What Happened To Gato Cafe After Shark Tank?

Gato Cafe is Adriana Montano’s idea for Florida’s first cat cafe. She asks for a Shark’s help in Shark Tank episode 623, the season 6 finale. 

Cat cafes have taken off in Asia and are gaining traction in Europe, and Gato Cafe aims to replicate that phenomenon. 

There are no significant differences between this and any other coffee shop / café, except cats. 

There is a scene set in a Thai cat cafe that will be remembered by fans of the Amazing Race.

The proposal, written by Mary Montano, was intended to raise $75,000, but her Indie GoGo campaign has only raised $1,210 of the targeted amount. 

Montano is optimistic that the cafe will open soon. She recently tweeted, “Exciting news to come!”. 

Make sure you keep an eye out! Meow! “#catcafe #thismayhappen #flcatcafe, says the Twitter account for Gato Cafe. 

The Indie GoGo campaign concluded in mid-July 2014, just before appearing on Shark Tank.

Ms. Montano is likely seeking funding to help her realize her ambition of founding Gato Cafe. 

After her appearance, Cat-loving Shark Tank viewers might rally behind a new crowdfunding campaign.

Is the Gato Cafe capable of attracting a Shark and securing an investment?

What Is Gato Cafe?

The concept of a cafe that serves decent food has good coffee, and has cats to play with has proven to be a profitable niche throughout Asia and Europe.

Gato Cafe Shark Tank Update

Gato Café wanted to bring the global concept of “cat cafes” to Florida. There would be beverages, snacks, and the possibility of adopting a feline companion.

Company NameGato Cafe
EntrepreneurAdriana Montano
ProductCafe For Cats
Investment Asking For$100,000 For 20% equity in Gato Cafe
Final DealNo Deal
SharkNo Shark
Episode Season 6 Episode 29
Business StatusOut Of Business

Who Is The Founder Of Gato Cafe?

Gato Cafe was founded by Adriana Montano, who has culinary experience. 

Her work as a fundraiser and activist for Alley Cat Allies, a nonprofit dedicated to cat welfare, led her to team up with her husband, Michael Meng, in an attempt to open Gato Café. Meng served in the Army National Guard.

Gato Cafe Before Shark Tank

Adriana Montana became aware of the global trend of cat cafes and envisioned establishing the concept in Florida.

Gato Café was conceived by Adriana in 2014 when she unleashed her inner cat lady and began an IndieGoGo campaign.

Montano’s description of herself as a cat lady is realistic, given her prior work defending cats and her love for them.

When she worked at the charity group, her supervisor gave her an article about Japanese cat cafés.

The cat café fad is a huge phenomenon in Asia and gaining popularity in Europe, which Adriana believed Florida was prepared for.

Adriana’s Indie Go-Go campaign wasn’t as successful as she had hoped, and she fell far short of the $75,000 goal.

Montano fell in love with the concept of a cat café and planned to build one in Boca Raton or Delray Beach, Florida. Patrons can take advantage of pre-packaged meals and “fur treatment.”

However, the shark tank producers became aware of the Gato Café concept. They approached Adriana and inquired whether she would appear on the show.

Adriana accepted the offer to obtain the money she needed and the media publicity associated with the television show.

Gato Café was conceived in 2014. Montano chose to seek startup funds through an Indie Go-Go campaign and teamed with an animal rescue charity to bring Gato Café to Florida.

Adriana will pitch Gato Café to the sharks in the shark tank. What will their reactions be?

What will the sharks do when Florida’s first cat café opens? Will they unleash their inner animal lover?

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Gato Cafe?

Adriana pitches to the Shark Tank for $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in her business.

She is accompanied by a litter of kittens, whom Lori and Nick find adorable.

Daymond, Lori, and Nick get a cat to play with, but Mark and Kevin are uninterested.

Amused at the entire premise, Mark states that he enjoys cats but not this one; he exits.

Kevin suggests they locate the cafe on an upper floor to remove them with a window easily.

Adriana chastises him for his scathing remark. She may generate revenue by charging the cafe a $9 admittance fee.

Nick expresses enthusiasm with the concept, and Daymond points out that cat cafes are extremely popular in Japan. Kevin declares that he despises cats and exits.

Lori admires Adriana’s efforts, yet she continues to go out. Daymond immediately follows.

Although Nick is interested in visiting the cafe, he is not entirely sold on the concept; he is also out.

Final Deal: No Deal between Sharks and Gato Cafe.

What Happened To Gato Cafe After Shark Tank?

The appearance on Shark Tank resulted in significant media coverage for Adriana and Gato Café following the show.

She chose to launch another crowdfunding campaign as a result.

Adriana is more confident that the second crowdfunding campaign will enable her to achieve her goal of opening Florida’s first cat café, given the media attention the concept of Gato Café has received.

Gato Café aired an episode of Shark Tank on Oct. 26, and since then, several people have expressed support for the concept on social media, but not many people have donated to Gato Café.

After two months, the second crowd fundraising campaign with only twelve people supporting the idea and giving. Adriana’s campaign, unfortunately, wasn’t as successful as she had hoped.

What Happened To Lumio After Shark Tank?

Gato Café may never have developed beyond a notion. There is no doubt that cat cafes are gaining popularity throughout the world.

The Gato Café may open in Florida in a few years, but Adriana’s dream has not come true.

Gato Cafe Shark Tank Update

This venture never progressed beyond the concept stage, and the cafe was never opened.

The concept has been gaining traction in Europe and Asia, but it has had a rocky start in the United States.

Gato Cafe Shark Tank Update

A Denver cat café was recently sued by a customer scratched by a cat. She must also convince the State of Florida that the Gato Café deserves a permit, regardless of whether Montano successfully raises funds. Also, a license for liquor!

Montano stated that she intends to serve beer and wine to meet her fundraising target. There are no cat cafes in the Sunshine State at the moment.

Is Gato Cafe Still In Business?

The concept of Gato Café has been well received, but the crowdfunding campaign was unsuccessful.

What Happened To FlexScreen After Shark Tank?

The Shark Tank episode garnered additional media attention for Brown Cat, resulting in a second crowdsourcing campaign that ultimately failed.

Gato Café will never reopen due to Montano’s regret.

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