Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal

Digital Marketing Jobs is one of the most trending industry in Nepal and even around the globe. Digital Marketing Industry is expanding exponentially every day. 

With the trend of increasing Digital Marketing, it has opened numerous job options with a handsome salary for those who are interested in being part of this industry.

As of today, no other sector is growing the way digital marketing is reaching new heights globally. 

As the industry is trending & growing, a lot of workforces is needed to run the enterprise. From startups to big corporate houses, every business house has career options for Digital Marketing jobs. 

Here goes the list of top Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal, which is going to pay well in 2020.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal

1. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is one of the most trending Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal. The job role involves managing entire digital marketing team such as Digital Marketing Executives, SEO Analysts, Social Media Marketing, along with other specialists who are working under him/her. 

It is one of the most creative jobs which requires a person to deal with every aspect of digital marketing. One needs to be an expert in every aspect of internet marketing to be suitable for the job. 

Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal

You need to have creative thinking, fluency in English in both reading & writing, and also have good analytics skill to be perfect for the role of Digital Marketing Manager.

Some companies might ask for specific certifications before providing you a Managerial position. 

You can expect a minimum salary of 50,000 NPR working as a Digital Marketing Manager with at least 2 years prior experience in a similar role. 

2. SEM/PPC Expert

Search Engine Marketing/ Pay Per Click is one of the best methods to promote a website, business, or product on search engines. SEM/PPC is a paid method, and one needs to be careful about every aspect of SEM as it is charged based on Pay Per Click. 

The best example of Search Engine Marketing is Google Adwords offered by Google, which allows business owners and Digital Agencies to promote business or products in Search Engines. 

It is one of the most demanding jobs in Nepal as every business wants their online reputation and pays well to them who can do the job. A PPC Expert is always paid above 40,000 NPR in Nepal as the job role needs a person with excellent analytical and critical thinking skills. 

A right SEM/PPC Expert also needs to do Keyword Research, Bid Management, along with coordination with copyrighters & graphic designers. 

3. SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization Expert is one of the most demanding jobs in Nepal. You can see every day around 5-10 vacancies for SEO experts being published on top job portals of Nepal.

It is one of the popular internet marketing professions as it ensures websites ranking in search engines, which is the best way to generate traffic to a website. 

An SEO Expert optimizes website content, images, and other SEO parameters, which helps the website to be visible in search engines. While compared to SEM, SEO gives long-term benefits and helps you keep your site on top without spending much money. 

You need to have a good knowledge of Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Image Optimization, & the working of Search Engines to become a successful SEO Expert. You also need to have a good knowledge of Analytics tools and Web Master tools of different search engines. 

To be a successful SEO Expert, you need to keep yourself updated about Search Engine rules, which keep changing along with knowledge of popular SEO tools. 

4. Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing is the best method to promote a product, business, or brand on the internet. The best part about Content Marketing is that you can generate 3 times higher leads using it. This is the reason the Content Marketing Manager is a highly demanded position in Digital Marketing Jobs. 

As a Content Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for creating content on multiple social and digital platforms.

Top Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal 1

You will be responsible for managing blog posts, sales page, Guest blogging, product description, and other writing tasks managements. Based on the experience, a Content Marketing Manager is a well-paid job. 

5. Content Writer

Content Writer is one of the most creative and skillful employment in Digital Marketing Jobs. The task of Content Writer is to write SEO friendly and user-engaging content via storytelling or an explanatory way for the audiences. 

A Content Writer needs to have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization and different ways to produce content for a blog, product description, guest posting, ghostwriting, etc. 

They also need to work with Content Marketing Manager & Social Media Team to produce high-quality content. Furthermore, Content Writer helps Search Engine Marketer to create highly converting Ad copies that sales. 

A Content Writer is a high paid job with lots of freelancing options. A content writer can make a high amount of money based on their experience & writing quality. 

6. Social Media Marketing Manager

Social Media Marketing Manager is a job role of Digital marketers associated with generating traffic using Social Media or promoting products or businesses over social media. A Social Media Marketer’s main task is to ensure brand awareness by optimizing content over social media.

An SMM Expert must have sound knowledge of Social Media working and should be updated about every Social Media trends. He/She will be responsible for performing paid and unpaid campaigns to attract visitors to Social Channels. 

The average salary of Social Media Marketing Experts in Nepal is around 2 lacs to 3 lacs per year as fresher. With experience, you can negotiate and request your desire amount from your client or business houses. 

7. Email Marketing Manager

As an Email Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for creating engaging and marketable Email copies for your business or products. An Email Marketer should be creative and possess excellent analytics skills. 

He/She should understand the audience well, ensure whether the emails are delivered, integrate social channels with Email, Add CTAs buttons in Email as well as optimize email for higher conversion. 

Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal

The average salary of Email Marketers ranges from 2-3 lacs per annum as fresher. But this skill often helps people to start their venture.

8. Google Analytics Expert

It is one of the most intelligence derived position which requires an excellent analytics skill. Google Analytics Expert needs to export the data from Google Analytics campaigns and measure Return on Investment. 

This job profile includes roles of Business Analysts, Data Analysts, and predictive Business Analytics profile. The salary range of Google Analytics Experts ranges from 4 lacs to 20 lacs per year. 

Above were some of the top Digital Marketing Jobs in Nepal and globally. If you are interested in Digital Marketing & SEO, you can read the below articles and also follow my upcoming blog posts. 

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