LugBug Shark Tank Update | LugBug Net Worth

LugBug, a product that appeared on Season 10 of Shark Tank, solves a common problem parents face worldwide.

Invented by Nathan Day, LugBug is an ergonomically designed handle that can be easily attached to any single-handle baby carrier, thanks to its strategically positioned clips.

LugBug’s main feature is its strong, durable, yet lightweight handle designed to alleviate the strain and discomfort usually experienced from carrying baby carriers in unnatural positions. 

LugBug also reduces the risk of accidental slipping or dropping, which is especially crucial as your baby gets bigger and heavier. The product is designed with an adjustable mechanism, enabling it to accommodate a variety of angles based on the user’s movements.

This flexibility ensures that the baby remains undisturbed while reducing the chance of wrist fractures or other injuries for the parent. Moreover, the LugBug is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around or store in a vehicle’s side pocket or map tray.

LugBug is a great choice for parents, particularly those expecting or with newborns, as it helps to mitigate wrist, back, shoulder, and forearm pain typically associated with carrying a baby in a car seat or other carriers. It’s also a durable, one-time investment that can be used when carrying your second child.

Company NameLugBug
EntrepreneurNathan Day
ProductEasy-to-handle and carry car seat accessory
Investment Asking For$300,000 for 10% equity in LugBug
Final DealNo Offers
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 10, Episode 2
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteLugBug Website
Net Worth$0

What Is LugBug?

LugBug is an advanced and transformative accessory designed to enhance the ease and comfort of transporting heavy luggage. The product, in essence, is a universal luggage handle attachment that reduces the strain exerted on the body while lugging heavy suitcases or bags.

LugBug allows users to carry their luggage in a natural, upright position that aligns with their center of gravity, significantly diminishing the discomfort and strain on the shoulder, arm, wrist, and back. This, in turn, significantly improves the overall traveling experience.

Crafted from industry-grade, robust materials, LugBug provides an ergonomically enhanced grip that is substantially more comfortable than traditional suitcase handles.

LugBug Shark Tank Update | LugBug Net Worth

LugBug is particularly beneficial for frequent travelers, seniors, or individuals with underlying health conditions that may make carrying heavy luggage challenging, though it can undoubtedly enhance the convenience for any traveler seeking ease in transportation.

Egregiously overlooked oftentimes is the physiological impact of hauling luggage, and hence, LugBug stands out as an essential travel accessory, bringing innovation and comfort to a rather strenuous task.

LugBug can dramatically change how we handle luggage, promoting health and comfort through its cleverly engineered design.  LugBug is an innovative solution designed to alleviate some of the major inconveniences associated with traveling.

Who Is The Founder Of LugBug?

The LugBug was conceived and developed by Nathan Day, a motivated father who sought to address the common discomforts and risks of carrying a baby car seat.

Day’s journey towards the creation of LugBug began when he injured his shoulder after the car seat hit his leg while carrying his youngest daughter.

This incident made him realize the necessity of a product that could make lifting and carrying baby seats easier while ensuring the carrier’s comfort and safety.

Day’s commitment to this idea led him to delve deeper into the science of ergonomics, studying how the body strains while carrying a baby car seat.

Discovering numerous studies that highlighted the physical discomforts parents experience due to the awkward carrying positions associated with traditional car seats, he realized the market lacked products that prioritized the well-being of the carriers.

As a result, he became more determined to fill this void and resolved to “solve the world’s ergonomic problems one infant car seat at a time.”

Nathan Day spent considerable time sketching designs and reviewing various models to determine the optimal design for LugBug.

His dedication paid off in 2015 when he officially launched the product to a largely enthusiastic response, especially from mothers. This portable, lightweight handle was designed to clip onto any baby car seat, enabling parents to carry the seat more comfortably and safely.

Despite the initial success and popularity of the product, the LugBug company faced significant challenges before appearing on Shark Tank in 2018.

While LugBug sales were decent, with figures reaching $198,000 in 2017, and each product sold for $39.99, the production stopped just before the show.

