How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Fresh Patch?

The Shark Tank episode 616 featured Andrew Feld trying to negotiate a deal for Fresh Patch, a hydroponically grown, real grass pee-pad for dogs.

Field and his dog, Chloe, founded the company in 2010 as an alternative to paper pee pads and fake grass. Fresh Patch was first delivered hand-to-hand by Field.

The grass pads are now delivered by Fed Ex directly to your door, saving you both time and money. You can even buy them on Amazon!

Fresh Patch is based on a simple premise: dogs enjoy rolling around on the grass, whether it’s for fun or for relieving their bladders.

It is a little easier to house train a dog if you provide him with a real piece of grass to play on. Also, it would be useful when the weather is bad, such as during a blizzard when it is hard to take the dog outside.

The grass-root structure is an odor absorber natural that does not teach dogs to go on rugs, unlike manufactured pee pads, and it does not encourage them to do so. The smell of grass is instinctively linked with the act of going outside for dogs.

Currently, FreshPatch is available in two sizes: “normal,” which measures 16 by 24 inches, and XL, which measures 2 by 4 feet. 

Feld offers additional accessories like a stainless steel tray and hardwood sleeves when the grass is delivered in a cardboard box, including a stainless steel tray.

You can purchase a Fresh Patch one at a time or subscribe to regular delivery service at a discounted rate. He even provides gift certificates for retail pet retailers to be displayed on his website.

Feld is most likely looking to extend his retail distribution network and require capital. 

Will the Sharks give Fresh Patch some much-needed green?

What Is Fresh Patch?

The Fresh Patch Company provides dog wee-wee pads made from hydroponically grown grass.

Fresh Patch is a thriving subscription-based industry with a loyal customer base. The Patch collar fits dogs weighing less than 15 pounds, and it is of a standard size.

The patches are placed in the area where the dog will be going the same way as a paper or cloth mat. The patches absorb urine and, as a result, help to control the urine odor.

If your dog or cat lives in the city and doesn’t have access to a backyard, this may be a good option for you. They also deliver promptly!

The fact that this product is disposable is the feature that stands out the most. There is no need for maintenance or cleaning since it is made of natural grass that absorbs urine and smells.

Fresh Patch Shark Tank Update

You can provide your dog with a healthy, organic meal using Fresh Patch. This product is available in two distinct sizes to fit both small and large dogs, and it can be stored almost anywhere.

Dog walkers who work all day or those who can’t walk their dogs due to age or health issues may find this service extremely useful, as well as those living in inclement weather or those who can’t walk their dogs due to weather conditions.

Fresh Patch is a hit with dogs immediately; they frequently scent it as soon as it is taken out of the package and use it within minutes of receiving it.

Plan prices start at $29 per month, making Fresh Patch a reasonable option – and it includes free shipment throughout the continental United States. Why not give it a shot?

You have the option to cancel at any time. When you start using Fresh Patch, you’ll be smiling, and your pet will be delighted. No more stinky, soiled sanitary napkins!

Company NameFresh Patch
EntrepreneurAndrew Feld
ProductSubscription Service for Dog Potty Grass Patches
Investment Asking For$150,000 For 15% equity in Fresh Patch
Final Deal$150,000 For 20% equity in Fresh Patch
SharkBarbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban
Episode Season 6 Episode 17
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Fresh Patch?

Andrew Fled is the founder and owner of Fresh Patch, an e-commerce business. He was seeking work because he lived with his wife and dog in a one-bedroom apartment in Miami and could not find work.

He eventually established his own fresh patch business, which developed into a well-known brand with a lot of hard work.

Andrew was a part of the commercials and television shows. Previously, he had expressed no interest in the company. 

Founded by Feld and friends and family in 2010 as a replacement for synthetic grass pee pads, he has over 100 employees.

Fresh Patch began in a 200 square foot storage container, which he built himself. First and foremost, he distributed the fixes to clients.

He later started selling them online. The idea for this business came to Andrew after picking some grass from his balcony and seeing his dog, Chloe, enjoy it. When he reached that point, he knew he had a good idea.

