What Happened To Gold Rush Nugget Bucket After Shark Tank?

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket inventor Mark Peterson pitched a piece of gold panning equipment inspired by his daughter on Shark Tank episode 622.

A bucket with screens, funnels, and pans transfer gold and sand to a concentration bowl. This method simplifies gold panning compared to using a regular pan.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is manufactured and patented in the United States and Canada. Furthermore, it is endorsed by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA).

Peterson began selling the product in 2012. Everything you need to pan for gold is included in the package, which fits into a 5-gallon bucket and weighs approximately seven pounds.

Gold pans cost $99.95 plus shipping on Amazon.

Mr. Peterson is presumably seeking funding from the Sharks to expand the distribution of his product. Is a shark willing to exchange gold nuggets for green money?

What Is Gold Rush Nugget Bucket?

Everyone wants gold, and wars have been waged over it, but it is all around us.

You can find gold dust (micron gold) in nearly every body of water in the world. There is a small amount of gold dust in Home Depot’s bags of sand.

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket makes gold panning for kids much more efficient and enjoyable than it would be with standard panning equipment. Place your dirt in the bucket and add a bit of water to fill the bucket.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Shark Tank Update

Gravity concentrates the heavy gold dust in a small bowl at the bottom of the bucket, making panning for gold a simple process.

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is the best gold panning equipment you’ll ever purchase since it recovers 99 percent of gold nuggets, 90 percent of gold flakes, and up to 90 percent of gold dust.

Company NameGold Rush Nugget Bucket
EntrepreneurMark Peterson
ProductFun family activities for gold prospecting
Investment Asking For$60,000 For 15% equity in Gold Rush Nugget Bucket
Final Deal$60,000 For 25% equity in Gold Rush Nugget Bucket
SharkRobert Herjavec
Episode Season 6 Episode 19
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteVisit Website

Who Is The Founder Of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket?

Mark Peterson is the founder of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket, who pitched it on Shark Tank.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Before Shark Tank

Mark Peterson created gold Rush Nugget Bucket from Eugene, Oregon. He is seeking a $60,000 investment in exchange for a 15% stake in his business. Everyone desires gold.

It has been the subject of wars, keeping the social world afloat. Gold nuggets used to be found by panning through dirt in a river for hours – a lot of effort for little reward.

As a result, Mark has made it simple and enjoyable for everyone to discover gold, including gold. The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is different from other panning methods in that it concentrates the soil into a point, thereby making panning very easy and enjoyable.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket?

Mark came to Shark Tank requesting an investment of $60K for a 15% stake in Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. 

A Gold Rush Nugget Bucket illustrated how panning for gold is simplified.

He exhibits it, and the interrogation begins. He was inspired when he saw his daughters playing with buckets searching for rocks.

He’s made $290,000 in sales at a 70% profit margin. He’s invested $192K and claims to be the owner of two patents.

Mark exits abruptly, and Robert immediately follows. Barbara wants one for her husband but cannot get her hands on one.

Lori believes it is a toy and exits. Kevin believes he should pursue a career in retail. This is such a frivolous issue he thinks it has merit and is willing to exchange $60K for 50%.

Robert re-enters the fray and offers $60K for a 25% stake in Gold Rush Nugget Bucket. Mark accepts Robert’s offer.

Final Deal: Robert Herjavoc agrees to invest $60K in exchange for a 25% stake in Gold Rush Nugget Bucket.

What Happened To Gold Rush Nugget Bucket After Shark Tank?

Shark Tank’s success story is one of the most satisfying, in contrast to the unfortunate experiences of Rolodoc and products that don’t meet expectations, such as BufferBit.

It was heartening to discover that the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket scores an average 4.5 stars across 47 customer reviews on Amazon since it is an exceedingly simple product that is hard to mess up.

There are only three left in stock of the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket retailing at $119.95. It appears Robert and Mark have also added the Deluxe version, which includes a metal panning pan.

The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket also has its website, where subscribers can receive a 10% discount for simply subscribing to the newsletter.

What Happened To Bee Thinking After Shark Tank?

Shipping is complimentary among the 48 contiguous states (except Hawaii and Alaska). Even though the only difference between these versions is the color, all of the Gold Rush Nugget Buckets have been rated four stars on the website.

Gold Rush Nugget Buckets are pink, camouflage gold, and yellow. Gold Rush Nugget Buckets are the same price as the Amazon model at $119.95, and their website includes information about the Gold Rush and how to use the bucket and tools to search for gold.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Shark Tank Update

Robert and Mark completed their transaction without encountering a few roadblocks. The company is discussed in Beyond the Tank episode 207.

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Shark Tank Update

Fortunately, the company overcomes the obstacles. Robert and Mark decided they needed a social media manager. Currently, the company earns $1.2 million in revenue annually as of January 2022.

Is Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Still In Business?

Yes, Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is still in business as of January 2022, with annual revenue of $1.2 million.

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