How to do Keywords Research for SEO?

Keywords are one of search engine optimization’s most critical parts. Keywords are what determine your position in the search engine results. This is why a successful SEO Expert needs to learn how to choose the right keywords.

So, the question comes what the Keywords are?

We search many terms in the Search Engine for various purposes, such as listening to music, buying clothing, finding food, etc. For Example, whatever we type in a search engine intending to find relevant content is keywords.

For Example, when you search, “Best Coffee in the Town” is a keyword. Like this, whatever searches you perform targeting content is called Keywords.

So, the question comes, how to select the right keywords for SEO?

There are different types of Keywords, such as Short Tail, Medium Tail, and Long Tail Keywords. Various tools and tricks are available to find the best SEO keywords.

How to Perform Keywords Research for your Website?

You should follow a set of guidelines to select the right and perfect keywords for your website.

Learn your Niche

It would be best to understand your website niche or category before starting Keyword Research. You must identify the critical details of your niche before you start. 

It lets you understand what is relevant and trendy in the current scenario and prospects. You also learn about your competitors and their status on the same keywords. 

You can explore various relevant keywords by understanding your niche. It allows you to concentrate on the correct keywords. You can find multiple profitable keywords by understanding your niche well.

Competitor Analysis

Researching your competitors’ websites is a must for better SEO results. You should identify your rival website for the keywords and perform a detailed review of their keywords and ranking status in SERPs.

What kinds of keywords does your competitor use. Is it short, medium, or long-tail keywords? You need to check all these metrics properly to find the right keywords for your website. 

Use Right Keywords Tools

It’s also necessary to use the right keyword tools to find high-volume and profitable keywords for your website. Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool to find the right keywords for your site. 

Keywords Research

A prevalent mistake most SEO professionals does is not using the right tool to perform Keywords Research. There is various free and paid keywords research tool that you can use to perform keywords research for your website. 

Track Your Progress 

The most critical step to understanding the performance is to monitor your keyword performance in SERPs. You can track your keyword progress using various keyword tools like the Keyword Planner.

Tracking and analyzing your SEO performance is always essential to finding and remedying your SEO errors.

Short-tail Vs. Medium-tail Vs. Long-tail keywords

We use search engines in our everyday lives for various purposes. We typically use the Search Engine to search for information, products, and other queries. What kinds of queries do you use in Search Engines, Short, Medium, or Long Tail?

For Example, it’s a short tail if you search for ‘best food.’ It’s a medium-tail if you search ‘best foods in Nepal.’ And if you’re looking for ‘What is Best Food in Nepal? ‘It’s a term for a long-tail keyword.

Short-Tail Keywords

The search volume and even the competition at the same time are high for short-tail keywords. It is quite challenging to rank for short-tail keywords in SERPs.

You will need to have unique, detailed, and informational content along with High DA PA Domain to rank for such keywords. 

For Example, perform a search ‘on-page SEO’ keyword on Google. You will find websites such as Moz, Backliniko, Ahrefs, etc., appear on the top. The DA and backlinks count and the quality of these sites is high. Moreover, you will also notice the content is exceptionally detailed and informational on these websites.

You will require super unique, super-detailed, and informational content along with good DA and quality backlinks to rank for the short-tail keywords. 

Medium-Tail Keywords

Medium-Tail Keywords are a keyword combination of 2-3 words making a search term. These are even called Chunky Keywords/

These keywords do not have high searches as short tail or low as long-tail keywords. Medium Tail keywords can be the best option among all the keywords options.

You can rank higher on SERP with a little hard work, and even the search volume of these keywords are high.

Google has made strides in discovering the way people do searches. Google sees the trend and rates the more suitable content for searches based upon several rating criteria from Google.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords typically have more than three or four words. One example of long-tail keywords can be ‘how to select the best keywords.’ 

These days most people use long-term search engine keywords to rank in SERPs. Such keywords have comparatively lower search volumes from 50 to 200. Nonetheless, these keywords are less competitive.

Also, most of the thing is that people search for long-tail keywords. For Example, if you want to search for Dental Clinics in the town, you would enter “Dental Clinics nearby me” in the search engine. 

What are LSI Keywords for SEO and How to Find Them?

