How to Install WordPress on Windows?

WordPress is content a management system which you can use to create various types of website from personal, portfolio, business, corporate, or a creative agency website.

Traditionally, people have been using WordPress on their web hosting account, but it’s not mandatory that you need a hosting server to install WordPress. In this article, we will learn about how to install WordPress on your local Localhost.

Installing WordPress on your local Localhost gives you an option to learn WordPress and test various themes plugins to create your desired website.

Installing WordPress on your Localhost is an easy process. You can create different types of sites installing WordPress on your Localhost to learn or even for testing purposes before finally deploying on your hosting Server.

You can install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP in a few simple steps.

We will learn in detail how to Install WordPress on your Localhost by this method on your local Localhost. Furthermore, we will also learn how to install WordPress themes from directory.

How to Install WordPress on your Localhost XAMPP?

Get XAMPP for Windows

Before you learn how to install WordPress using XAMPP on your Localhost, let’s understand what is XAMPP first.

XAMPP is an open-source web service software that mainly consists of Apache HTTP server, MariaDB database, and interpreter scripts, which are written in PHP and Paul programming language and allow you to create a local server on your Localhost.

Please follow The below steps to install XAMPP  on your Localhost:

Step 1:  Open your browser

Step 2: Go to and search for “Get XAMPP for Windows.”

Install WordPress

You will be displayed with the list of search results.

Step 3: Open the first link

Install WordPress on Windows

You can see that XAMPP for windows displayed at the top of the website. There is multiple version of XAMPP which you can save for Windows Operating System.

The latest version of XAMPP for Windows is 7.3.2, and I recommend you to get the newest version as it contains the updated version of PHP programming language and other software.

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 1

Step 4: Click on  Button

Step 5:  Locate the XAMPP software on your computer  and double click to install it. Follow the below procedure to install the XAMPP software.

Once you have completed the process of installing XAMPP, you need to get WordPress from

Get WordPress on your Computer

Please follow The below steps to install WordPress on Localhost:

Step 1: Open your browser

Step 2: Go to and click on Get WordPress.

Install WordPress on Windows

It would redirect you to the WordPress Page.

Step 3: Click on the Get WordPress and the WordPress zip file should start saving.

Install WordPress

Once you have saved the WordPress zip file is on your computer, locate the zip file, and extract it. Copy to WordPress folder and go to the XAMPP installation folder.

Normally the XAMPP installation folder is located in C drive unless you have changed it. [Go to Local Disk (C:) > xampp > htdocs

Once you have copied and pasted the WordPress folder into htdocs,  the last remaining steps to set up WordPress on your Localhost now.

Please follow the below instruction to setup WordPress on Localhost.

Configure WordPress on your Localhost using XAMPP.

Before starting the setup process of WordPress, you need to start the XAMPP server on your Localhost. Please follow the given steps to start the XAMPP server.

  • Go to Start Menu and Search for the “XAMPP Control Panel.”
  • Click on XAMPP Control Panel to start the XAMPP server.

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 2

  • Click on Start Button of Apache & MySQL to start the Server

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 3

  • Once the server starts, you can find the Stop option to stop the Server as given below:

Install WordPress

Please follow the below steps to set up WordPress on your local machine after you have started the XAMPP server.

Step 1: Open your browser

Step 2: Go to “localhost/PHPMyAdmin” without quotes.

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 4

Step 3: Click on “New” and create a New Database.

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 5

Step 4: Open a new tab on your browser and type “localhost/WordPress” without quote( or any name you have given to the folder you happy state in htdocs).

And Select the Language in which you want to install WordPress. We will be selecting English as the WordPress installation language.

Install WordPress

Step 5: On the next screen, you will be asked to remember the Database name, Database Username, Database Password of PHPMyAdmin. Click on Let’s Go.

Enter the Database name, which you just created “WordPress” in my case,  the database username as root, leave the password field as blank and leave the other field as it is.

Click on Submit.

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 6

Once you click on Submit, you will get the screen like given below:

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 7

Click on Run the Installation to install WordPress on Localhost using XAMPP.

Step 6: Enter the Site TitleUsername for WordPress admin, the Password for a WordPress admin, and your email address.

Click on Install WordPress.

Install WordPress

The WordPress installation will start once you click on the Submit button, and it would take a few seconds for WordPress to install on your Localhost.

Once the WordPress is installed, you can log in to your WordPress admin panel by going to localhost/WordPress/wp-admin (In my case, the folder name is WordPress.

You can name the folder as per your choice before pasting in htdocs folder)

How to Install WordPress on Windows? 8

To login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, please enter the username and password you created while setting up WordPress.

In case you forget your username and password, you can always reset using the email address you provided during the WordPress installation.

Here is the screenshot of the WordPress admin panel once you login to WordPress Admin Dashboard, giving your username and password.

Install WordPress

I hope you understand the process of How to Install WordPress on Localhost XAMPP?

If you have any questions or queries, you can mail us by going to Contact Page or by simply commenting down below.

I would try my best to help you solve your query regarding WordPress.

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