Luma Soda | What Happened To Luma Soda After Shark Tank?

The vast majority of soda is bad, but sometimes I like its fizzy zing. When we were growing up, we drank it all the time at home. 

Sugary things have been removed from the house since we’ve been trying to eat healthier, so soda was one of the things that had to go. 

We still occasionally drink alcohol but generally opt for healthier options instead. Until recently, at least. 

Luma Soda is a new soda brand I recently discovered, and I am so excited to be collaborating with them to tell you all about their healthier drink.

Diet Coke isn’t likely to put you at risk for adverse health effects if you drink more than twelve cans per day. You should, however, start your own soda business so that it does not contain all poison.

Luma Soda, a firm based in Palo Alto, CA, was founded by an entrepreneur who did just that. The entrepreneur created this calorie-free beverage line as he claimed that soda, sports drinks, and even old apple juice contain too much sugar.

There are several flavors of Luma Soda, including Cola (which is liked only by a few sharks), Cherry Cola (which everyone except Lori wants), Blood Orange (which is loved by all), and Lemon-Lime (which no shark likes).

What is Luma Soda?

Luma Soda is a low-calorie soda. As a carbonated drink, it is different from other products because it contains natural ingredients. 

Luma Soda is free of hazardous chemicals and preservatives. Many different flavors of Luma Soda are available, including Cherry, Blood Orange, Lemon Lime, Cola, and more.

Luma Soda

Luma Soda has only 4 grams of sugar per serving. It contains natural sweeteners such as honey and monk fruit. 

People who like carbonated beverages and diet sodas can switch to this healthier alternative. These drinks contain harmful chemicals, additives, and preservatives to extend their shelf lives and sugar and other synthetic tastes to enhance their flavor.

Who is Luma Soda For?

Luma soda is ideal for people who want a non-toxic soda that does not have harmful additives or chemicals. 

There are four different flavors of the drink. You can replace soda with it for a healthier alternative. 

The average American spends more on soda than on coffee, with $65 billion spent annually on soda and $11 billion on coffee. That’s a lot of sugar and chemical sweeteners.

Luma Soda is one of the best because it is free of hazardous chemicals and preservatives, allowing you to consume as much cola as you like without fear of side effects. 

Drinkers who need a little caffeine will enjoy this naturally sweetened beverage. So, if individuals consume enough sugar, they may not have any adverse health impacts, and they may stay healthy.

Luma Soda is an excellent alternative to artificially flavored sodas if you’re addicted to them and can’t get enough of them.

Who is the Founder of Luma Soda?

Jim Ottosen founded Luma Soda in 2017. For 26 years, Jim has worked as a lawyer. While preparing for a trial, he consumed a lot of soda. 

But when he discovered that these diet drinks contain preservatives that may be harmful, he became concerned. To find low-calorie sodas, he stopped drinking diet sodas. 

But the products on the market did not satisfy him. Thus, he created his own company to create soda made with natural components low in calories and low in preservatives.

Are there other Alternatives to Luma Soda?

The market is filled with many soda substitutes, but none of them can genuinely replace soda. Luma Soda, therefore, has no alternatives. 

You have only one choice on the market if you’re looking for a healthy drink. Drinking a healthy drink eliminates the need to worry about health issues and adverse effects on your body. You can drink the soda as many times as you like since it contains no harmful ingredients.

How was Luma Drink Shark Tank Pitch?

Jim Ottosen made an appearance on Shark Tank Season 10 Episode 19 with a pitch for Luma Soda. Jim Ottosen was looking for $500,000 in exchange for 20% stock of Luma Soda. 

Jim discussed the company’s present state throughout the episode. Several Sharks offered the entrepreneur advice on how to boost sales and release cash.

Barbara Corocan made an offer of $250,000 and stated that she would invest only if the guest of the show Shark Rohan Oza joins her. 

Although Rohan rejected the venture since he believed it was a zero-scale initiative, he pointed out that he prefers to work with entrepreneurs who can accelerate. Barbara and Rohan did not pursue the deal. 

When Mark approached Jim, he expressed that this company was not for him, so he has also left. He, like others, recommended that the business be closed and would not pursue the sale any further.

Luma Soda was not able to reach an agreement.

What Happened To Luma Soda After Shark Tank?

Luma Soda is still operating and growing despite not getting a deal on Shark Tank. 

The company is selling drink cases in the United States through a few partners. You can also purchase the product online.

How Does Luma Soda Make Money?

The drinks are available both online and in shops. You can also purchase drink cases on websites like Amazon. Luma Soda now collaborates with some carefully chosen companies.

Luma Soda

It costs $19.99 for their 12-pack soda can set, which is slightly more expensive than similar sodas.

There is a limit of 204255 cans per SKU in the company.

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What is the Valuation of Luma Soda?

Jim invested $1,750,000 in the company with a home equity loan. The company is debt-free, but they spend $15,000 on marketing each month.

Shark Tank reports that the company has an inventory of $600,000 and cash reserves of $30,000. The total value was $2,500,000 in 2019.

What is the Revenue of Luma Soda?

Luma Soda earned $180,000 in sales in 2019. Luma Soda includes cash reserves of $30,000 and an inventory of $600,000.

Who are the Investors of Luma Soda?

There was no agreement reached on Shark Tank between Luma Soda and the Shark Tank panel. The entrepreneur, however, has invested his own money in the business. An investment of $1,750,000 was made in the company with the help of a home equity loan and the proceeds from his life insurance.

Is Luma Soda Profitable?

While most of the flavors of the product are still available online, they are not all available on all online platforms. Luma Soda is, however, still going strong. The revenue of Luma Soda is not available on public platforms. 

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Interesting facts about Luma Soda:

  • According to Jim, the company spent a total of $15,000 a month on online marketing in 2019. This did not increase the businesses’ reach or generate sales much.
  • The company benefited from Jim’s life insurance benefit and home equity loan.
  • does sell sodas, but they do not all have a selection of flavors.

Final Words About Luma Soda

Luma Soda has a vast market, and even though they didn’t score a Shark deal, they have made their mark in the market. 

Luma Soda was also predicted to fail by the sharks, but they have always been proven incorrect in the past. 

In his marketing, Jim Otteson, who developed the soda, has done well and is still selling well. Luma Soda has become popular among consumers because of its delicious flavor, making it a healthy alternative to soda.

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