FitDeck Shark Tank Update

FitDeck: A Revolutionary Fitness Solution

Phil Black, the creator of FitDeck, appeared on Shark Tank season 5, episode 18, to seek investment from the Sharks for their business expansion.

Phil is a multi-talented individual, serving as an investment banker, personal trainer, firefighter, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. He holds a degree from Harvard Business School and is a dedicated father of four.

FitDeck was a unique workout tool featuring illustrated exercise playing cards designed to make fitness routines simpler, more convenient, and enjoyable. Each card depicted a specific exercise at three different difficulty levels to suit various fitness abilities.

Available in 56-card Full Decks and 26-card Booster packs focusing on body weight, yoga, stretching, basketball, and more, FitDeck provides a portable and engaging way to stay active. 

These cards offer a wide range of training exercises and nutritional guidance tailored to various sports, activities, and lifestyles.

FitDeck: A Revolutionary Fitness Solution

Phil’s versatility extends to designing custom decks for businesses, gifts, athletic teams, and fitness programs. Established in 2004, FitDeck is exclusively distributed through Phil’s website and Amazon.

The FitDeck software complements the physical cards, aiming to simplify and enhance the exercise experience. By providing flashcards with diverse workouts and clear instructions, FitDeck makes working out both enjoyable and productive.

The deck includes three difficulty levels for each activity – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – along with options for 56-card and 26-card booster decks.

The FitDeck brand has gained momentum since its inception in 2005 by Phil Black, a San Diego entrepreneur with a passion for health and fitness.

Phil’s background includes a bachelor’s degree from Yale University, a master’s degree from Harvard Business School, and service in the Navy as a firefighter.

His diverse career also features an investment banking role at Goldman Sachs and certifications as a fitness instructor and motivational speaker.

FitDeck’s success lies in its unique approach to fitness – offering a customizable deck of illustrated workout cards that cater to a wide audience.

Users can create fresh workout routines by shuffling the cards on a regular basis to avoid monotony. It is convenient to carry the cards in a plastic holder for on-the-go workouts.

Phil’s vision for FitDeck spans exercise, sports training, and nutrition, aiming to make these essential components accessible to individuals of all ages and interests.

With the creation of specialized decks like Prenatal FitDeck, Junior FitDeck, FitDeck Golf, and FitDeck Senior, he targets specific demographics to promote healthy and active lifestyles.

Looking ahead, Phil envisions expanding FitDeck into the digital realm through an app to reach a wider audience. Despite his expertise, Phil saw value in presenting his invention on Shark Tank to leverage the platform’s resources for digital integration.

FitDeck continues to evolve under Phil’s guidance, inspiring individuals worldwide to stay active and engaged in their fitness journey.

FitDeck in the Shark Tank: Entrepreneur’s Journey

Phil presented FitDeck on Shark Tank, seeking $300,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the company.

FitDeck consists of fitness playing cards that feature illustrations and instructions for various exercises, covering a wide range of topics from cross-training to Yoga.

These cards are cost-effective to produce at approximately $4.95 each and are sold on the website for $14.95.

Phil revealed during the pitch that he had sold 50,000 units of FitDeck in the past seven years, which initially impressed the Sharks.

The company had yet to break even despite generating $640,000 in sales the previous year.

On average, FitDeck’s annual revenues amounted to around $700,000, with profits reaching approximately $120,000. The Sharks engaged in a lively discussion about the prospects of FitDeck.

Robert Herjavec inquired about the allocation of earnings, to which Phil explained that the funds had been reinvested in research and development, as well as in creating product support videos.

FitDeck in the Shark Tank: Entrepreneur's Journey

Phil expressed his intention to use the investment to develop further the FitDeck app, which currently garners around 1,000 monthly downloads at a price of $9.99.

Mark Cuban raised doubts about the sustainability of mobile applications, referring to them as a challenging sector.

Despite some skepticism from Kevin O’Leary regarding FitDeck’s valuation, Phil defended his brand’s establishment and the unique value it brings to the market.

However, the Sharks’ feedback varied, with Daymond John expressing concerns about the product’s safety, Robert Herjavec highlighting the lack of profitability, and Lori Greiner questioning the digital market’s suitability for FitDeck’s expansion.

Ultimately, the negotiations did not lead to a deal as the Sharks gradually opted out, leaving Phil to exit the Tank without securing an investment agreement.

The episode showcased the challenges and opportunities faced by entrepreneurs like Phil in the competitive world of business and innovation.

Final Deal: No deal between Sharks and FitDeck.

FitDeck Post Shark Tank: Phil Black’s Continued Journey

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, FitDeck garnered significant attention in the media, boosting the brand’s visibility.

Phil Black continued to promote FitDeck despite not securing any investments from the sharks in the popular TV show Shark Tank.

FitDeck is available for purchase directly from the official FitDeck website or through various online retailers like Amazon.

Phil introduced the ‘Shark Tank Bundle,’ a set of three FitDeck decks priced at $39.95. FitDeck is also available at a discounted price of $14.99 from

Phil’s unwavering enthusiasm and determination suggest that he will succeed in his endeavors, regardless of the outcome.

Despite impressive sales, FitDeck struggled with profitability, raising concerns about the company’s financial sustainability.

Phil aimed to reinvest the earnings into developing a profitable app, but the highly competitive digital market, saturated with fitness apps, posed a significant challenge.

FitDeck Post Shark Tank: Phil Black's Continued Journey

FitDeck remains accessible for purchase on both the official website and platforms like Amazon, including the exclusive ‘Shark Tank Bundle.’

Although FitDeck faces competition in the market, Phil’s innovative approach, inspired by Navy Seal training methods, hints at the brand’s potential for success.

In 2014, Implus acquired FitDeck, a move that aligned with its portfolio of footwear, outdoor, and fitness products. FitDeck is still available on Amazon, but its website has been redirected to a different website.

Phil Black’s entrepreneurial journey continued as he launched PrepWell Academy and appeared on Shark Tank, eventually selling FitDeck to focus on his new venture.

FitDeck is still in business with an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.