Is SEO a Good Career Option? With Detailed Explanation!

Is SEO a Good Career Option? Well, before answering this question, I will give you a brief overview of what is SEO if you haven’t gone through my previous Blog Posts. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a strategic method to increase website visibility in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing and generate higher traffic on the website. We perform SEO on the websites to Generate Leads, Increase Brand Awareness, Sale Products and get a higher rank in the search results. 

Why is SEO important to a Business or Website?

In this digital era, Every business and websites need SEO to stay ahead of their competitors and increase their website & brand visibility. SEO plays a very important role in this modern and competitive world. 

If you are involved in an online business, have a website or blogging, SEO can be the best way to reach your business goals and increase its visibility in a cheap and longer reigning way. 

Is SEO a Good Career Option?

The answer to this question is Definitely Yes. But there can be various factors depending on the situation. I mean, whether you are really passionate about SEO and this digital world or just want to pursue SEO for money. 

Well, if you are in SEO for just the sake of money, I will suggest you find some other career option. But if you are really passionate about How Search Engine Works & how a website ranks, SEO is the field for you. 

SEO is filed having wide career options. Most of the SEO Expert have started their career as a Content Writer, Social Media Marketer, Web Developers, Search Analyst, Link Builders, and even as Data Entry operators. 

SEO is the strategic method to increase website visibility and attract visitors to the website from Search Engines to fulfill business needs.  SEO can be an awesome career option if you learn it with practical implementation. 

Is SEO Easy To Learn?

It is quite difficult to learn SEO traditionally like any other course. If you plan to learn SEO in an organized, practical, persistent, innovative, and passionate way with practical implementation, it won’t take you long to understand how SEO works. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the world of SEO is always changing so you always need to keep yourself updated with the latest trend. You need to keep yourself updated with every algorithm changes and tools that help to perform SEO.

To be honest, it is one of the most interesting and fun things to learn with practical implementation. And I can assure you that you will enjoy doing SEO if you learn with practical implementation. 

To learn SEO, you do not need to have any qualifications or technical knowledge. It is a great career option for both newbies as well as experienced employees if they want to add an extra skill to their resume. 

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

It is one of the most asked questions by new SEO enthusiasts as well as business owners. The correct answer to this question is that it depends upon multiple factors. You can’t expect SEO results to be shown within a day or a week. Sometimes, it can show results overnight while sometimes, it takes months and years. 

There are various factors such as the number of contents on the website, website age, prior SEO is done to the website or not, Website Design and Code Quality, whether the website is dynamic or static and many more SEO factors. 

What are the Qualifications & Skills needed to Become SEO Expert?

I already said this and will repeat again that you don’t need any academic qualifications to become an SEO expert. It can be a great career option for a newcomer as well as experienced employees. 

Is SEO a Good Career Option? With Detailed Explanation! 1

However, there are a few skills you need to possess to become a successful & industry-leading SEO Expert. Here are the skill sets explained in detail to become a great SEO Expert. 

i. Speaking & Writing Fluency

An SEO Expert must have a moderate fluency in speaking and a great writing skill. He/She needs to do a lot of Keyword & Content Research. English Language fluency is a must for these. An SEO Expert may need to prepare his own content depending on the situations, hence a good writing and speaking ability will be a huge plus point. 

ii. Critical Thinking

As an SEO Expert, you will always need to think about various outcomes before proceeding with any strategy. Hence, having critical thinking ability is quite an important skill. 

iii. Basic Web Programming & Technical Skill

Since there is web programming involved in website and a server where the website is placed, as an SEO Expert you need to have basic knowledge of these both. You will need to learn about HTML tags, Page Speed, Lazy Loading, Server Redirects, and some CSS. 

iv. Analytics Skill

As an SEO Expert, it’s a must-have skill. Things can be a bit tougher for you if you lack analytics skills. Every SEO Expert needs to learn about Google Analytics & Search Console to understand their website performance. 

Is SEO a Good Career Option?

If you are a critical thinker and have good Analytics skills, you can save a lot of your time as you will be able to easily recognize which of your content is doing better. 

Scope of SEO in Nepal & Globally: Current Scene & Future Trend

As a developing country, we are just growing into the Digital Era and SEO is becoming a trend with every passing day. Not just in Nepal but around the globe, SEO is an essential way to grow a business and website over the internet naturally. 

Also, SEO is part of Digital Marketing and every business is going with Digital Marketing to increase their brand awareness and achieve their business goals. Also, if you check the popular Job Portals of Nepal, you will always find multiple vacancies for SEO every day. 

How Much Salary Can I Expect as an SEO Expert being a Fresher?

Well, the salary for any position in corporate life depends on the person Skill and his presentation of skills. If you are a beginner with sound knowledge of SEO, you can expect a salary of around 20,000-30000 in the first year. With experience, it all depends on your negotiations and work portfolio. 

If you are thinking to learn SEO or planning to start SEO as a career, these guides can help you:

If you read this article till last and liked it, please let me know in the comments section below. Also, you can suggest what topics you want me to cover in upcoming articles. 


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