred. He lived and breathed the toy business, and he ultimately despised it. He has departed.
  • Lori Greiner – loves the doll, but Mattel has released a range of diverse dolls. She believes they face an uphill battle and exit.
  • Robert Herjavec – believes that the difficulty is that only large enterprises are capable of mass production. He has departed.
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