Ink Flip Shark Tank Update

The company Ink Flip, which provides printing cartridge replacement services, is featured on episode 112 of Shark Tank.

During peak printing periods, Sperry experienced ink shortages when printing large or last-minute reports. 

He designed a refill service like Netflix’s DVD rental program to deal with the high cost of replacement cartridges. 

Members can drop their empty ink cartridges in an envelope and mail them back to receive a high-quality refill cartridge in return for their empty cartridges.

This way, last-minute print jobs with a blank cartridge will never be an issue again.

How likely is it that the Sharks will accept their unique recycling scheme?

What Is Ink Flip?

Ink Flip is an invention by Andy Sperry that is so innovative, and you wonder why it wasn’t done before.

You can use this system to save money and even protect the environment, and it requires almost no effort on your part.

The company also provides printer clients with refurbished, reusable toner cartridges.

Assume that you are out of toner. The Ink Flip service allows you to use an extra cartridge while sending your used one back in the pre-paid and pre-filled box.

There are various advantages to using this system consistent toner supply; better for the environment, saves 70 percent on toner, and does not charge you for shipping charges.

Also, there is a money-back guarantee.

Company NameInkFlip
FounderAndy Sperry
ProductPrinter Ink Cartridge Refill Service
Investment Seeking$150,000 For 20% stake in InkFlip
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 01 Episode 11
Business StatusOut Of Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Ink Flip?

Andy Sperry founded the Ink Flip company to save consumers and the environment time and money on printing. 

You can save money by renting an ink cartridge rather than purchasing one. Ink Flip is a pre-stamped, pre-addressed box that you can return to us when it runs out of ink. 

You will always have an ink cartridge on hand since you will receive an empty one back after it is filled.

Ink Flip Before Shark Tank

Ink Flip is a company that sells custom tattoos, founded by a native of Franklin, Tennessee, Andy Sperry. 

Andy Sperry promises that his solution will make printing easier for computer users.

Andy Sperry said that by using Ink Flip, clients save money, time, and the environment. 

Ink Flip employs the same online video rental service model but with ink cartridges instead of movies.

Ink Flip: Cartridge Refill Service Shark Tank Update

He says that even as a corporate worker Andy Sperry understood that the only means to get ahead financially was to become his boss. 

Andy Sperry believes that many people can identify with his and his wife’s financial struggles. 

As Andy Sperry and his wife discussed their futures with their children, they realized getting out of debt was their primary concern.

Andy Sperry also stated that people would adore Ink Flip once he gets the word out. His venture can succeed only if the Sharks give him financial and business support.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Ink Flip?

Sperry proposes the Sharks $150,000 in exchange for a 20% interest in his firm.

He tells his narrative with the confidence of a salesperson, comparing his service to “online movie renting for your printer.”

Kevin O’Leary wants to know where he can purchase his first cartridge because “the friendly neighborhood ink firms plan to kill you.” 

Ink cartridges are exclusive businesses, and ink firms can crush new entrants who try to attack their monopoly.

Robert Herjavec addresses the issue: “What kind of manufacturer would allow you to take their revenue?”

Ink refills have become a billion-dollar industry thanks to shoppers’ inability to get ahold of just cartridges.

“Do you have sales?” Herjavec asks one of the crucial questions asked by the Sharks.

Yes. Sperry’s business has generated $10,000 in sales since launching six months ago. O’Leary, however, is not impressed. 

He is interested in learning the number of people who “flip” their ink cartridges every year, as well as their cost and profit margin on each flip. 

Smart Wheel Shark Tank Update

He was interested to learn how much it costs to acquire a client who generates revenue of about $70 per year. 

Sperry is unaware. The Shark Tank contestant clarifies that his goal is to learn from other sharks.

Sperry doesn’t know the cost of acquisition, according to Herjavec, because the strategy is based on obtaining consumers. 

Barbara Corcoran is curious about how much money he has personally invested.

Sperry estimates that he has invested about $50,000. He has not yet recovered the $10,000 he invested.

Mr. O’Leary exits without seeing what growing his consumer base will cost.

Sperry’s commercial understanding is not enough to make John’s concept successful, as he does not perceive a proprietary product. He has departed. 

Herjavec adds that Sperry wishes to test the market with “my money.” He has departed. “I cannot think of giving you $150,000 just to see if it works. 

I couldn’t fathom giving you that money for no good reason.” You haven’t done your job. I’m leaving.” – Barbara Corcoran.

Sperry exits the Shark Tank without securing a contract.

What Happened To Ink Flip After Shark Tank?

At the most inopportune time, the ink ran out on Andy Sperry’s printer, a recurring problem for printer owners.

He went on Shark Tank, wanting to gain investment in money and expertise from the sharks.

Sharks did not invest because Andy Sperry had no idea how much it costs to attract new consumers, which was an essential question that they sought an answer to. 

No one on Shark Tank has mentioned if Ink Flip is the best or worst inkjet printer. None of the Sharks were interested in investing in Ink Flip because they felt the company was too young. 

Andy Sperry needed more time to learn how to make his business successful and profitable before making an investment decision.

Fixed: Parking Ticket App Shark Tank Update

It looks that Andy Sperry’s business is still operating despite failing to gain financing from any of the Sharks. 

You may get to the Ink Flip website by visiting, which is their website address.

The website appears obsolete and archaic in comparison with the latest technology. 

As a result, I looked for Ink Flip reviews online, but all I could find was the official Ink Flip Facebook Page. 

This page was last updated on the 20th of September 2011. The fact that Andy Sperry needed investment from the Sharks to stay afloat tells me that Ink Flip was a failure.

The Ink Flip website previously supported and sold ink cartridges for many printer brands, including HP, Lexmark, Dell, Canon, and Epson. 

You can order a specific ink cartridge by visiting the Ink Flip website, choosing a printer manufacturer, a printer model, and a cartridge model.

To begin the ink cartridge replacement procedure after making an order, you must pay for it.

When the Ink Flip refill cartridge arrived, you could mail your old one back to Ink Flip, and they’d refill it for you.

You’d get your empty ink cartridge back after it’s been restocked, so you’d always have one on hand.

It’s a shame Andy Sperry’s business venture didn’t come out the way he had hoped.

He concluded by saying that you should do your homework before appearing on Shark Tank, which means you should always be ready for any questions the Sharks may have.

Ink Flip Shark Tank Update

Sharks ask Sperry why he didn’t do more study before coming on the show to determine the expense of marketing his company. Sperry admits his mistake. 

He couldn’t close the transaction because he was missing a vital piece of information: the cost of acquiring new consumers.

Ink Flip: Cartridge Refill Service Shark Tank Update

Sperry currently promotes his writings about his Shark Tank experience on social media and the Ink Flip website, which is still up and running. 

The company is still open for business. He has managed to keep his refill firm afloat even though the Sharks doubted it would print the money.

What Happened To PetPlate After Shark Tank?

Sperry Andrew declared bankruptcy in April of that year and closed his business. In his new role, he oversees all operations at Renew as the company’s COO.

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