Fresh Patch Before Shark Tank

Andrew Feld, a resident of Davenport, Florida, will make his debut in the Shark Tank. A $150,000 investment in exchange for a 10 percent ownership stake in Andrew’s company, Fresh Patch, is being sought by the company’s founder.

Fresh Patch’s genuine grass delivery service for pets can benefit pet owners with everything they need but a fresh backyard.

After four years in their previous home with a backyard, Andrew and his wife decided to downsize into a condo.

Chloe doesn’t have a backyard to run around in, so Andrew built a “mini-backyard” on their balcony so she could have some room to play. However, unlike his wife, Andrew’s dog did not believe his wife was crazy.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Fresh Patch?

The Shark Tank show begins with a segment set “at home” in the Feld household. He reports that he and his wife moved to a condo in Florida after being transferred. Their dog, Chloe, isn’t happy about it at all.

Andrew got Chloe some grass for her balcony, which she loved! This is how he got the idea for Fresh Patch.

When Andrew appeared on the Shark Tank, he requested an investment of $150K in exchange for 10% of Fresh Patch.

After describing the business, Barbara inquires if she may bring a new patch inside — the answer is affirmative. 

Robert expresses an interest in large canines and demonstrates Fresh Patch XL.

Andrew revealed that he had already sold more than a million dollars in the artwork. Sharks are happy about that! Andrew has built it from scratch, but shipping is an issue.

He seeks funding to construct a shipping terminal on the east coast to help reduce shipping costs.

Robert believes his dog will not use it, and he exits. Mr. Wonderful enjoys that his product has a patent that is being infringed upon – he can sue someone! Kevin offers $150K in exchange for 33%.

Barbara says that if he joins the retail business, she’s willing to do $150K for 20%. Kevin then reduces his bid to $150,00 for a 20% stake in Fresh Patch.

Lori agrees but adds she’ll wait to hear what Mark says.

Mark believes it is both a technology and a retail play. He proposes to invest $150K with Barbara in exchange for a 20% stake.

Mark claims they will take charge of the website, manage retail, and let Andrew focus on his strengths.

Mark then states that he must make a decision IMMEDIATELY. Andrew attempts to counter but then declares he will accept the deal.

Final Deal: Mark Cuban and Barbara agreed to invest $150,000 for a 20% stake in Fresh Patch.

What Happened To Fresh Patch After Shark Tank?

When looking for Fresh Patch, the first result that comes up is a news piece about Andrew’s hometown of Davenport, Florida.

“We’ve already dispatched a thousand today,” Andrew remarks. It’s been surreal. My phone rang constantly last night, and I was unable to get much sleep. That is, it is about to go off.”

Andrew appears to have found quick success, and as someone who loves dogs, I love this idea-provide grass for them to eat.

Fresh Patch has redesigned their website (nice work, Mark), as well as added three new options for customers to choose from – the regular Fresh Patch, the Fresh Patch XL, and the Fresh Patch mini for pets weighing less than 25 pounds, more than 25 pounds, and less than ten pounds, respectively.

Fresh Patch Shark Tank Update

The normal Fresh Patch is now $29, and subscribers receive a 5% discount when they place a subscription order. 

However, the most tangible evidence of Fresh Patch’s success are the ridiculous reviews.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Spy Escape and Evasion?

Fresh Patch Amazon page has more than 1,300 reviews with a 5-star rating, while the website has a 5-star rating across over 250 reviews. 

You can find Fresh Patch on Amazon for $19 with $9 shipping, but it is just bulk and extra grass.

Fresh Patch Shark Tank Update

Fresh Patch’s product line now includes a variety of patches – small, regular, big, and extra-large – as well as plastic trays and wooden sleeves for storing the patches. 

Fresh Patch is currently unavailable at large retail outlets like PetSmart and Target.

Is Fresh Patch Still In Business?

The deal between Mark, Barbara, and Fresh Patch was never completed, and the product continues to be available only online.

He has plastic training trays in four different sizes: tiny, regular, large, and extra-large. Fresh Patch is still in business as of January 2022, generating revenue of $2 million.

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