What Happened To Litter Jewelry After Shark Tank?

In episode 305, the Sharks meet Rachel Mann and Mackenzie Burdick, the co-founders of Litter Jewelry, and see their presentation of handmade jewelry. They make original jewelry using old items, such as flea market finds, odds and ends, and garbage. 

Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick are sisters who have expertise in interior and fashion design. Mackenzie dismantled a necklace and used it as a headdress one day. It was universally adored. 

They manufactured a further 50 for a local trunk show, which quickly sold out, and Litter was born. 

They’re called “Litter” because they create one-of-a-kind body jewelry from items they discover at yard sales, bric-a-brac stores, and, yep, trash. 

Mackenzie and Rachael gathered materials, planned and constructed the items entirely by hand, and managed social media. 

They lacked the time and resources necessary to scale the firm. They desired a strategic partner to manage the firm.

Their cache rose among famous clients, including celebrities. Litter Jewelry’s debut on Shark Tank had raised sales and was previously featured in several fashion magazines. The retailer Urban Outfitters will also carry Rachel and Mackenzie’s line.

What is Litter Jewelry?

Litter jewelry is exactly what the name implies — litter jewelry. Its moniker comes from the fact that it is jewelry produced from everyday objects found in everyday settings. 

Litter Jewelry After Shark Tank

You can find them at consignment shops, thrift stores, and even in the trash. There is a variety of jewelry available in this style, including necklaces and anklets.

Company NameLitter Jewelry
FounderMackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann
ProductJewelry with full-body chains
Investment Seeking$80,000 For 51% equity in Litter Jewelry
Final Deal$80,000 For 70% equity in Litter Jewelry
SharkDaymond John and Mark Cuban
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who is the Founder of Litter Jewelry?

Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick were the sole designers of the Litter Jewelry Line. An antique necklace was made into one of their hairpieces from a photograph uploaded to a blog. From there, it all took off. 

The two sisters were invited to exhibit their distinctive designs at a jewelry show. The show was such a success that they decided to launch their line, “Litter Jewelry,” and commit to turning their passion into a business.

Litter Jewelry Before Shark Tank

Rachael and Mackenzie Mann, a pair of sisters and designers from San Francisco, we’re overdue for a major win. They have always excelled in design and ingenuity. 

The two designers had long experience in home design and fashion and a famous blog, which laid the groundwork for their achievement. 

When they came across the coat, Mackenzie went to a party and needed something fashionable and eye-catching. 

A necklace was ripped off and reworked into a headpiece after she decided on that course of action. 

EZPZ Shark Tank Update

People flocked to buy fifty copies of the work in a single day when they saw the finished product at a local trunk show, and now it has inspired some impressive hype. Litter started with their jewelry and accessories company because of this.

Celebrities liked to litter; it appeared in several fashion shows and publications. Jewelry was mostly made from repurposed, vintage, and damaged materials. 

They didn’t stop doing it during the process. Despite having ideas for growth, Mackenzie and Rachael couldn’t accomplish this without resources. 

They made everything themselves and handled social media in addition to handcrafting the jewelry. They were overstretched. 

The purpose of Shark Tank is to identify corporate partners to operate the business operations while focusing on their areas of excellence.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Litter Jewelry?

Rachel and Mackenzie walked into the Tank, searching for $80,000 to acquire 51% of their company. 

The two women, despite their expertise, realized that Litter Jewelry required help in understanding the market and were therefore relieved when the Sharks agreed to assist them with their enterprise. 

Their profit increased from $78,000 in 2010 to $150,000 in 2011. (and growing). The margins are solid: every piece can be produced for $2 and sells for $100 on average. 

Kevin O’Leary wants to start a jewelry business by building his factory in China; however, both he and Robert worry that working too hard running the business will prevent them from getting enough time with the sisters; therefore, they are out.

Litter Jewelry After Shark Tank

Daymond offered them $80,000 in return for a 70% share of the company (the sisters had offered 51 percent ). 

