HiccAway Shark Tank Update | HiccAway Net Worth

HiccAway is a revolutionary device that appeared in episode 12 of season 13 of Shark Tank. Invented by neurosurgeon Dr. Ali Seifi, HiccAway offers a simple yet effective solution to relieve hiccups instantly.

The device, shaped like a straw, works by generating pressure while sipping water, which helps lower the diaphragm and activate the leaf-shaped flap in the throat (Epiglottis).

HiccAway helps the brain reset and stop hiccups by stimulating key nerves responsible for hiccups (Phrenic & Vagus Nerves).

HiccAway retails for $14, with a discounted rate of $11 for multiple purchases, making it a very cost-effective tool to prevent hiccups.

HiccAway is a reliable and convenient solution that manages this common and often bothersome problem thanks to its innovative design and proven effectiveness.

Company NameHiccAway
FounderDr. Ali Seifi, Amanda Azarpour, and Victor Feldberg
ProductAn effective natural remedy for hiccups
Investment Seeking$250,000 for 10% Equity
Final Deal Accepted$250,000 for 20% Equity
Shark NameMark Cuban
EpisodeSeason 13, Episode 12
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteHiccAway Visit Website
Net Worth$1.5 Million

What Is HiccAway?

HiccAway is an easy-to-use device designed to stop hiccups instantly. It is a safe and natural alternative to existing hiccup treatments, made with BPA-Free plastic in the USA.

HiccAway is a product designed to help relieve hiccups. It is a hiccup straw that uses a specific suction and swallow mechanism to reset the diaphragm’s rhythm, which can help stop hiccups effectively.

HiccAway is clinically proven to have a 92% success rate in stopping hiccups and can be used by individuals of all ages.

HiccAway Shark Tank Update | HiccAway Net Worth

The product is described as a simple yet effective device that works by providing a specific way of drinking water to help alleviate hiccups.

Users have shared positive experiences with HiccAway, mentioning that it has helped them or their family members get rid of hiccups quickly and easily.

The device works by sipping forcefully from the mouthpiece, swallowing immediately, and repeating 2-3 times without pause.

It comes in different color options and is available for purchase in various packages, including single packs, family packs, and gift boxes.

Who Is The Founder Of HiccAway?

The founder of HiccAway is Dr. Ali Seifi, an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Director of the Neurological ICU at the University of Texas.

Dr. Seifi’s background in neurosurgery and experience with patients suffering from neurological injuries led him to conceive the idea of creating HiccAway.

He was driven to find a drug-free solution to alleviate the distress caused by hiccups in patients recovering from brain injuries and chemo treatments.

Before its appearance on Shark Tank, HiccAway gained recognition through Dr. Ali Seifi’s research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The innovative solution, Forced Inspiratory Suction and Swallow Tool (FISST), developed by Dr. Seifi, showed promising results in stopping hiccups by stimulating the phrenic and vagus nerves simultaneously.

The effectiveness of HiccAway was demonstrated by a 92% success rate in a small study with volunteers with hiccups. HiccAway gained further attention and support after this positive reception on Shark Tank.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of HiccAway?

  • Founders and Investment Seeking: Dr. Ali Seifi, Amanda, and Victor pitched HiccAway seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% of their company.
  • Product Overview: HiccAway is a device designed to stop hiccups effectively by providing enough pressure to alleviate diaphragm spasms.
  • Sharks’ Views: Mark Cuban was interested due to its medical problem-solving nature and scientific backing. Daymond had personal experience with severe hiccups.
  • Investment Offers: Mark offered $250,000 for 20% equity, while Kevin offered the same amount for 15% equity.
  • Final Deal: The founders accepted Mark Cuban’s offer of $250,000 for 20% equity.

The founders of HiccAway, Dr. Ali Seifi, Amanda, and Victor, appeared on Shark Tank seeking a $250,000 investment in exchange for 10% of the company.

They presented HiccAway as a solution to the common yet bothersome issue of hiccups, showcasing its effectiveness in stopping diaphragm spasms.

HiccAway Shark Tank Update | HiccAway Net Worth

The Sharks were intrigued by the product, with Mark Cuban highlighting its medical problem-solving nature and scientific validation.

