How to Monetize Your Blog?

You have a blog, and you are writing some excellent content. Plus, getting a good number of visitors over it every day.

But are you earning any money from your Blog?

No matter, you are doing blogging to share your knowledge or to earn money, you need to pay for the web hosting and domain renewal charge every year.

So, why not earn some revenues from your Blog at least to pay for these charges.

There are different ways to earn money from your Blog. Today, I am going to reveal the top 5 methods using which you can make a decent amount of money from your Blog.

Note: if your Blog is on, then you can’t monetize your Blog with some of the given ways. Hence, I recommend you to use self-hosted WordPress(

1. Monetize with Ad Networks: Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertisements

Do you know how these Ad networks like Google Adsense, Medianet, Infolinks earn money? Well, all these companies have a similar business model, i.e., Pay Per Click advertisement.

Yes, you read it right. The primary source of earning for these companies is via pay per click advertisements. These companies display ads on different platforms and charge the advertisers when someone clicks on those ads.

Monetize your Blog

If you are confused about which ad network to use on your Blog, then I would suggest you go for Google Adsense. It gives the best payment and has a transparent payment system.

But, it has strict guidelines for getting Google Adsense approval. So, what if you don’t get approved for Google Adsense?

Well, there are different alternatives, such as Medianet, Infolinks, Adword, Chitika, Kontera, etc. You can sign up with these advertisement platforms and earn money from them.

Many people make their living with PPC from their website/Blog using these advertisement networks. But, do keep in mind that to earn money via PPC, your Blog or website needs to have a good number of visitors daily.

Advantages of PPC:

● You can earn a decent amount of money via PPC. You need to put the ad codes, and it advertises instantly on your website.

Disadvantages of PPC:

● If the user does not click on ads, you won’t earn any money. You will make too little money with just page impressions.

Many users use ad blockers on their websites, which blocks the advertisement. Hence, no chance to earn revenue from such users.

2. Google Adsense for Search: Custom Search Engines

Does your website contain lots of informative content? If yes, you can replace the default search bar with Google’s Custom Search Engine to monetize your Blog.

If you are still wondering why do you need to do that, then let me tell you that you can earn money using Google Custom Search engine on your Blog.

Monetize your Blog

Whenever someone performs any search through Google Custom Search Engine on your Blog, some ads are placed along with the search results.

You can easily place Google Search Engine on your website or Blog, but you need to connect the search form with Adsense to earn revenue from the search results.

To learn how to connect your Blog with Google custom search engine in detail, Click Here.

Advantages of Google’s Custom Search Engine:

● It gives high CPC rates, which means high income.

Disadvantages of Google’s Custom Search Engine:

● Not recommended for eCommerce sites.

How do Search Engine Work?

3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are one of a great way to advertise and earn revenue from websites or blogs.

You can approach a brand related to your niche and write their product’s reviews and earn money from it.

It can be quite challenging to get sponsorship if you are new to blogging and have fewer visitors to your website.

But, if you are famous and your website gets a decent number of visitors, then the company itself will approach you to review their product.

If you have got a good number of followers on your social media accounts, you can sponsor your posts there as well.

This method of earning is excellent as you can have your rates and conditions for posts. But brands can also ask you to write biased reviews about their products, giving you the greed for money.

While sponsoring posts on your website or Blog, always be honest about the products and write whatever you feel about the products.

Be honest with your audience, and do not mislead them about any brand or products.


● You can have your rates and conditions to promote any product.


● It can be challenging to get sponsorship if you are a beginner and have fewer visitors on your website.

4. Affiliate Marketing (Amazon, Clickbank, CJ Affiliate)

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to earn revenue from a website or Blog. Various companies give the best commission rate if you sell their product via your Blog or website.

If you get a decent number of visitors on your Blog from western countries, then you can put Amazon affiliate links on your website.

Monetize your Blog

Amazon is among those companies, which gives the best rate if you sell their products from your affiliate link.

Always keep the affiliate links of the product which are related to the niche of your website or Blog. It will help you earn the right amount of money.

To learn more about Affiliate marketing, Click Here.


● Best payment rates while compared to PPC.


● No income if the visitors do not buy products from your link.

5. Sell your products or services

You can earn money by selling your products and services through blogs.

Yes, you read it right.

But, for this, you need to establish yourself as a brand name in your niche. It may not be a good idea for a beginner, but if you are famous, you can sell your products and services to make the right amount of money.

You can sell different products such as ebooks, photographs, articles, as well as various other services via your Blog or website.

You can also make an eCommerce site and sell different products.


● You can sell whichever products you want at your price.


● It takes time to set up and establish an eCommerce brand name.

Best way to earn money?

Well, the best method to earn depends on personal choice. It is all dependent on how much time do you put into your work and what your strategies are.

If you are looking for a passive income, you can go for Google Adsense PPC and Search Engine method.

You can also earn the right amount of money through affiliate marketing if you are good at writing reviews and can make sales via your website.

But, if you want to make it a full-time career and make it a primary source of income, then you should work hard to create a brand name of yourself like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn.

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