Go Oats Shark Tank Update | Go Oats Net Worth

Go Oats is a product in the oatmeal market that first gained attention in the 12th Season of the reality TV show Shark Tank. Go Oats offers a hassle-free way to enjoy traditional oatmeal by presenting it in a frozen, ready-to-eat ball format.

These are made from quality steel-cut oats, fresh dairy milk, and natural flavors, highlighting the company’s commitment to healthy and tasty nutrition. The Go Oats brand caters to the busy lifestyles of today’s consumers, who are increasingly health-conscious yet time-constrained.

The product aims to turn the typically time-consuming oatmeal preparation into a quick and enjoyable experience without sacrificing the nutritional benefits of oatmeal consumption.

Go Oats’s convenience and appeal to many consumers make it stand out. Go Oats are an ideal breakfast, lunch, or snack choice since oatmeal is versatile.

Moreover, it is packed with essential nutrients that are beneficial for all age groups, explaining why many parents choose it for their children’s meals.

Furthermore, the product has been praised for its taste and easy preparation, which, along with its nutrition-packed composition, ensures a satisfying and wholesome meal.

Its format also eliminates the mess typically associated with traditional oatmeal preparation. As a result, Go Oats provides an excellent solution for those seeking quick, nutritious, and enjoyable meals.

Company NameGo Oats
EntrepreneurNahum Jeannot
Product / BusinessBalls of oatmeal
Investment Asking For$150,000 for 10% equity in Go Oats
Final Deal$150,000 for 20% equity in Go Oats
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Go Oats Episode Season 12, Episode 2
Go Oats Business StatusIn Business
Go Oats WebsiteVisit Website
Go Oats Net Worth$1 Million

What Is Go Oats?

Go Oats is a brand that offers a range of oat-based products. They specialize in convenient and nutritious oatmeal cups perfect for on-the-go consumption. Go Oats’ products are made with high-quality ingredients and come in various flavors to suit different preferences.

Go Oats Shark Tank Update | Go Oats Net Worth

Go Oats is known for its innovative approach to oat-based products. Here are some more details about their offerings:

  1. Oatmeal Cups: Go Oats offers a variety of oatmeal cups designed to be quick and easy to prepare. Each cup contains a serving of oatmeal and other ingredients like fruits, nuts, and spices. Add hot water or milk, let it sit for a few minutes, and enjoy a delicious and wholesome meal.
  2. Flavors: Their oatmeal cups come in various flavors to cater to different tastes. You can find classic flavors like apple cinnamon, maple, brown sugar and unique combinations like coconut mango and peanut butter chocolate. This variety allows customers to choose their favorite flavors or try something new.
  3. Nutritional Benefits: Oats are a nutritious grain that provides several health benefits. They are a good source of fiber, which can help support digestion and promote feelings of fullness. Oats are also rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that contribute to overall well-being. Go Oats ensures that their products retain these nutritional benefits.
  4. Convenience: Go Oats is known for its convenience. The oatmeal cups are designed for on-the-go consumption, making them ideal for busy individuals or those needing a quick and nutritious meal. The cups are portable, lightweight, and easily prepared with hot water or milk, making them perfect for travel, work, or any time you need a nourishing meal.
  5. Quality Ingredients: Go Oats focuses on using high-quality ingredients in their products. They source their oats from trusted suppliers and select ingredients free from artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. This commitment to quality ensures that customers receive a wholesome and delicious product.

Go Oats offers a convenient and nutritious way to enjoy oat-based meals. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast, a midday snack, or a post-workout meal, their oatmeal cups provide a satisfying and nourishing option.

Who Is The Founder Of Go Oats?

The founder of Go Oats is Nahum Jeannot, an entrepreneur and culinary professional based in Alexandria, Virginia, United States. Jeannot is a businessperson and a seasoned chef, giving him a unique perspective and understanding of food and nutrition.

His educational background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Related Services/Hospitality Management from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College.

Following his studies, Jeannot gained practical experience in the culinary industry by working at Goodwinhouse Baileys Crossroads for three years and serving as the banquet chef at the Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner Center.

His culinary prowess and understanding of the market inspired him to leverage his skills to create a product that would offer convenience and nutrition – this is how the idea of Go Oats was born.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Go Oats was already an established product in online and offline markets. The unique oatmeal product has entered over 100 stores across the United States, including reputable names like Dawson’s Market, Gelson’s, Meijer, Vons, and Whole Foods Market.

This widespread availability reflected the product’s popularity among consumers who appreciated its convenience, taste, and nutritional value.

The exposure from Shark Tank certainly boosted its profile, but Go Oats had already established a solid footing in the market, which laid a strong foundation for its subsequent growth.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Go Oats?

Nahum Jeannot, the founder of Go Oats, came to Shark Tank with a clear objective: secure an investment of $150,000 in exchange for a 10% equity stake in his company, valuing the company at $1.5 million.

