Dino Don Shark Tank Net Worth

Dino Don is a business specializing in creating custom-designed, lifelike robotic dinosaurs. Dino Don’s uniqueness lies in its attempt to recreate the prehistoric era.

Dino Don designs various robotic dinosaurs based on Lessem’s extensive research on dinosaur anatomy and behavior.

Dino Don’s potential extends beyond education and entertainment. Due to the popularity of dinosaurs, heightened by movies like Jurassic Park, there is a significant market for these robotic dinosaurs.

Dino Don’s business model also includes renting and selling these dinosaurs, further diversifying its income streams. The company even offers a 12-month guarantee, handling delivery and installation, assuring customers of their commitment to quality and service.

Dino Don brings its customers entertainment, education, and scientific wonder. Its impressive design capabilities and business model capitalizing on the continued fascination with dinosaurs make it a compelling choice for those looking to invest in a unique and profitable business venture.

Company NameDino Don
EntrepreneurDon Lessem and Val Jones
Product / BusinessA robotic dinosaur with a custom design
Investment Asking For$500,000 for 10% equity in Dino Don
Final Deal$500,000 for 25% equity in Dino Don
SharkMark Cuban
Episode Season 12, Episode 25
Business StatusIn Business
WebsiteDino Don Website
Net Worth$5 Million

What Is Dino Don?

Dino Don Inc. is a business that specializes in creating robotic custom-designed dinosaurs, giving a sense of realism to prehistoric creatures through advanced animation design.

Dino Don was founded by Don Lessem, also known as Dino Don, who was a science advisor to the original Jurassic Park film and has been a researcher in the dinosaurs field.

The company designs different species of robotic dinosaurs primarily provided to touring exhibitions and museums. These designs are carefully researched to provide high accuracy and detail, aiming to make the models as lifelike as possible.

The business model operates on both a rental and sales basis, providing robotic dinosaurs to zoos, museums, and aquariums worldwide.

The products offered by Dino Don Inc. are visually impressive and include sound effects for every species of dinosaur to enhance the overall experience. The company also works on Natural History Exhibitions, and its robotic exhibitions have attracted millions of visitors across Europe and North America.

Dino Don Shark Tank Net Worth

Dino Don Inc. has partnered with many renowned venues, including Brookfield, Louisville, and Zoo Copenhagen. The company offers more than 1,000 species apart from Ankylosaur and Allosaurus, and the prices of these models depend on their size.

Dino Don Inc. handles its delivery and installation and provides a 12-month product guarantee. Dino Don Inc. continues to grow its business by building custom robotics focusing on maximum accuracy.

Its exhibitions can be seen nationally and internationally at popular zoos and museums. The company maintains about 200 Dinosaurs and other robotic creatures, some of which are as long as 110 feet.

Who Is The Founder Of Dino Don?

The founder of Dino Don is Don “Dino Don” Lessem, a remarkable individual whose fascination with dinosaurs has transformed into a lucrative and awe-inspiring enterprise. Born with a zest for uncovering stories and understanding our world, Lessem began his professional life as a reporter for the Boston Globe.

His trajectory took an unexpected turn when he was assigned to a story involving dinosaurs, an experience that ignited a lifelong passion for these ancient creatures. This passion was so deeply ingrained that Lessem transitioned from his journalistic career to work full-time in the dinosaur field.

Lessem’s deep-seated love for dinosaurs led him to collaborate with acclaimed filmmaker Steven Spielberg on the blockbuster “Jurassic Park” movies. His work on this franchise showcased his commitment to making the extinct creatures come alive, a quality that would later prove vital to his business.

After the movie project, Lessem took his fascination to another level by asking to keep the dinosaur models, marking the genesis of “Dino Don.” Lessem, alongside his wife, Valerie Jones, started creating life-sized animatronic dinosaurs.

Using his extensive knowledge, Lessem ensured the models were made to scale, and the accuracy and authenticity of these creations were one of their main selling points.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Dino Don primarily collaborated with zoos and museums, where their dinosaur models would be displayed. The presence of these lifelike dinosaurs significantly boosted visitor numbers, proving both an educational tool and an attraction.

The affordability of creating each dinosaur model — a mere $5,000 — was a significant advantage, allowing them to offer their services to various institutions while maintaining financial viability.

The business model of Dino Don was not about selling these giant models; instead, they aimed to share the wonder of dinosaurs, spark curiosity, and educate the public about these ancient creatures.

Their goal was to make the dinosaurs accessible to as many people as possible and stir the same fascination Lessem had felt years ago when he first encountered dinosaurs as a reporter.

Despite the challenges such a unique business model might face — like potential pandemics and reliance on public interest — Dino Don successfully navigated these hurdles and solidified their reputation as a unique and engaging business.

How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Dino Don?

The Shark Tank pitch of Dino Don was certainly a memorable one. Founders Don “Dino Don” Lessem and Valerie Jones entered the Tank with two life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, demonstrating their creations’ incredible scale and detail.

Don Lessem and Jones were seeking an investment of $500,000 in exchange for 10% equity in their business, setting a pitch valuation of $5 million.