It was sold out on both Amazon and the LugBug company website, with no signs of restocking, raising questions about its ability to maintain production.

Nathan Day’s journey with LugBug is a testament to his determination and commitment to finding ergonomic solutions for parents.

Despite the challenges encountered before his Shark Tank appearance, his story underscores the significance of innovation and creativity in solving everyday problems.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of LugBug?

Nathan Day made his pitch for LugBug on the Shark Tank on October 5, 2018, seeking an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his business. This valuation implied that the business was worth $3 million.

Before the Shark Tank appearance, Day had reported sales of $198,000 for 2017, selling each product at $39.99. He also mentioned investing about $750,000 into patenting the product.

Day handed out LugBug samples to the Sharks as part of his presentation. Furthermore, Robert Herjavec’s wife appeared with her newborn twins in their car seats, each equipped with a LugBug. She confirmed that the LugBug made the car seats more comfortable to carry.

However, the Sharks had varying views on the product. Robert Herjavec demonstrated an alternative way of carrying a baby car seat, recommended by his pediatrician, which did not require additional tools like LugBug.

Herjavec stated that he couldn’t invest in the company if he couldn’t buy the product himself and declared that he was out.

Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary saw merit in the product, but they had reservations about its potential market appeal and the future sales trajectory.

Barbara Corcoran acknowledged Day as a skilled salesperson, but she was concerned about his decision to spend a significant sum on patenting the product before sales had significantly taken off.

Lori Greiner appreciated the product’s ingenuity and saw it as a smart choice, but she suggested that it would be more prudent to pitch it to a car seat company for licensing.

Regrettably, none of the Sharks were convinced to invest in the LugBug. Day left the show without securing a deal.

Despite the impressive presentation and clear evidence of the need for such a product, the Sharks’ concerns about market size, sales potential, and strategy led them to pass on the investment opportunity.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and LugBug.

What Happened To LugBug After Shark Tank?

Despite demonstrating promising sales figures and production costs, with nearly $200,000 in online sales and a unit cost of just under $6, Nathan could not secure an investment from the Sharks for LugBug.

Post Shark Tank, LugBug’s online presence seems to have dwindled significantly. Its official website remains active but has not been updated for quite some time.

The LugBug product has been marked as ‘out of stock’ for a considerable period, and there’s no indication as to when, or even if, it will be available again.

LugBug has struggled to maintain its momentum and business operations post-Shark Tank. Unfortunately, the Sharks’ initial concerns about the market demand for such a product appear valid.

Despite Nathan’s significant personal investment and effort, the company has struggled to gain enough traction in the market. Unless there is a major turn of events, the outlook for LugBug remains uncertain.

LugBug Shark Tank Update

Following the show, there have been limited updates on LugBug’s progress. The company’s website is outdated, and the product has been out of stock. 

It appears that the demand for the baby seat carrier handle may not have been sufficient, leading to uncertainty about the future of LugBug.

LugBug Shark Tank Update | LugBug Net Worth

LugBug’s sales have declined significantly since its appearance on Shark Tank, and the handle is no longer available on platforms like Amazon. Social media accounts associated with the company are inactive, suggesting a lack of recent activity.

However, LugBug’s apparel, which includes infant outfits, can still be purchased on platforms like Amazon, despite the handles being sold out.

This indicates that while the company may not be actively selling the handles, they still maintain a presence in the market through their apparel offerings.

LugBug did not receive a deal on Shark Tank, and the company’s current status remains uncertain. The product’s availability is limited, with the handles being sold out and no plans for restocking.

LugBug’s business has faced challenges following its appearance on Shark Tank, and its future trajectory is unclear. According to our research, LugBug is out of business.

While the LugBug is no longer available on platforms like Amazon and the company’s website has marked the product as “sold out” for several years, LugBug’s apparel, such as baby/toddler apparel, can still be purchased on various social media platforms.

The company’s social media accounts have shown limited activity, indicating a lack of recent updates.

What Is the Net Worth Of LugBug?

According to our research, LugBug’s net worth is $0 since the company seems out of business. The net worth of LugBug was $3 million when it appeared on Shark Tank.