Daymond expressed personal resonance with the product due to his past struggles with severe hiccups lasting hours.

After deliberation, Mark offered $250,000 for a 20% stake in the company, emphasizing the slow but steady potential growth of HiccAway. Kevin also made an offer of the same amount for a 15% stake.

Ultimately, the founders accepted Mark Cuban’s offer, securing the investment to further develop and market HiccAway.

Shark’s NameInvestment OfferedCounter Offer by FoundersFinal Deal Accepted
Mark Cuban$250,000 for 20%N/A$250,000 for 20%
Kevin$250,000 for 15%N/ANot Accepted

Did HiccAway Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, HiccAway secured a deal on Shark Tank Season 13. The entrepreneurs, Dr. Ali Seifi, Amanda Azarpour, and Victor Feldberg, received an offer from Mark Cuban for $250,000 in exchange for 20% equity in their business.

The deal was successfully closed, and HiccAway is now thriving with over $1 million in sales. The product can be purchased through various major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and H-E-B, offering an innovative solution to stop hiccups quickly and effectively.

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What Happened To HiccAway After Shark Tank?

After appearing on “Shark Tank,” HiccAway, the innovative product designed to cure hiccups, experienced significant growth and success.

Dr. Ali Seifi, Amanda Azarpour, and Victor Feldberg successfully secured a deal with Mark Cuban on the show. Cuban invested $250,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in HiccAway.

Despite some initial doubts from other Sharks about the demand for a hiccup cure, the deal with Cuban propelled HiccAway to the next level.

Following the “Shark Tank” appearance, HiccAway continued to thrive. The company closed the deal with Cuban, and within a year of the TV appearance, HiccAway had grossed a total of $1 million.

The product is still in business, with a strong presence on Amazon and in various retail stores globally, including Walmart and Heb stores.

The company has expanded its reach to countries like Spain, Australia, Germany, and China, further enhancing its market presence.

The product’s success was further boosted by a TikTok video that went semi-viral, showcasing its efficacy in curing hiccups.

HiccAway remained in business and widely available, with its website active and offering the flagship product for purchase either individually or in a four-pack.

HiccAway Shark Tank Update | HiccAway Net Worth

HiccAway’s net worth has seen a significant increase, reaching $1.5 million post the Shark Tank deal.

The product has garnered positive reviews from customers, with a 4.3-star rating out of 5 on Amazon, indicating high customer satisfaction and product effectiveness.

In addition to the original HiccAway device, the company has also introduced a new product called Hiclip, designed to complement the HiccAway device and enhance user experience.

The innovative approach to addressing hiccups has resonated well with consumers, contributing to the company’s continued success and growth in the market.

HiccAway’s journey post-Shark Tank has been marked by success, with the company maintaining its position in the market and continuing to offer effective solutions for managing hiccups.

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HiccAway Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Mark Cuban, HiccAway has seen significant success and growth in its business.

The entrepreneurs behind HiccAway have been proactive in promoting their product and expanding its reach in the market.

HiccAway showcased its invention at the ACP Medical Conference, gaining exposure and credibility within the medical community.

Leveraging platforms like TikTok, influencers such as Vickie Comedy and Payton Styles shared positive experiences with HiccAway, increasing brand awareness and consumer trust.

The product is available for purchase on Amazon and their official website, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of consumers.

Customers have shared testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of HiccAway in alleviating hiccups, reinforcing its value proposition and driving sales. Users have found the product easy to use and effective, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

HiccAway continues to innovate and improve its product, staying relevant in the market and meeting consumer needs.

With hiccups being a common health concern globally, there is a steady demand for solutions like HiccAway, ensuring long-term viability.

HiccAway’s ability to secure a deal with Mark Cuban and sustain its operations post-Shark Tank suggests financial stability and growth potential.

HiccAway has thrived after its appearance on Shark Tank, capitalizing on the exposure and investment to expand its business, reach more customers, and establish itself as a leading solution for hiccups.

With a strong online presence, positive customer feedback, and ongoing innovation, HiccAway is poised for continued success in the health and wellness market.

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What Is the Net Worth Of HiccAway?

According to our research, HiccAway’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. The valuation of HiccAway was $1.25 million after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on season 13 of Shark Tank.