The presentation began with Lessem sharing his background and highlighting his expertise in the field of dinosaurs, which he developed over decades, and his work with Steven Spielberg on the “Jurassic Park” movies.

He introduced the concept behind Dino Don and explained their business model, which involved collaborating with zoos and museums and receiving a portion of the gate earnings.

The Sharks were noticeably intrigued, not only by the spectacular models on display but also by the surprisingly low cost of production for each model — only $5,000.

Mark Cuban and Daymond John were particularly enamored, expressing their immediate interest in buying a model.

However, Lessem and Jones clarified that the dinosaurs were not for sale, as they aimed to collaborate with zoos and museums and reach a larger audience.

Despite the enthusiasm, some Sharks had reservations. Kevin O’Leary and Lori Greiner decided to bow out, citing a lack of specific explanations about their business strategy as their primary concern. Daymond John also withdrew, stating he needed more information.

Finally, there were two Sharks left, Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec. Cuban made an offer, proposing to invest the asked-for $500,000 but for a higher equity stake of 25%.

Herjavec chuckled at this counter-offer and chose to bow out, showing no intention of entering a bidding war with Cuban.

Left with Cuban’s offer, the husband-and-wife team enthusiastically accepted, revealing “We Love Mark Cuban” on the back of their shirts. This acceptance resulted in a deal with Cuban to invest $500,000 in exchange for 25% equity in Dino Don, bringing the final valuation of the company down to $2 million.

What Happened To Dino Don After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Dino Don experienced remarkable growth and success. Founded by Don Lessem in 2016, the custom design dinosaur business secured a significant investment of $500,000 from Mark Cuban for 25% equity, valuing the company at $2 million. This infusion of capital and the exposure from the show fueled their expansion and popularity.

Dino Don specializes in creating lifelike robotic dinosaur models for touring exhibitions, museums, zoos, and other venues worldwide. Their attention to accuracy and realism has earned them a strong reputation in the industry.

Dino Don Shark Tank Net Worth

By September 2022, Dino Don’s annual revenue had reached an impressive $10 million. Since their Shark Tank appearance, Dino Don has substantially grown its collection of robotic dinosaurs, increasing the number of species from 150 to over 1,000.

Additionally, they have expanded their offerings to include new creatures such as birds, ice-age animals, and dragons. This continued expansion and diversification have contributed to the company’s annual revenue growth, which increased from $1.8 million to $4.2 million.

With the funding received from Mark Cuban, Dino Don embarked on a traveling dinosaur roadshow featuring 50 dinosaurs in Florida.

The roadshow aimed to generate $10 million in sales. The company’s exhibits and shows have garnered global recognition and have attracted partnerships with prominent entities like Disney and Discovery Channel.

Moreover, Dino Don has remained committed to technical upgrades, ensuring their exhibits remain cutting-edge and realistic. This dedication to quality has significantly influenced their continued success and popularity among audiences worldwide.

Dino Don’s appearance on Shark Tank has propelled its growth, allowing the company to expand its offerings, partnerships, and revenue. Dino Don continues to captivate audiences with a strong focus on realism and attention to detail, leaving a lasting impact on dinosaur enthusiasts and sparking interest in paleontology among the next generation.

Dino Don Shark Tank Update

After their appearance on Shark Tank, the deal with Mark Cuban closed successfully. With his help, Dino Don’s revenue rose to $4 million by the end of 2021.

In February 2022, the company launched a traveling dinosaur roadshow at the Bishop Museum of Science in Bradenton, Florida, which featured 50 different dinosaur animatronics and generated $10 million in revenue. Dino Don also filmed a documentary titled “The Dinosaur Factory,” set to be released later in 2023.

The company received an update segment on Shark Tank, revealing that they expanded their dinosaur collection from 150 to 400 robots. They added other animatronics, including ice-age animals, dragons, and gigantic bugs.

Dino Don’s reach expanded globally, with dinosaurs on display in Finland, England, Belgium, France, and Germany. Their staff grew from four to twenty-four across four different countries, and their annual revenue increased from $1.8 million to over $4 million.

The investment from Mark Cuban was used to create a new traveling dino show with 60 animatronics. Mark Cuban expressed optimism about the company’s growth potential, predicting it would hit the $10 million mark within the next year or two.

Mark Cuban revealed plans in March 2022 to turn Mustang, Texas, a town he purchased in 2021, into a Jurassic Park-like attraction with Dino Don’s robots. He even considered renaming the town to Dinosaur, Texas. However, these plans did not ultimately come to fruition.

Dino Don is still in business and continues to thrive. Their dinosaurs are on tour at various zoos and museums worldwide. They launched a Genghis Khan exhibit featuring 300 ancient Mongolian artifacts and eight uniquely themed galleries.

They also started an Ocean Odyssey exhibit in 2022, showcasing larger-than-life sea creatures. This exhibit features a Megalodon mouth sculpture that visitors can walk into.

In addition to these exhibits, they have an Insectopia exhibit with supersized robotic insects and spiders and a Dragons exhibit featuring 20 animatronic dragons and other mythical creatures.

What Is the Net Worth Of Dino Don?

According to our research, the net worth of Dino Don is estimated to be $5 million. The valuation of Dino Don was $2 million after securing an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank.