Mastering SEO to Survive in The New Normal Business

Mastering SEO to Survive in The New Normal Business

Mastering SEO to Survive in The New Normal Business 1

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made many business owners think that the marketing efforts should stop following the slow progress of physical operations. 

However, online marketing strategies like SEO can be crucial to help your business survive in the new normal because more people start their customer journey online. Moreover, SEO success is impactful for long-term gains, like search visibility and customer trust. 

This article will discuss current content marketing trends and short and long-term SEO strategies to help your business adapt to the new normal. 

Content Marketing is the New Normal

Staying home increased overall content consumption. This trend can be an excellent opportunity to gain an audience and spread brand awareness.  

There are several tips to adapt your content marketing to these new changes:

  • Hold webinars. Webinar attendees increased by 61% in 2020. From the audience’s perspective, this virtual event helps them explore their passions and learn something new. Meanwhile, webinars help businesses engage and place themselves as experts in the industry. 
  • Use a nurturing tone. Due to the pandemic, many people lost jobs and their loved ones, so businesses need to focus on empathy and compassion. For example, Patagonia’s sustainable clothing brand shares touching stories of people and nonprofit organizations surviving during the pandemic.Mastering SEO to Survive in The New Normal Business 2

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  • Focus on how-to content. Due to social isolation, people try to find new activities at home, from baking to doing room makeovers. In this case, brands can provide how-to content to guide them in the process.

Adapting to the Changes

This section will show you short-term and long-term SEO strategies to help you adapt to the changes.

Short-Term SEO Strategies

One method includes updating your website and profile with COVID-19 content and info. You may also want to target more local keywords because people will likely search for more local products due to travel restrictions. 

Also, try to reset DNS cache files to make sure you show the updated files and prevent security vulnerabilities. And, if you see traffic spikes on your website, consider upgrading your hosting plan to ensure that people can access your site smoothly. 

Long-Term SEO Strategies

When essential business industries like groceries and health grow significantly, most non-essential stores stop operating. 

However, it’s important to keep going with several adjustments, whatever your business category is. Examples are providing at-home services and moving the campaigns online. So, when you reopen, you will have gained an audience already. 

7 Ways to Master SEO in the New Normal Business

Here are seven practical SEO and marketing strategies for your business to adjust to the changes. 

1. Update Google My Business Profile

At the beginning of the pandemic, Google My Business (GMB) launched COVID-19-related features to help businesses let customers know about any changes, like updated business hours, online services, and safety and hygiene policies. 

To update your profile:

  1. Sign in to your GMB account.
  2. Type your exact business name or “my business” on the search bar.
  3. Open the business profile, and then click Edit Profile -> Business Information.
Mastering SEO to Survive in The New Normal Business 3

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  1. Once you’re done, click Save. 

It’s also possible to create posts with GMB. To do this, click Promote after opening the business profile and select the type of post you want to make, like photos, offers, or events. After creating a post, click Publish

2. Have a Dedicated COVID-19 Page

Besides updating the GMB profile, it’s essential to create a page concerning COVID-19 on your website. 

Here, you can have a more thorough explanation and help your website appear at the top results when your audience searches for your business. 

Disney’s COVID-19 page is a great example. It shares important details with the audience, including face-covering requirements, cancellations and refunds, and cleanliness strategies.

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3. Create More Video and YouTube Content

85% of people watch more YouTube videos during the pandemic. It can be an excellent opportunity to get more traffic and build brand awareness for your business. 

However, make sure the videos you create match one of these categories for maximum effect:

  • Fresh. Teach people new skills or offer unique perspectives. 
  • Refueling. Make people feel positive, give them hope, or recharge their energy. 
  • Informative. Contain reviews, product demos, or info about brands. 

Therefore, it’s important to research your audience and current trends in your industry to find what makes the content fresh, informative, and refueling to people. In this case, the right SEO tools will be helpful during research.  

4. Use the Right SEO Tools

Researching trends and audience needs can be overwhelming if you do it manually. Luckily, there are many SEO tools available with free and premium plans. 

For free options, Google has provided many tools for various SEO strategies, such as:

  • PageSpeed Insights. Analyzes web speed performance.    
  • Google Trends. Explore people’s search interests, trending queries, and related topics.  
  • Google Analytics. Understand your users’ demographics and activities on your website. 
  • Google Search Console. Monitors and optimizes how Google crawls your website. 

If you have a bigger budget and want to use an all-in-one SEO platform, tools like WooRank and Ahrefs can be an excellent option. 

They provide many features to learn top-performing content in the industry, research keywords and analyze competitors. 

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5. Update Your FAQ Page

A FAQ page contains questions and answers that are more specific and personal about the products people are interested in. 

It also helps enhance SEO because the question-answer format can optimize your site for Google answer box and voice searches.  

Kleenex’s FAQ page is an excellent example. The page categorizes the commonly asked topics effectively, and the answers are straightforward. No wonder it appears in the featured snippet for specific questions about the brand. 

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6. Include Content on COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 protocols, including hygiene, remote working, and social distancing, are many people’s top priorities in the new normal. Therefore, offering content related to these concerns can attract more traffic to your website. 

However, keep in mind that the pandemic-related content should be relevant to your business. 

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Take a look at the Todoist’s Blog as an example. This productivity app creates remote working tips and incorporates its features into the content. 

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7. Maintain Valuable Content for the Customers

Valuable content should target the audience’s needs and understand their behaviors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people’s behaviors are shifting. 

Some of the key consumer behaviors during the pandemic are:

  • Searching for essential needs’ information. Including online grocery shopping, cooking recipes, and telemedicine. 
  • Discovering virtual connections. Watching “with me” videos and calling friends or family. 
  • Adjusting routines. Looking for telecommuting guides and exercising at home. 
  • Practicing self-care. Watching meditation-related videos and searching for fun activities like coloring books. 

From here, try to adjust your brand to meet people’s new behaviors. 

For example, the bakery Milk Bar had to close its physical stores due to the pandemic and shift to online strategies instead. Now, the website focuses on dessert delivery content by showing the cooking and packaging processes. The brand also shares baking recipes and offers an online baking course.     

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Maintaining SEO strategies help businesses survive because many people rely on online platforms now. 

Several short-term strategies to keep up with the changing environment include:

  • Research current trends and audience’s needs. 
  • Update your GMB profile and FAQ page. 
  • Create a page on your website concerning COVID-19 updates. 
  • Share COVID-19-related content. 

While doing short-term SEO practices, don’t forget to maintain valuable content and build trust by creating informative video content. These strategies help you gain long-term results and are prepared for a post-pandemic world. 

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By adapting your business practices to the changes, your business can see growth even with many uncertainties during the new normal. 

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