In addition, he would offer them a wage and give them the option to purchase their company’s shares. 

Then Daymond pulled a “Mark Cuban,” referencing Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner, and Shark Tank panelist. 

He threatened them by saying that if they tried to negotiate with another shark, he would walk out and start a 24-second timer (a basketball thing). 

Following this, he asked Mark if he was interested in joining the project because of his online knowledge. The sisters were thrilled to be given the opportunity.

Hatch Baby Shark Tank Update

Daymond proposes giving the girls $80,000 for 70% of the company while still paying them a salary. 

Mark also offers to work with Daymond to handle the “website stuff” as he can’t get away from work, while Daymond deals with retail distribution and manufacturing. Kevin quickly re-enters the discussion and provides what the sisters were asking for. 

Barbara wants Daymond and Roman to pass on the sale and sort things out with her. To do this, Daymond relies on Cuban’s “24-second clock” that Barbara has brought in to assist them. 

Rachel and Mackenzie are content to focus on making jewelry while Daymond and Mark handle all business duties. 

They decide to take Daymond and Mark up on their offer and leave the Shark Tank with smiles on their faces.

What Happened To Liter Jewelry After Shark Tank?

The success of Litter has been speculated by a lot of people, who point to several factors. A scan of their website finds other professional magazines, such as Teen Vogue, Nylon, and San Francisco Magazine, have featured them through their social media. 

Celebrities include Lucy Liu, Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan, and Vanessa Hudgens are among those who have worn their clothes. 

Nicole Richie’s blog has also highlighted the brand and received exposure in fashion blogs and magazines. 

Many businesses fail because they rely on publicity from the TV show Shark Tank and can boost sales for a limited time. 

However, Litter has managed to gain sales and publicity from a range of fashion sources.

Litter has a featured video on Youtube in which Daymond and Rachael Mann discuss the early days of their partnership. 

The majority of the conversation focuses on Selita Ebanks, a model with multiple collaborations with brands like Neiman Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Glamour, and Victoria’s Secret. 

SASS, which stands for Selita’s Accessories, Shoes, and Swimwear, is the collection of swimwear, shoes, and accessories she launched with them. 

Litter has a distinctive style and can easily adjust to different situations, according to Ebanks. Rachael and Mackenzie needed a dress for an event, so she designed a dress and had it back from them in about a week. 

Litter offers a lookbook as well as an image blog that often features new products and designs.

But things aren’t as clear as they appear. Most of the information that the Litter site published came out before 2012. 

It appeared on Shark Tank in 2012, although many of the facts there predate that. In addition, the Litter website lacks Shark Tank references, which are abundant on its YouTube channel. 

Additionally, outside of some general discussions about Mark Cuban’s involvement, no evidence of his continual investment can be discovered online. This leaves me wondering: did the agreement fall apart? 

My concerns regarding the sisters’ lack of enthusiasm to grow their firm and sell off parts of it to others have come to fruition recently, so this might be the reason for my recent lack of communication. 

Alternatively, it’s just what everyone knows about the fashion world: styles come and go. Litter relies on the experience of Mackenzie and Rachael’s Shark Tank partners in business and design to make it through any obstacles they may encounter and keep the company afloat.

Is Litter Jewelry Still in Business?

Litter Jewellery continues to operate today, offering personalized jewelry and ladies swimwear and custom-designed gift cards. The company, situated in San Francisco, accepts orders online and ships globally.

However, the product is also available in select jewelry stores and Etsy, an e-commerce platform for handmade clothing and jewelry. 

Since then, many renowned brands, fashion designers, and editors of fashion magazines have cooperated with the organization.

Hyconn Shark Tank Update

Similarly, Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga, and Serena Williams have all endorsed their jewelry. MacKenzie Burdock and Rachel Mann, the company’s founders, remain on staff.

Bead the Change, which manufactures bracelets and other miscellaneous jewelry from recycled glass and plastic, is similar to Litter Jewellery. 

They are based in Ghana but ship globally and donate a portion of their sales to African conservation efforts.

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