Jeannot gave a compelling pitch, highlighting the unique value proposition of Go Oats, its existing market presence, and future growth potential, given the rising market value of the oatmeal industry.

The Sharks on the panel were impressed by Go Oats’s taste and convenience, essentially oatmeal presented in a novel, easy-to-consume format.

However, they also expressed concerns about the product’s relatively low-profit margins, which cost $1 per unit. This concern was rooted in considering how these margins might affect the scalability of the business in the future.

Despite these apprehensions, Barbara Corcoran, one of the Sharks known for her successful investments in the food industry, saw potential in Go Oats. She offered to invest $150,000 for a 25% equity stake instead of the originally proposed 10%.

Jeannot negotiated quickly with Corcoran, and they agreed on a final deal: $150,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in Go Oats. Thus, Go Oats secured the desired investment at a higher equity cost.

Corcoran’s investment also came with her industry knowledge and contacts, which Jeannot hoped would help further expand Go Oats’ presence in major stores and secure a broader customer base.

Did Go Oats Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Go Oats did secure a deal on Shark Tank. The founder, Nahum Jeannot, appeared on Season 12 of the show, seeking $150,000 in funding in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. The Sharks were impressed with the product, particularly the microwave- and oven-friendly packaging. However, they had concerns about Jeannot’s business acumen.

Despite some hesitation from the Sharks, Barbara Corcoran made a deal with Jeannot. She offered him the requested $150,000 but wanted a 25% stake in the company. After some negotiation, they settled on a 20% stake for Corcoran.

Go Oats successfully secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.

What Happened To Go Oats After Shark Tank?

After its appearance on Shark Tank and securing a deal with Barbara Corcoran, Go Oats experienced a significant boost in its business operations.

The product quickly sold out on both its website and Amazon, indicating a substantial increase in consumer demand driven by the exposure from the show.

The success of Go Oats demonstrated that the company could leverage the publicity from the show effectively to increase its customer base.

The investment from Barbara Corcoran wasn’t just financial; it also came with her wealth of industry knowledge and contacts. This allowed Go Oats to explore new growth opportunities, including entering more big box stores.

Go Oats planned to use the investment primarily for manufacturing and marketing. The intention was to expand the company’s reach and establish a broader customer base through strategic marketing efforts. Simultaneously, scaling up manufacturing was necessary to meet the increased demand.

By 2022, Go Oats’ net worth had grown to $800,000, reflecting the positive impact of its strategic initiatives and the Shark Tank exposure.

While the company experienced a slight downturn in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was actively developing a new strategic plan to boost product sales.

Moreover, the company’s products were available in more than 20 Hainan’s and over 60 Whole Foods stores across seven states in the United States, demonstrating a substantial expansion of its physical retail presence. All these factors show a successful growth trajectory for Go Oats after its Shark Tank appearance.

Go Oats Shark Tank Update

After appearing on Shark Tank, Go Oats received a deal with Barbara Corcoran, who invested $150,000 in exchange for 20% equity and her guidance in scaling the business. This partnership allowed Go Oats to navigate the deep waters of warehouse stores and expand its presence.

Following the show, Go Oats experienced the “Shark Tank bump,” a phenomenon where brands featured on the show see an immediate increase in sales.

In Go Oats’ case, their product stock sold out within 48 hours of the episode airing. This initial success helped boost the brand’s visibility and customer base.

Go Oats can be found in various retail stores, including Whole Foods, Target, and Sprouts. They have also established a direct-to-consumer option on their website, offering an 8-pack of frozen oatmeal bites for $67.99.

The brand has expanded its flavor offerings, including Maple Brown Sugar, Blueberry, and a new Strawberry option.

Go Oats Shark Tank Update | Go Oats Net Worth

Go Oats has received generally positive reviews. Customers appreciate the convenience and healthy breakfast options that the product provides. The portability factor of the oatmeal bites has also been a selling point for many.

Overall, it seems that Go Oats has capitalized on the exposure and investment gained from “Shark Tank.” The brand has expanded its distribution channels, diversified its flavors, and continues attracting customers looking for a convenient and nutritious breakfast option.

Is Go Oats Still In Business?

Our research shows that Go Oats is still in business and actively operating. After receiving funding from Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank, the company has focused on marketing and manufacturing.

They have gained significant exposure through television and have seen a boost in product orders. Go Oats offers their oatmeal product on a regular and subscription basis, and they are currently running a sale with a 10% discount.

Despite facing some challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have implemented a new strategic plan to grow their sales.

As of 2023, Go Oats has a net worth of $800,000 and continues expanding its presence. They are currently available in over 20 Hainan’s and 60+ Whole Foods stores across seven states in the United States.

What Is the Net Worth Of Go Oats?

According to our research, the net worth of Go Oats is estimated to be $1.5 million. The valuation of Go Oats was $750,000 after securing an investment from Barbara Corcoran on Shark Tank.

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