LSI stands for Latent Index Semantic. LSI Keywords are related or synonyms keywords to the targetted keyword. For Example, if your target keyword is “Best Racing Cars,” LSI Keywords would be automobiles, engines, wheels, speed cars, vehicles, etc. 

Google Crawlers can better understand your content if you use these LSI terms. It is why LSI keywords are more relevant. Now the question comes, how to find them?

LSI Graph 

LSI Graph is an excellent way to find keywords, search volumes, and particularly LSI keywords.

You have to type any keyword that you want to search for. A list of all LSI keywords will be displayed. I was searching for ‘How to find the best keywords, for example, ‘This list and I have that-

In the Google search engine, you have to enter your search term. At the bottom of the page, you will find associated searches.

This search is an outstanding example of LSI keywords. Google Related Search displays a series of related LSI keywords of your current keyword.

Just add a space button after writing your keywords when you type your keyword in the search bar in Google.

And you’ll find that Google has some related keywords in it. You can find the best keywords for your website using Google-related queries.

Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool

Google’s keyword planner tool is an excellent method to find LSI keywords. A list of all related phrases and keywords is shown when you search for a specific keyword.

The best part of the Google Keyword Planner Tool is that you can use it entirely free of charge.

What are the best keyword tools?

Top 5 Free Keyword Tools For SEO


Ubersuggest is an outstanding free keyword resource, as well. You can see the volume of a keyword, competition, CPC of a keyword, etc.

It also shows the DA score and number of backlinks a keyword needs for ranking. You will find the best keywords for SEO using Ubersuggest.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a free extension you can install on your browser. This extension displays all similar keywords after you add this extension anytime you visit a website or look for other items.

Google Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner from Google is the best keyword research you can use on the internet. The best thing about it is free of charge. And it also provides better results than any paid or free keyword tool.

Using the Keyword Planner, you will get all the data you are looking for in the keyword. You get search volumes, competition, and costs per keyword click.

It also gives you a list of all the keywords you can use. It is Google’s best resource for keyword research. This tool offers a guide to finding the best keywords.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz’s keyword explorer is also an outstanding free tool for Keyword Research. It displays a country-specific keyword. It shows monthly volumes of a query, competition, organic CTR, and priority.

Also, it shows the SERP Analysis of a keyword.

Word Tracker Scout 

Word tracker scout is a chrome extension you can use for Keywords Research. Whenever you visit a page type, ‘W,’ you will see a picture like after you download this extension.

Top 5 Paid Keyword Tools

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Tool 

It is one of the best tools to find the website’s best keywords. This tool includes recommendations for keywords, correct search volumes, keywords, metrics, etc.

It is one of the best-paid tools for Keyword research. 

SEMrush’s Keyword Tool

SEMrush is a potent and versatile SEO Keywords Research tool. It is beneficial to find all the key information on your or your competitor’s keywords.

You will find the best keywords for your website with this tool. You should also follow up and evaluate the rivals’ keywords.


It is an inexpensive resource for analysis with keywords. It is an outstanding analysis resource for keywords.

The correct information for a specific keyword is collected from you. It also helps you to test it for 10 days without any charge.

Keyword Tool

It is also a great keyword tool to find all the necessary keyword information. However, it’s a paid keyword tool. To get information about keywords, you must buy the pro version of this tool.

The best thing about this tool is that you can perform keyword research for various search engines such as Google, Youtube, Bing, Amazon, eBay.


SpyFu is an outstanding resource for the study and review of keywords of your competitors. This tool lets you analyze what keywords are vying between you and your rivals. 

This tool can find all the essential information on your paid and organic keywords. SpyFu shows how you can find the best keywords for your website.

It gives you a detailed domain analysis. The rating history of the keywords is also available to you. It is also one of the leading keyword resources with several distinctive capabilities.


The right keywords research is significant to rank high on Search Engines. Competition in SEO is getting more severe today in addition to Google’s various changes.

One part of triumphant SEO success is using the correct keyword. You also need to gain high-quality backlinks, valuable content, good value for money, etc.

This article tells you how to find the right SEO keywords. All types of keywords are mentioned in this article and how to locate LSI keywords.

And lastly, some of the best free and paid keywords tools for better keyword research.

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